Dictionary Week: Day3 – Esteem

Self Esteem;

So i thought today why not do a post on Esteem since it is a confusing word. So i did a in depth explanation of it and while confidence and esteem seem the same confidence is more of a outside projection from a momentary inner feeling while esteem is more inner and can be seen through how a person acts and responds to certain things in life.

Low Esteem

Self Esteem is how much a person likes themselves or hates themselves, Self Esteem is based majority on how the person thinks of them self. Their dignity and how worthy they feel of receiving things in life is based on their esteem, this means a low self esteem person will generally think they are unworthy of gifts, nice compliments or simply feel they are inadequate in certain situations or toward certain people.
People with Low Self Esteem like this tend to be those who are usually taken advantage of simply because they view themselves as low or lower to other people, some people will see this behavior and attitude in a Low Self Esteem person and try to use them for several things, obviously some of us are more caring than that! A low self esteem person may also have little respect or dignity for themselves which can be both a conscious and unconscious thing, for example a person with low self esteem may feel they deserve to be treated badly only because they don’t know they are being treated badly which equals them being unconscious usually of being treated bad, in other words this level of disrespect toward them may be seen as ‘normal’ or ‘standard’. A person who consciously knows they get disrespect will take anything on as long as they usually get what they want on the other end of the spectrum, an example of this might be that someone who is desperate for friends may take a BAD friend over no friends, makes sense right?

High Esteem:

The person with High Self Esteem however will have conscious higher demands in their life which includes higher standards, expectancy, values and beliefs all of which equate to being aware of whats good for them and that they will not settle for something out of desperation, if as high esteem person is disrespect they will see the other person as not worthy of their attention or time. On another note you can also be unconscious of yourself having high esteem, if one did not know of the term high esteem but was brought up by parents/guardian who were demanding in a realistic way then the person would live on the normality of what their parents taught him or her. Esteem covers confidence, self worth, self value, dignity, self respect, personal beliefs and values, standards, expectancy and positivity. A person with high esteem reacts more positively to compliments and situations regarding anything personal, they will always believe highly of them self.

Esteem is somewhat similar to confidence, Esteem is the bigger picture as it holds deeper beliefs about how someone feels about themselves overall whilst confidence is more like a subset. Confidence is feeling good in a moment with the re-assurance to do something but this is only a good temporary feeling. A person with low esteem can have a jolt of confidence but may still think their not worth it. A good example is when one beats them self up all the time and believes they are this or that, a person may think they are not physically attractive even with lots of compliments and this is down to the person not realizing the truth about self, the person can gain confidence in a moment of a compliment but later wonder if the compliment was true or false and thus become both pessimistic and unbelieving of what others think of them even when other do actually believe highly of that person. Your parents may say they believe in you and while this might give you confidence for a small while when that confidence disappears your esteem is the backdrop and you question yourself and fight in the mind with whether it is true of what your parents said to you, Esteem is like a struggle that can be handled but its up to you to handle it, its your level of inner happiness and positivity towards situations. Ever notice there are people who look like they have everything i.e money, looks, great job and maybe many friends but still believe they are ‘useless’ or ‘not good enough’? Its all down to will power and choosing to believe what is true in your world.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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