Dictionary Week: Day4 – Ego, Spirit

Hi I am back, somehow i managed to get so sidetracked the last few days that i never got around to actually doing Day 4.
Now i’m back however and have chosen to do two words to catch up. This Dictionary Week thing is tough because its finding the words that i best know how to describe and the words best suited to the subjects i do here at my blog. Today i thought i would be a bit ‘Buddha‘ (kidding) and do two words that encompass what i would some up the key to peace. If you have the following two in check you will have great chances of finding the real self behind all the conflict and confusion so that being at peace with yourself becomes of you. So without further ado lets get the next 2 words explained.
Ego, Egotism:
Ego is the inner voice within our head or the other within us that seems to take us over when we are full of emotion or when we are generally insecure about something that affects our ‘place’ or level in the world. The EGO can be best described as the thing within you that doesn’t like losing to others, wants to beat others, hates that people don’t like him or her or simply put the EGO is a drive or function within us that tries to find superiority through means of improving itself in a way that defines that it is higher than others or its approach is based off being important and that someone elses view or advantage must be wrong or beaten so that you can remain above the person (in an egotistical way). Ego focuses too much on their self and what they have, what materialistic things they have over others and what things they can have to have one leg over others.
Ego is like the core of you that needs taming because when growing up most of us use ego as a way to say “i’m most important but i must put everyone else down to achieve my goal”, its somewhat selfish and somewhat instinctual, the tendencies of it seem to be focused on loving yourself however i disagree with the term that “loving one self” is wrong and is egotistical, it is only when you love yourself in an ‘accepting way’ that you are good and fine – a way of treating yourself well that you TRULY love yourself, one does not really love them self if it is vain, arrogant or at the expense of another’s happiness. The difference between someone taking photographs of them self and looking for attention is much different to that of someone taking photographs for the whole purpose of reminding them self that they need to update their profile. The latter shows someone who took a photo with no drive behind it, someone who takes a photograph just to have a picture on their profile is just simply doing it because they want to. If you are vain you are full of ego, if you are not vain then you have differentiated your way away seeking attention.
Ego manifests itself usually in those who cant keep composure or simply have no control, it is best known to be in effect when someone loses themselves to sadness or anger and they then do something they regret later such as hitting someone or calling someone a horrible name. Ego is like the thing driving us when we let it, for one to better handle ego one must be able to identify it and isolate it so it does not take the driving seat from you! Your body and your mind is yours and should not be handed over to the ego which can be devilish in its plans because acting on ego is almost like having no justification for what you do sometimes, a lack of control of self is just allowing the ego to take you over. So remember EGO is the thing within you that tries to get more value simply to be better than others, and one common trait of someone with EGO is that they cannot handle fair criticism. If you are Mr or Mrs perfect and wish to have more than others you could be egotistical in parts of your daily life.
Spirit, Spiritual, Spirituality:
Spiritual people usually have a great connection the world and are usually full of kindness, inspiration and delight because they love their life and what they do, they also accept their them self and others because they seem to have reached a high plain of calm in their heart where being happy for everything they are given is simply part of who they are. Spirituality is described different between people, my meaning of it is that of above, i believe spiritually is more about being on a certain frequency with life and the world, spiritual people tend to value themselves and not in egotistical way. I believe what they offer is great not because they are full of themselves but because they believe the universal way to live is usually that we all have something to give and that something is empowerment.
Spiritual people i believe are empowering because they are never negative and always speaking in an inspiring story like way, they tend to have a persona of goodness and magic that spurs others on, spiritual people either have their own teachings or follow teachings of others however i believe someone can be spiritual through acceptance of all things, once acceptance is achieved you feel a greater connection to the world and to yourself and this leads to understanding the world and its peoples. Spiritualist have values and beliefs to stick by even if they are not religious, i tend to think of spiritual people as people who have their own beliefs and values that are important to them and magically to others because they promote both goodness and creativity, they help others to enjoy their life. I also believe those who are spiritual are magical in how they influence and how they view that of everything around them, the ones who are most spiritual are those have reached the higher plain in their life that helps them to bring out their own real self.
I believe being spiritual is almost like the opposite of being egotistical, when one is full of ego they are impure and usually doing things to better themselves in unfair ways i.e the putting down of others. Spirituality or the highest form of spirituality is like finding the best self through means of being self less and being honest, it does require someone to make others unhappy to reach their best potential in life yet many of us growing up decide to hurt others just to feel better about ourselves! Why cant we all love ourselves and love others without having to harm them to get what we want? Why is what we want becomes more important than learning how to get it? what we want is only important if we can do it cleanly, with effort and with truth and honesty. But most of all with good inner heart 🙂
Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Dictionary Week: Day4 – Ego, Spirit

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  2. I like this post a lot, I think that I have a huge ego at times, to the point of being a “narcissicist”. I think a lot has to do with me being insecure and just wanting to be accpted. A lot of b.s. that came from my high school years and what not.

