The Power of Patience

Sea wave Patience

What power does Patience have:

  • Makes you an Understanding person who can support others.
  • Gives you a healthier outlook on life, you don’t become angry when things go wrong.
  • Teaches others to be patient, you allow things to come at their own accord.
  • Makes others feel comfortable because of your ability to listen.
  • Gives you the ability to observe in life and not fix something out of blindness.
  • Allows others to appreciate your patience and like you.
  • Communicates that you are calm and can handle downsides/mistakes.
  • Good things come to those who Wait.

Remember that Patience is a powerful thing, it comes very highly to those who accept others and the  situations/events that arise in different parts of our life. Those who cannot wait to get somewhere don’t realize that their life is going to have its down points, even when a mistake is made or something is broken that thing sometimes cannot be fixed without a little patience, you cannot get further without patience. The best part about patience is knowing that you can accept what ‘has happened’ and that of what is about to, accepting is allowing because what happens is not within your control, you can only control yourself. To get angry at something that happened in the past would be meaningless, to get mad at something because it didn’t go the way you wanted it to is like thinking the world is yours and that if something goes wrong you can’t handle it and must throw a tantrum. Instead you must take it on and remain patient in fixing or correcting the problem or simply wait for it to correct itself. This can be related to both things around us and the people we exchange with daily.

Patience is a key to life. Are you a person who is patient? If you cannot be patient as a person why not practice, see these things for what they are. Why do we get so impatient with others when we don’t know them as the people they really are? Who is to know the people we are impatient with aren’t poor souls who aren’t quick at learning? Just because we are on different plains doesn’t mean one is better or that one must do everything we tell and that when someone doesn’t do something we get so impatient with the person that time doesn’t exist. People who really are listening but can’t comprehend or make use of what we tell them or ask them is possible but those with impatience don’t consider this. Mistakes come to everyone and are often learnt the hard way because sometimes advice does not reach those that we love, instead of being patient and learning what to do such people become impatient and instead make mistakes. These problems are best learnt from when they happen to us not when we are told by others. You will see this trend very often in your life. Next time something happens which you wish went quicker enjoy the moment instead of scolding it, don’t throw things around the room in an impatient manner but cool down and know next time you might just succeed.

Sometimes we have to experience pain and mistake to change especially when it comes to impatience,  sometimes advice from someone isn’t taken seriously and for this reason have patience with those who don’t take your advice, just allow them to do what they want.

Thanks for reading 🙂

~ Jay Rando

4 thoughts on “The Power of Patience

  1. Great post Jay! Patience is one of those things that I struggle with and I think may people do. The bounty or lack of patience can be very situational I think. Our mood and state of being is a big factor too I think. If you have your hierarchy of needs met and patience is required I personally am more likely to do better than if I am hungry, tired etc. Patience can wear thin for things that you think you’ve resolved and surface again! “I paid the phone bill”, “our records show you haven’t”, “here’s a receipt showing I paid the bill”, “ok we’ll fix our records”. Fast forward to the next month…..same scenario! GRRRR! Stuff like that really makes having patience difficult at least for me!

    • Yeah totally understand you, i have had moments similar to that where i signed up for a certain course at college and they put me on the totally wrong course. I managed to somehow remain patient but in the end luckily i ended up going to university and avoiding that painful/annoying situation of being messed around. I actually laugh when i look back at it now 😀

      I think patience with those who are either incompetent, naive or clumsy can be hard if they make re-occuring mistakes, even i would probably be somewhat angry. However i know deep down whatever does happen i have to approach it with calm and patience, i think the reason im like that is because in the past i used to get angry all the time and nowadays i realize that if i choose to be ‘okay’ i can get through it and remain in good health mentally.

      I used to get so worked up in my teen years lol, now im doing best to look after my health. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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