Taking Responsibility

One of the most important things you can have in life is responsibility (having accountability) but so many people ignore having responsibility and when they do end up blaming others things for their own placement or position in life. What is your status right now in life? Are you lazy? Are you acting childish? Are you doing a job you don’t even want to be doing and complaining?

Three things that usually come up when we don’t take responsibility is:

Any of these sound like you (i hope not *cheeky smiles*)? Okay its fine, one of the hardest things to do in life is to accept responsibility but at the same time it is also one of the easiest things to do too, you could start doing it now and live a healthier life with the chance to grow stronger as a person. It is so easy to say to yourself “I take responsibility”, so when you are crying over spilt milk and waiting for things to come to you i.e being lazy then GO do something about it. We can all moan and whine all day long about what we do and don’t have but not doing something about it doesn’t change things, the same applies when someone else does something you don’t like. Lets be honest doing any of the above three things can actually push people away.

Also complaining that the oven is broken is a sign you need to go do something, if its not to fix it its to buy a new one. The same also applies when you bad mouth the next door neighbor because they have parked their car in front of your drive. Instead of getting up tight take responsibility for these bad things and go do something about it. Even if its not your fault and the next door neighbors keeps doing it all you have to do is talk to them.

Every minute spent going crazy is another avoiding responsibility of doing something about it, in some cases it is the responsibility of the other person to do something about their own life but if it somehow coincides with your life and affects it don’t sit around, tell them. When it is more apparent that the problem is yours, that you are the one sitting around doing nothing but continuously gossiping about how this could be different or how you could be there or here accept responsibility.

Where ever you are today is your responsibility. Whatever person you are today is your responsibility. How well you excel at work and school is your responsibility. Just as it is your responsibility to bring up your own children, if you cant take responsibility now will you ever be responsible for bringing your own children up including their behavior? So whenever you catch yourself complaining, bad mouthing or even whining OR putting the blame away from yourself STOP… and say to yourself “I take responsibility”.

Here is some examples where taking responsibility is apparent:

  • I take responsibility for my thoughts
  • I take responsibility for my feelings
  • I take responsibility for my decisions
  • I take responsibility for my actions

IF you can say that to yourself then you are already on a better path to success because those who accept responsibility for the things they can change within themselves are those who improve and become better people faster. Those who blames other for their own problems or deficiencies continue the life cycle of thinking they are perfect and lying to themselves. If you want to change yourself YOU can but that is going to require you to get off your butt make a decision and then take action. The trick to responsibility is in the name, the word response is hidden in the word responsibility because it is all about taking action and responding well to the real problem. Respond in the right way and you will become a better person.

Every action you make should be one toward the result you want or desire, for every time you want to stop smoking dont blame the person who introduced you to smoking or the people who smoke with you, take responsibility for your actions then make a plan of how to stop smoking, do it day by day. So remember when you want change in yourself its your responsibility, if something bothers you that someone else is doing it is your responsibility to do something about it because until then the outside person or event cant be changed until you influence that change.

Thanks for reading.

~Jay Rando

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3 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility

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  2. Here is some examples where taking responsibility is apparent:
    •I take responsibility for my thoughts
    •I take responsibility for my feelings
    •I take responsibility for my decisions
    •I take responsibility for my actions

    Jay – an emphatic YESSHHHHH! Something my ex taught me too was that no one else can make us ANYTHING! We choose how we want to feel and act about what happens to and around us. No one else to blame! Excellent article.

    • Precisely that, thanks Jackie for posting. Taking responsibility is probably one of those things people find tough to do because they perceive it as self damaging or avoid it to preserve their ego! But with time we all learn and become stronger people, today i take responsibility for not saving my homework last night before we had a power outage *chuckles*.. pfttt! haha 🙂

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