7 thoughts on “Have a Gratitude Attitude

    • Hey Solo thanks for the post and encouragement, i have been away for quite few months but I am thinking of making a comeback at some point in the future, there are some inspiring articles in the works.

      Right now i am just sorting out some things related to living issues and coming up to finishing a project so i will probably be back and make a post on my return (what i’ve been up to recently etc). Good to see you are doing good too mate. Keep in touch 🙂 Talk soon

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  2. Great article Jay and so true. Whenever hubby and I are having trying times either one of us will pull out “the gratitude list” or just say one thing we are grateful for which leads to much more. Very good way to turn a frown upside down! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Jackie, a gratitude list is a great idea. It only makes us appreciate more what we are given and take our focus way from the bad things and focus on the good. There was an experiment done in psychology and that was the people who write down the bad things in a list rather than good things in life are more likely to have a bad week (suppose it makes sense haha). So writing down the good things is both a great and clever way to focus on them sub consciously 🙂

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