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  1. I no arrived to make beleive for lesbian that Iam some one who like one day to be lesbian and live in the comminuty of lgbt.in spite of our difference of sex but I stay as same,one day who want like a hot woman or a sexy girl open her heart for me,they are never regret this and you must know that I am not unable,know also I unterstand more women and girls.

  2. Jay,

    I read your blog and have to admit that this has been the best advice I have read by far, the “no contact” rule. The truth is many of us and myself as well may have read your article a step late and have tried to contact an Ex, tried to explain how we can fix the situation but got shot down in the process. I know this maybe late but please do help if you can.

    I love my BF of 6 very strong months of committed relationship where we believed after searching large and far that we were going to end up getting married, having children and buying a home together. Problems started arising towards the end of our 6 month relationship when we had many normal arguments, topics of money, how our career paths where moving and trying to be more toleraterate of our little quirks in our personalities that bothered us. No argument too shaddering where we went to bed angry or stopping saying we loved each other. But I noticed that he would constantly bring up past arguments to make a point as if he refuses to let go of the past.

    In mid April, I allowed him to go on a bachelors cruise for a co-worker and apparently after through a string if text messages I discover after a recent arguments, that I confronted him about being dishonest in front of his friends about texting an ex gf. In my heart I know he wasn’t cheating on me but I portrayed that in front of his friends who are all very fond of me that I was not going to be disrespected. His friends and family are dissipointed in him and that night i packed my things at his home which I stayed often on the weekends and left hoping he would run after me and beg me to stay. Instead he wrote me a very sad letter apologizing that he was wrong, sorry, embarrassed and ashamed for what he did to me. He told many of his friends that he didn’t deserve me an assumed I would leave him.

    I instead told him that I forgave him and wanted to work things out. Surprised but still embarrassed he stated that he needed time and some space to figure things out. He stated that we have had so many arguments early on in the relationship that he fears were too far along worth saving.

    I was surprised and in shock and am not sure if he wanted an easy way out of our relationship because he feels embarrassed from friends for what he had done to me or he had wanted to leave all along. Never had we once talked about breaking up in our relationship.

    I texted him and asked if we could sit down and talk, grab a beer to fix things and he simply stated I need sometime to figure it out, I’m not going to tell you everything is going to be alright when I dont know… I begged him to just give me a chance to see him in person because I had a solution to our problem and he continued to say I need time. I asked more forcefully and said if you cared about us you would make sometime and he said PLEASE give me some time PLEASE.

    I know I broke the no contact rule already but I can use your help. Is he really blowing me off because he wants to figure how he can fix us or lying to me about false hopes for needing time to think. Im in desperate need for answers and what I should do next… and how long should I wait if in deed it really is over to ask for my keys to my house I had given him and some of my personal property in his home.. I miss him dearly. Thank you.

  3. I want my exgirlfriend back, we were together 7 years. She still has my phone on her plan, plus a bunch of my stuff. And she still asks me if she is pretty still every once in a while. She just got upset with me about losing to her over a year ago……if she truley didnt care, I don’t think she would be upset about finding that out do you???? What do you think my chances are, I didn’t cheat or abuse her, she just started listening to her sister in-law who is a piece of mooching crap.

  4. Me and my ex broke up 3 weeks ago and we have tlked but very brief conversations, he posts pictures on instagram putting happy as thhe hash tag he said he wasn’t going to get into any relationship anytime soon we went out for a year and 8 months. I’m not really sure whether I should move on. I’m not going to contact him the last time we tlked he didn’t reply for a while and then answered the question and said he thought he replied . So I didn’t answer. What should I do?

  5. My name is Jerry. My ex and I broke up almost 4 months ago. I keep breaking nc. Over and over again. I’m a mess. Just last week I went 8 days nc. I heard that she was out on a date. I went off. I talk so much shit that I no she want ever forgive me. She did forgive me but its been a week now and I haven’t heard from her at all. I just want to work on my temper and stop all this stress and nonsense. Help me plez.

  6. My wife left me but she is always coming around when she knows I’m not at work. She also hasnt moved anything out of your house. She says the separation is for the best. I know I could of been there for her more emotionally, sex was great 2 days before she left. She went out one friday night with her daughter to a bar. She never answered my called our texts. When she did call in morning I just told her I wanted a divorce and hung up! Do you think she really want to leave or just trying to get me back?

  7. we got married 2010 bt now he is ignoring me like hel.he doesnt tel his parents or anyone about our relationship.i used to tel him beg him to do so. Sothat he bhaved like a animan. He never pick my cal,if did so,then ignor me,nd tells not to cal him evrytime.he told me he is bored of relationship. He need speace.but if i stop communicate,after 2 or 3days he says sory,and again do the same bhavior and started ignoring me. Now im fedup of forgiving him evry now nd than So yesterday i decided to apply No Contact rule. Bt im confuse would he come back to me? Is it the right way? I need help please suggest me.still he didnot cal me yet. What should i do.please help,i dont want to live like this anymore.