    I think the last few years have made me even worst with me finding the “seduction community” and everything with learning “game” is based on ego, building yourself up and putting women down. It creates an unhealthy cycle. One that I’m working on breaking

    While I do agree with your defition of spirituality. I also belive in God and feel that spirituality means not just being a kind person but having a relationship with God. I don’t think you have to be religious to be spiritual

    • Some ego is actually okay in life, the worst kind of ego is yes the putting down of others as a way to achieve or feel better. Once it becomes ladder stuff and competition that is when ego becomes really destructive and vain. Then again ego is a big part of that great thing we call life 🙂

      In the seduction community its put out that people require cheat codes or scripts when it should be about becoming more attractive on the inside not about becoming an ‘actor’ or bad boy; Then again i can understand why there are guy forums like that. I just stick to the mindset less thought of outcomes the more things will come to you.

      There are many guys (women too) who have become bitter/disrespectful/cocky toward the opposite sex because they don’t understand them or think they are all cans of coke waiting to be opened, the truth is both sexes want the same things it just about the stage your at in life. When one views a another as a separate person/individual and not a group – only then will we stop thinking of people as ‘i get this from this person’ and thus we become more attractive as people.

      That’s cool, i agree with you, i’m not religious by any means but have always believed there is someone up there watching over 🙂 Appreciate the comment Solo! Cheers

  3. Beautiful point. Believing in yourself. I think you just went one step deeper and hit it on the head. I’m going through drama right now and what’s helped is the help of a person who’s been in a similar situation to mine and pulled through victoriously. Her sharing is helping me to believe that maybe I can do it too. In this case I read her examples and breakthrough mentalities and get not only tools, but also a greater belief in myself. Could it be that courage can come through a combination of effective tools and belief in oneself? No way have you gotten carried away. Great stuff. I will work here on out to consciously believe in myself more. When I woke up today I could already feel the relief and a sense of greater lightness from yesterday’s work in beginning to break through the fears and hopelessness.

    • That’s great, i wish you all the best with that. Its great to have friends around you through the tough times. I think the beauty is that we all go through these moments together and it builds our future character.

      I believe your Q to be true, i believe that belief in one self is a cause of knowing your self. Sometimes we believe things that aren’t actually true on the outside. I know the outcome is not ‘always’ guaranteed which means i’m usually more focused on a ‘now’ mindset including my improvement and health, this helps me greatly as results come long term. This is because we are not searching or waiting for the spark/change but allowing it to come into our life at a later stage if it wants to. Wishing you luck! 🙂

  4. “what we want is only important if we can do it cleanly, with effort and with truth and honesty” Very nice. It’s lovely that you focused on these two concepts. I think that ego also gets its grimy hands into play when we want something or someone too badly and lose our peace over it. In the Bible it says, “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt.” I’m wondering now if belief or faith have a lot to do with letting go and thus undoing ego and moving towards spirit. (Letting go, I believe, has a lot to do with moving from ego to spirit. But sometimes it can seem next to impossible.) Still would like to find an instruction book on it all. We often have a good idea of how to be, but have a more difficult time of knowing how to go about it.

    • I should add ‘sincere’ to the mix too haha 🙂 Yep; a lack of control through inner conflict or a lack of understanding of life can lead to materialism (needs/desiring and expecting too much inc.). Can be learnt through life growth and maturity.

      There is a lot of great things in the bible 🙂 What the bible means or better put what i believe it means is that the real result is determined by the power of belief in yourself which has the ability to convince (psychology). Communication is mostly non verbal, if i believe in myself when i ask i have a better chance than if i i didn’t, i.e The persona.

      Letting go is part of the journey. The one who can use both logic and emotion ‘together’ properly will know better what is good or bad for them in a ‘moment’ and ultimately what works. When someone chooses to believe them self more often, only then will they begin to conquer inner conflict.

      The world and the universe is like a big creative dream, an imagination but the goodness and happiness of it is ultimately determined by belief 🙂 Hope i have not got carried away lol. Thanks for commenting Julie

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