*2500 Views Reached (an update)

thank you 2500th viewHi everyone, have not been online for a while due to being really ill with some weird virus and then in the same process pulling/ripping something in my back which i believe is the upper part of my spine.

A big thanks goes to all that have kept up with my blog and kept reading even while i was gone, i did not disappear for a week and a half because i wanted to but because i needed to. At one stage i felt pretty horrible because i thought i might have seriously done my back in for good but doctors are good and will be able to fix this with good time.

So here’s the low down, i am probably going to need to have surgery or intense therapy and some re-adjustment of my body as my ribs have popped out of place too (doesn’t sound too nice right?). I am okay though overall (i hate seeming like i’m looking for sympathy but i will pull through whatever happens), I have to get some further scans done and see what can be done, it may be that i have to take a year out of university because of this mess as it looks so far that i need surgery and to get my back slowly to how it was before which may require me to train my walking/sitting patterns etc. I have barely been able to walk very far the last 4 days because of this injury.

All the clicking and snapping going on in my back is horrible as it also gives referred pain. This injury is something i already had but has gotten worse, when i first got this injury a few years ago i did not think much of it but it is slowly becoming a burden and i should of got it checked when i heard it snap a few years ago. This is actually preventing me from doing specifics such as extreme/tough sports, going on roller coasters or simply going out more often as I’ve been told by my doctor to avoid any situations where i might get thrown around or smashed. Of course i don’t want my back or my spine to get any worse then it already is and its dreadful that i cant go travelling or do many thing a normal 24 year old should do like working in the week or even doing something that requires a lot reflexology. It makes me avoid the very things i want to do, i simply cannot get on a roller coaster ride without the worry that i might damage my back further by being thrown around. I had to drop recently going to a theme park with some friends because of this.

On the other hand i’m still positive and happy 🙂 its rather annoying to have this problem as i’m struggling to take long walks, to walk with balance, to bend certain ways, to crouch or simply to sit or stand in certain postures.

Anyway i don’t want to make my post all about my back and personal problems but i had to say it so people know where i am at and that i am not wandering off, the fact i have encountered this problem may be telling me i need a good break from the PC for a while.

This post of course is just to celebrate a big 2500 views reached; i have not forgot you all and will be back every now and then to post on your blogs and mine. At the moment  sitting down in my pc chair is actually making my posture worse too.

On another note i will leave you with some things that Jay likes to eat! I am hungry at this very moment you see 😉

  • Pizza (Hawaiin and Barbecue flavour)
  • Tagliatelle with Carbonara
  • Sub Sandwiches with Tuna
  • Lucky Charms (cereal)
  • Chicken Chasseur
  • Balti Curry
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Chow Mein with Chinese Pork
A good way to get through the pain is to think of food of course! lol 🙂

Again thanks to everyone for liking, commenting and following thus far. All keep up the good work with your blogs! 🙂 Todays advice is for me to tell everyone that they should always to go to Doctors straight away even if you think your problems will correct themselves, never leave them affecting you in the background. Until then will catch you all later!

8 thoughts on “*2500 Views Reached (an update)

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve come round to WordPress myself. Just haven’t felt like sitting still at the computer for extended periods! So sorry to read here what you are going through with your spine but your positive attitude will help you so much! I really hope you will be able to get to a pain free, flexible, “normal” existence soon! We take so many parts of our body for granted don’t we?! Your hungry list contains a couple of my favorites too – tuna sandwich, Lucky Charms (my kryptonite!) and sweet and sour chicken. Food can be a comfort in moderation of course! When I’m having pain I find sitting and meditating outside really helps. Sending positive thoughts your way my friend.

    • A good break is sometimes needed i have found too, i use my computer an awful lot and have found the posture thing has added to the troubles i am having with my back. Going to see the doctor today too. And thanks, Appreciate your comment. Hope your doing well too.

      Unfortunately in the UK we no longer have huge supplies of lucky charms so i have to order them from the US through my family in Florida. They are actually cheaper and more of a correct pricing in the US. A box of lucky charms in the UK now is about 15$, bit of a rip off huh? When i was last in Florida i think used to be 2$ a box, i believe the big companies in UK purposely over price each box of charms to make greedy filthy money, pffft.

      Lucky charms is the kind of food one can live off on a desert island, i can never get bored of them haha 🙂

      • $15 a box?!!! They are about $5 now. Since I’ve really reduced carbs out of my diet I don’t buy them anymore because I know if I do….omg. As a child my Grandma would buy them for me and I’d just eat them like popcorn. I agree — Lucky Charms definitely are desert island survival kit food! If your going to die you might as well go down out with a sugar high…in the famous words of Capt Jack Sparrow revised: “Why are the Lucky Charms always gone?!!!”

        • Yup 15 big bucks which is about £8 here in the UK in the higher retail shops such as Selfridges, it is ridiculous money for 1 box of cereal. I’d say $5 is just about right for the current price which here is probably equal to £3.

          Hahah i agree, they are too addictive, I love the marsh mellows. i must stay away from them! 😛

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