What is Your Passion?


Hey everyone, I have chosen to do a blog and write up today on what i define as having a ‘Passion’ and telling you how not only to find it in your life but to know what having a passion is. It is not always easy to know what your passion is or how you will come to it during your journey, you see a passion is more than just a hobby or something your good at, a Passion is something you are good at and enjoy together 🙂 When these two properties  come together can you really begin to love what you do in the most passionate way.

In some cases a Passion is something you become good at because you become lost in it, when i say becoming lost in it i mean to enjoy it that much that your always seeking the next level of knowledge or excitement in your life through what this thing is that you enjoy most. For example an artist draws a picture and reminds them self of the picture they drew, they remember that this work of theirs is unique, they look at it for inspiration and keep it close to them.

If your work is unique it is special and if it inspires you every time you look at it then it may just be your passion in life. When this artist becomes passionate he or she is able to get into rhythmic episodes of doing more and more pictures because his ideas keep flowing one after another. Ask yourself this, if you drew the most amazing piece of art you have ever seen and though to yourself afterwards “wow i did a great job” do you think you are more likely to draw again? The answer is a definite yes.

If you want to figure out if what you do in your life is your passion, ask yourself do you lose yourself in your work? Ask yourself if your happy, excited, hyper, artful, crazy and full of energy when you do your profession or hobby. Do you do something you really love only to find that next time you check the clock its been 4 long hours and you lost track of time? Was this because you enjoyed it so much? If so this is probably your Passion.

I believe you become most good at something because you enjoy it. So when finding your Passion in life make sure you enjoy it first because if you feel good doing it you will be more motivated to hit the next level and work harder. When i talk about hitting the next level this is something i can describe as hitting a certain level of knowledge or creativity spark. When you have reached it you are able to seek further answers and excitement in what you do just by asking yourself. When i studied and read of Psychology for example I hit this level of knowledge where i was actually able to seek my own answers in life because i enjoyed it that much, i actually was able to see things and work them out without even reading about it. I could see things in view.

In a Philosophic way there is something i call ‘Balance’, it keeps the world together, its everywhere, its the glue that keeps everything in place but makes everything interesting too. Why is it there? Well some would say the great creator gave it to us but even after extensive research and studying I was able to work out things on my own which were based on ‘truth’ and proven, for whatever reason there is balance I found out about balance the more I studied. The power of Sub-Conscious for example is something i also figured out on my own without reading about it, the trick is that if you become passionate in what you do you live it, it thrives in you and the knowledge comes to you freely and effortlessly.

So if you hit that level of knowledge and excitement its probably because you are passionate about what you do, you can only really reach a certain threshold if your passionate about it. People who become clever may have strict parents or guardians pushing them but the majority of people become good at what they do became productive through their passion for what they love most. If someone wants to do something just for the money or ego for example there is no passion only a logical decision that money is important to survive or that emotionally i need a degree to feel normal. That what they do is just something they will try or do because they want to without really having that feeling of “i want to keep digging and find something new”.

Always remember that if you want to be the best at what you do you have to feel it, then you can enjoy it to understand it so then you hit the next level, even after that you may begin to see that your work is becoming more unique and individual to the point where you get recognition for it, it does happen!

Those with degrees, diplomas and with bachelors of the highest grade don’t get them just because they are clever or pushed into aiming high they get them also because they were passionate enough to keep learning and keep studying. If you are really passionate you will be determined and have incredible motivation, if you are able to master your passion and your learning/doing together you will stop using different tools and start creating your own. Different mindsets and approaches come from those most passionate and those who wish to find several ways of getting the job done.

How does one know what he or she is doing is the passion they have been looking for? If you enjoy it and are good at it you will be at your most happy, if you enjoy something but are hopeless at it you may be happy but wont be your most happiest. Unfortunately you can enjoy something even if you cant do it well but there is some truth that if you enjoy it that much you will practice harder and change that. However if you enjoy it you will find any way to become better at it, practice makes perfect and anyone who enjoys it will keep digging until they become good at it.

Can anyone do what they do 100% perfectly? The answer is no at least in the sense that people have different opinions of what they deem perfect. Some will like your art and some may not, some may love your music and some may not, some may like your teaching technique and some may not. What is most important is how you feel about what you do and what you love to do in general. If you like what you do and it is important to you – your passion is for you and only for you, no one should tell you what you do with your life or what you like, only you yourself can know this.

To find your passion you just need to try everything in your life, the quicker you try everything the quicker you will find what it is you live for. Something you love to do, something that gives you confidence, value and a feeling of productivity; always forwards never backwards. For every time you try you have learnt something new, and for every time you have learnt something new you have taken a step closer to finding your Life’s Passions.

PS: On another note make sure your Passions don’t become obsessions or addictions, also make sure they do not become of a materialistic nature.

~ Jay Rando

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