Beneficial Exercise

Exercise is very good for you

Why is exercise good for you and why is it needed?

Exercise isn’t just for shedding pounds, it also has many other benefits which go unseen so today i have decided to note down the 5 things we get from exercising frequently and this goes double if you are doing Cardio exercise. This may be a 15 minute jog to a 30 minute walk almost every day; doing either are good starts to getting the long term effects of it. If you have any gym memberships or any gym machines make sure to get the best from them! On the other hand if you are not involved in any sports everyone must have a sport in their lives whether that be football, tennis, hockey, badminton or volleyball. The idea is to move around as much as you can whilst also enjoying yourself, exercising your muscles and your cardio will give you a great workout and will also help you to lose any body weight, build stamina and grow stronger muscles and bones.

Benefit 1 – Feeling GOOD on the inside.

It sheds weight but it also makes you feel better on the inside, you gain confidence from the exercise which also increases you self esteem. Exercising releases Endorphin’s; endorphin’s are the body’s feel good chemicals and they prevent us from feeling stressed and depressed, they generally increase our mood and can show us to be both healthy and full of energy on the outside. Even if you don’t know it yet people on the outside do notice your well being, feeling good on the inside will also make you more attractive.

Benefit 2 – IMPROVES your Bones and Immune System

The great thing about exercise is that daily exercise actually keeps more illnesses away and it also gets rid of illnesses much quicker compared to someone who just sits around all day. But of course do not exercise when you can’t walk or move! With more exercise you will also build up your Immune System, it will be able to fight more illnesses and prevent you from getting colds. While exercise builds muscles and stamina it also helps our bones, it keeps them in good shape and strengthens our bones to become stronger, this means we can handle more exercise and prevents Osteoporosis.  You will be able to exercise for much longer in the future and you will be less prone to future illness and injury.

Benefit 3 – IMPROVES your Focus and your Concentration

Focus and concentration is important in our daily life’s so too is keeping energetic so we can handle our work load and study during the day. Constant exercise will help us to concentrate more in class and not fall asleep or get bored, the theory is that when you exercise your body feels more alive, awake and aware, this helps us to keep more refreshed through the day and be able to solve our daily problems much better. It also helps us to sleep better at night and work harder during the day, If the body isn’t used to exercising it will be difficult to work lots of hours during the day.

Benefit 4 – IMPROVES your Metabolism

A big part of weight loss or muscle building depends on what you eat but also your Metabolism. Your Metabolism or Metabolic rate is the speed and efficiency that your body breaks down food to digest it. For example a person who hardly exercises will not break down food very well and is more likely to put more weight on that if he did some exercise that morning. On the other hand when someone exercises and then eats the food you eat is instantly digested because your body will be searching for nutrients to replace the lost body tissue that needs to regrow or repair. Many people go out for a run in the morning and then eat their breakfast after their morning jog so they put less weight on and keep their metabolic rate high. Keeping your Metabolic rate high is important not only for one day but forever, it well help you not put any weight back on as quickly.

Benefit 5 – IMPROVES your Life Expectancy

Exercise prevents aging as too does it prevent illnesses of many kinds. Exercise especially Cardo exercise will prevent heart disease and the risk of clogged arteries, it is also known to prevent Alzheimer’s and sometimes Cancer. While this is not a nice thing to talk about Exercise has many benefits and may be the very thing that keeps you both healthy and successful in life. If you exercise you will prolong your body’s power and extend its efficiency. Also remember that rest is needed too, without rest your muscles and bones can’t grow or repair. If you sense your body cannot take any more exercise stop and have a break or a rest. Sometimes rest is just as important as exercise.

NOTE: And finally never over exercise your body, do not strain your muscles and bones because you want to reach a certain weight quicker, do your exercise bit by bit and build your body up part by part. There is no rush in exercise, find out how much exercise your body can do and improve it gradually when your stamina and muscles improve. Also keep in mind that pushing yourself until you hurt is not a good idea, rest is always needed in between exercise. Never exercise each day 7 times a week as this is a sign you could be over exercising. Instead limit yourself to 5 days a week at most and exercise 10 to 30 minutes each of those 5 days. Even 1 day a week of good exercise will help.

Self Improvement is not just about what goes on in the inner but also about what we do with our bodies as we must keep them healthy and full of energy. This post today was a bit different from my usual posts but hope it helps those out there to realize the importance of exercise and hygiene, it has many benefits. The biggest challenge of exercise is getting yourself into a routine. Thanks for reading!

~ Jay Rando

5 thoughts on “Beneficial Exercise

  1. Yes, yes and YES! Exercise has been such an important element for me most of my life if not all of it. Walking, Tai Chi, dance and just strength training help me in so many ways. I really get restless without doing something! Great topic and article Jay!

    • Thanks Jackie. I have to admit i had a few months of stopping exercise, when i went to back to doing it again i noticed that i started to feel really really good again; empowered, happy, smiling, feeling good and gleaming with good energy. It made a major difference on the inside to be back exercising.

      Its great to hear of your exercise too; Tai Chi is something i should definitely take up in the future 🙂

    • Thanks very much Andrew; to be honest i only just saw this comment from you, for some reason it was in the spam box, very weird that :S it might be blocking because i turned off the ‘full post’ re-blogs thing through settings. I don’t mind re-blogs as long as they are excerpts or snippets. Thanks for your support 🙂

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