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Find what worksHey everyone I felt i needed a sudden break from writing blogs too often so from now I may write one every now and then so that my ideas and creativity are replenished and so that i can get the other things done in my life.

So today i’m going to share something so simple but efficient as well. If you ever want to be a strategist, a tactician or a business person, i mean business man or business woman then this is the type of stuff that works generally well with this type of thinking. I have too some examples of sharing what i mean, i notice may people ignore this concept so often and don’t realize its power.

So what is that concept? It is to do what always work. I can just imagine someone gawking or their mouth dropping with awe, kidding! But seriously if you do not know why something doesn’t work and why it does why are you not writing down why it does or doesn’t work? What happened to good ole logic!

Now here’s two examples of what i want to share, recently the Euro 2012 football tournament was being held in Ukraine and Poland, some of us were following and some of us didn’t know it was on. Now naturally because i’m English i will support England *chuckles*, i know my team are not favorites and i am often realistic of our national team’s chances in competitions. I have a lowered expectancy of outcomes and prefer to stick to real expectations too. Why am i talking about this? Its because i noticed the England team played a little better than usual with better possession in their first two games against France and Sweden, of course England went out to Italy in the quarter final and i’m not really that surprised or sad about it, i was ready for it.

But what does this have to do with getting things right? Well in the first two games it was apparent that the manager changed tactics and got the team to be more patient with passing which worked, the England team was in no rush to win but to wait for chances and then succeed this way. The aim of course is to always win by scoring more goals in a game of football. Winning is all that matters so winning ugly or winning gracefully is just in theory a lot of wasted effort, the only effort is winning but playing stylish football is just trying to be fancy rather than win, that’s what matters most for the team and the players, that they win a game of football.

Now i know having  fun and enjoying yourself is just as important as winning but the big point i’m putting across here is that as soon as Wayne Rooney came back into the team during the third game against Ukraine not only did he not look sharp or fit the team played worse from there, i myself would not have brought him back into the team so quickly, i am not easily influenced by what the media think or what the fans want, a manager with real leadership skills would pick his own team and do what works for him and his team. I am the type of person who notes down something like this as well as the idea that Rooney missed chance after chance in both games, but instead he was played again and not taken off. This for me is enough to drop him and bring him off the bench and instead play a sharper striker from the start of the game, if a player isn’t delivering you focus on what has worked before and keep to it. Now don’t get me wrong Rooney is a good player but sometimes players aren’t always on their best form.

You may tweak the team at some point but changing something or rebuilding it when there is nothing wrong with it is not really going to help what already works. The saying ‘don’t fix that of what is broken’ springs to mind because it is true. Its a bit like buying a new phone when your old phone is still in good condition. In fact to add, i still have a phone bought from 4 years ago which is still in very good condition and i hardly buy new phones (other people my age have iphones and such and replace their phone every 2/3 years!).

Another example is that people do things over and over again expecting a new or different result to appear but as Einstein said “doing things over and over and expecting different results is insanity”. If you are interested in multiple outcomes and risks and being strategic like me then you will enjoy and be good at this type of thing because its almost like coding and programming or simply finding the best route to accomplish something. I do not carry on doing something that fails or does not work, if it does not work i move on or try something else. This is a basic concept i know but a great one that is often misused or forgotten.

So when you do a survey and people like design number 3 rather than design 1 and 2 it means design 3 is liked the most. Logic tells us to do what works and to do what will bring us most success in our lives, success for me is doing what works and sticking to it and then feeling achievement by it. IF method A is a bad way to revise for an exam but method B is better then why stick with method A? Another problem is that if we sometimes let our emotional thoughts cloud our logical thoughts logic goes out of the window and we end up doing things based not on that of what works but instead on stuff we ‘feel’ is right or because it feels good to do it. I can almost see the football fans getting upset that David Beckham was not picked for the football team and he is not a fresh as he used to be, great person but too old now to play 3 games of football in several days; honesty from me.

Perhaps that’s a weird but funny post to understand but it does happen. Know whats right and do whats right, but most of all do what works because if it doesn’t work then you have only made a step closer to knowing what does.

~ Jay Rando

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