Consistency Holds Promise

Have you ever heard someone say something like “change is coming” or “i am going to make sure you get this and that” or even better when someone tells you that they will do a good job and that they will always stick by what they believe in such as their beliefs and values in society. Only to hear this then see the very person who spoke to not stay true to their very own words, i have heard so many people out there tell us they are going to do this, they are going to give us, they will provide us with this or they will make the country a better place. These people usually are given responsibility in high end jobs with the government or are in a job which entails a different type of responsibility and leadership. Some may pretend to be their own person but then when it comes to them facing the music they become someone else, they abandon the person they said they were or the things they were going to give us or promise us.

How many times have i heard someone promise something then not give it? How many times have i heard someone say they will do a great job and act responsible and not do it? How many times will people in high end jobs screw the country and the world over with their false promises? Now putting aside those who actually do care and want to find the best ways to provide people with the best and most honest products for example, and by products i mean being productive. How can one really be productive when they are not consistent enough in their actions, when they say one thing then do another?

The real promise of a person who offers us something or tells us something we want is a person who has consistency and this consistency is shown through actions and not words, we can blabber all day about how we will do this then when later comes we run away or mess it up simply because all we care about is ourselves and not the responsibility we have been given to save the world from its troubles and its demise.

Has your government, president and leader of your country simply told you what you want to hear just to win you over? Have they done all this just to get into power? The answer could be yes, some of these people are too proud to stand down and simply say “hey guys i tried my best but things aren’t changing  with me and i think its time to hand my position over to someone new who can make that difference”, instead we have someone with a big ego leading our countries (not all) and then trying to hold onto their position when they have done absolutely nothing to help the country. Are these so called leaders really leaders that can help us move forward? Can they really give us the change we want and can they give us the people something to like about the lives we currently have.

You see the best quote that is probably one held close to me throughout my life and through my Psychology study is that ‘actions speak louder than words’ because they really do. How many times have i ran into someone who is saying one thing then doing another? Lots of times. These people cannot admit their methods are not working, at the very least these people could say this or tell this and i would appreciate their honesty, but today its all about power and not the people.

Moving along however consistency is something you must have to keep your life rolling, consistency in this context is not just about giving the same quality all the time or being productive every day its about sticking to your words and making sure you follow through with them.

If you promise something to someone make sure you do it and achieve it so you can show it. If you promise someone something and don’t give it you will lose the trust of people close to you who believe in you. One cannot simply tell someone “I don’t like this person, they are bad for me so i’m going to tell them i no longer want to see them anymore” – yet the person who said this is still friends with the person and does nothing about how they feel and simply continue being friends. A little assertiveness comes in handy around the person who you may demand more from but in retrospect to that if you tell someone else your going to stay away from them for a while do it, do not abandon what you said if your words are truth otherwise the people you tell will take your words lightly.

Another example that is quite common is when someone lies unconsciously in an ’emotional moment’ similar to above, in this example they may simply say “i am going to shed a few pounds for sure these next few months”. This comes during a moment of hope, passion or determination but these words can become so lost once the moment ends. The person ends up going to the gym for a week and giving up, the person lost hope and while it is not a conscious lie they have lied about their promise to go do it and to achieve it.

So remember your consistency is not just about how effectively you do something repeatedly its about keeping your words and sticking to them, every time you say one thing and do another your failing your promise and in other cases looking hopeless and of little belief. So if you want people to take you seriously back your words up with actions and stop saying you will do this or that then run away from it or fail to do it. Its not easy but with your consistency you will have others who believe in you and what you can achieve in life. If your in a job of high responsibility it is important to know what those around you want but when it comes to what you want in general life events like losing weight, making your relationship better or simply becoming a better person you can talk a big game but you can’t really be a real winner without taking action and making sure those actions get the very things you and the people really want.

Do not sit down but jump up and do the thing you promised to do, don’t let them down but more importantly don’t let yourself down. Promise + Action = Results. Thanks for reading.

~Jay Rando

2 thoughts on “Consistency Holds Promise

  1. Very timely article Jay! I try very hard not to make promises I can’t keep or overpromise what I know I can’t accomplish for someone. Sometimes enthusiasm and optimism on steroids can really set someone up for a major let down when they can’t deliver! I’m linking this because in a way, I think this ties in to your topic here – especially in light of the struggling Global economy and environment right now:

    • Know what you mean, this post has so much to do with the government and world leaders we have right now and the world in general not being able to keep its promises or we could say its ‘goodness’ rather than its corruption. I do believe it will get better at some point but cant say whether its happening yet.

      I suppose some things can’t always be promised. I just wish the false leaders would admit that they cant do the job and give it to someone who can, I believe their ego and pay check is the only thing that probably keeps them from resigning.

      I actually watched this a while back and stumbled upon it by accident in Youtube somewhere, will give it a read later. I remember the girl being from Canada, She seemed really mature, passionate and caring about the world. The look on some of their faces was priceless. I myself would love to do something like that in my life time too. It was definitely a good wake up call.

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