  8. I just need some advice, hoping you can help. I met someone online, we started talking, and spending time together. It was awesome! I was blindsighted, and didnt react or even see the red flag while he was telling me this; He was married for 10years, got divorced and lived together the last 8 months til he finally told her she has to leave. 2 months after she left we started talking. 1 month after talking we met. He works construction, lots of hours, so every sunday, we met up and did things together, i really thought and was so convinced that he liked me too, all the signs were there. We spent 10 months together. The last 2-3 months he started acting distant, he called one sunday to see if i wanted to go shopping with him. I accepted, after he dropped me off, something told me to talk to him. I texted him asking why he was so distant, and he said that it wouldnt work out; it was him, not me; any guy would be lucky to have me; he still wants to talk, and if i ever need anything he would drop what hes doing in a heartbeat. Here’s the thing, hes spending time with a woman, whom i believe so much is his ex, i found this out from a friend. He has not even tried to call me, i told him my number would probably change, but i dont see why he wouldnt at least try my old number, because it didnt change. I text him before xmas, it was a month since the breakup, and wished him the best, and a merry xmas. He called back right away, and we talked for 45 min. Nothing about our relationship. Its been month and a half since last conversation, and it drives me crazy how he could just drop me like that. I even wonder if he even had feelings for me! His bday is coming up in a couple days, do you think i should just text him happy b-day? I really want him back!!

  9. We met 7 months ago online. There is an age difference of ten years she is taurus im an aries. There was alot of chemistry between us so i decided to stay with her whilst i was studying in her city from wed to sat every week! From maybe around 2 months into the relationship she started picking silly little arguements with me over things such as….me not calling/texting as soon as i got up in the morning or when i finished work at nights when i was back home. She would text me when i was on my way through asking if i was nearly there. She was very very much a cuddly person. Anyway, all these little arguements boiled over 2 weeks ago, she had been out and so had i back home. She was quite a jealous person anyway and asked me if i was home. I replied yeah are you? She wasnt really ever keen me questioning her at times! She said we werent working and that she thought about her ex so i finished with her! The following day i text her saying all kinds of things blah blah blah. She said she didnt like drama etc. After a few hours she contacted me wanting me to go through, i went through and she was glad we had got back together and said she had just made that stuff up about her ex! And her friends had said to her that we need to communicate more. If something annoys us about each other we have to discuss it. We both agreed and last week was all back to normal. We were much more loving towards each other holding hands, kissing all that stuff! She was looking forward to summer holidays, valentines etc However, i did at times not welcome her home after work with a kiss and a glass of wine or cup of tea. These gestures i know are important to a taurus. On friday night we had gone out. I then got jealous and caused an arguement due to drunkeness. On sat morning went to see her at her work. Said see you later gave her a kiss. I went on my way, i then got a mess saying we were over as there was no more chemistry for her! No other reason. I have since learnt that it was
    All these little things that caused this to happen as they make big impacts on a taurean. I have explained that it couldve work if we only talked. I would change etc. I was very confused and kept asking her why she was so happy 2 days previous and she said she was pretending. Pplcan pretend some things but not things like giving me a row for not kissing her when she came home. She has said no talking would bring it back etc. I have looked at alot of advice on taurus etc. It states you can get them back but you have to show them the person they originally fell for. She has replied to messages etc after saying no contact. (no contact was said by her as i had accused her of cheating, i then apologised for this and explained it was out of confusion and anger) is there still a possibility i can win her back??? I sent her a message today and she has been replying. (taking a while) but is still replying. And just text me saying was home for dinner now. I never asked where she was!

  10. Why does an ex get in contact over a month after the split to give you back DVDs ? Then turns up to meet you without them? And flirts with you and then tells you she has someone else?

  11. After reading the NC rule I did everything wrong. I hope there is still hope we get back together. She says she does not want to be friends, and when I ask her if there is a chance she say not now. Her situation is a little more complexed. She has a mother that is handicapped an a sister who is also handicapped an bed ridden. She takes care of them both. Her son at 30 lives at home an gives her problems with drugs. She takes care of her sisters 16 year as well. Her daughter moved back with her 2 year old. She always said to me that she has issues and untill they are solved she can’t go forward. She had 2 marriages end. She been single for 10 years we had been together for 3 1/3 years lived together for year an a half. She would say why do I want to be apart of all of that. At the end she would say I deserve to with some who can give what I need. She also would say she did not want to depend on me. Is there hope?

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