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Hey there, its been a while. I’ve retreated so much to my life that i had taken an extended break from posting here.

But from here on I will be posting monthly up until the New Year and every 2 weeks after this. This is a catch up post.

There has come a time when I will take a new approach to posting articles, that doesn’t mean i will abandon the types of posts I have in the past posted.

It means my posts will remain related to each other but posts will be more focused around life experiences, friendship, emotional health, happiness and amongst them the occasional psychological concepts and philosophical concepts.

Some things you will need to know otherwise:

  • This site is now 100% mine (and no longer with WordPress). I feel like this site can be my retreat area once in a while.
  • I intend to post fourtnightly (every 2 week) after New Years (thought it might be sooner depending).
  • If you followed me through WordPress i will only appear on your reader option, in that case it might be a good idea to re-subscribe (if you wish) so that you get updates. Since you will not get updates through email.
  • At some point i want to make my site more interactive so people can post more questions (forum may exist one day). I like to answer questions so if your having troubles in your life please feel to free to ask me.
  • I dont always get around to ALL comments since some posts have way too many comments for me to respond to (like over 100 or whatever), you could read others comments to see how your situation relates to theirs.
  • I will possibly be re-editing a lot of posts/pages over the next 3 months, cleaning them up and making sure images are not missing due to site transfer etc.
  • If there are specific subjects you want more posts on please let me know in the comments below, I have many ideas of where to expand this, soon you will have a better idea of the direction my site is going to take.
  • I understand that I have probably lost a few followers due to not posting much but it would be ace to see some of you still around the blog-o-sphere (I have had to re-add the like function to my post haha).

That is all for now, Thanks for reading!

~Jay Rando

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