Dictionary Week: Day2 – Conscious

A big part of knowing the mind, knowing what your doing and knowing what your body is doing is very important in life and in Psychology because if you cannot differentiate what Conscious, Unconscious or Sub-Conscious means you will always be puzzled what word to use or which word fits true with actions or movements you do – or more important which part does the evolutionary part of both your mind and your body. So today i am going to talk about 3 the conscious words which i use quite often and i will tell you how to understand which you are using or not using and which is which. If for any debate on the issue please feel free to comment, i have gone into a bit of depth but not gone to the depth of what i completely know. Happy reading 🙂


Conscious or consciously done is the act of the mind when it pertains the world or reality it is in, you are the one in control of what your mind thinks and your body does (well for the most part). Remember when your conscious your breathing, your moving, your awake, your alive. So when you are conscious your fully in control of what you want to do, to do something consciously would mean you were fully in control of it and fully aware of it. A man who decides fully to kick a ball across the room is consciously kicking the ball, he knows he is doing it, he is aware he is doing it, he did it because he chose to and wanted to. Consciousness is that awareness where we see, feel, taste, think and hear – all of these senses are used to take in information but only when we know what information we are taking in and which information we are sending to parts of our body to move is consciousness, it is a conscious decision and action. Confusing? Learning from a book and reading it word by work is your conscious action as too is you trying to run around the park. You are the one doing it 100% but you are also the one taking it all in. A conscious effort can be less conscious when the ability of the person has transcended and they have trained their body however.


Ever walked somewhere and simply daydreamed as you walked then next minute your hearing came into full consciousness because someone was coming up behind you so you turned around? You only became conscious of the person behind when you heard them, its almost like being aloof or unaware of things until they become obvious. A better way to say it is that being unconscious is not being awake or aware, it is almost like doing something without knowing you are doing it, this does not mean you can tap someone on the shoulder and not be aware of it, this is not what i mean. I mean you will not understand why you like someone or why this person intrigues you, ever get that feeling? This is the unconscious mind. Now you may ask why am i liking something or attracted to something even though i don’t know consciously that its pulling me in? The answer is simple, some people don’t know they are liking something but their sub-conscious guides them to it, we are unaware of why we like flowers as we are unaware of why we like to play computer games as too we are unsure why we like someone who could be like someone else we know (notice the answer in the sentence). Sound scary that someone would date someone similar to their their family in some way? Well sometimes we are pulled towards certain people and we like them for reasons unknown but what we do know is that the person is cool person or we feel good around them and this is what matters, later you may realize that the real thing that brought you to this person was memories of something or someone else telling you that this kind of person is good for you, little parts of people we met previously for example add to what we ideally want in friends and relationships. Most of our creative ideas are conscious when we draw them out in our heads but the ideas are also part of our none conscious because its likely that the idea would of started somewhere before it came to fruition, you may have seen a pretty flower earlier in the day and not realized that when you got home in the evening you decided all of a sudden you like flowers, link it back and you will realize that whilst you felt like drawing a flower on a piece of paper the reason you did it can be traced back most times to something that spurned it in the first place, interesting huh?


The sub-conscious runs in the background and runs us when we can’t run ourselves, this does not mean it is the ego. It means the sub-conscious is the engine behind you, it is the thing that keeps you living, it keeps your heart beating. Ask yourself this, your heart is beating, are you consciously aware of it every second and minute of the day? The answer would be usually no, why would someone be consciously aware of their heart all day right? We are busy cooking, doing the dishes or going to work by car to know the heart is there yet it beats for us. The sub-conscious mind is like your best friend in your head but it is not a mental issue but rather the chords and energy that keep you attached to the body, it is like the little thing that keeps you healthy and keeps you alive. The sub-conscious discussion is not accepted by all so i don’t wish to really put everything on a plate here but i do myself believe very much in it. For every time you go running your evolving, for every time you eat lesser than usual your evolving and for every time you make a conscious effort to be kinder to people you are evolving into a kinder person through the sub-conscious, with this your unconscious actions are helped by your sub-conscious. Walking around day dreaming means your not fully conscious of what your doing with your body but your thinking through your daydreaming right? Who takes over for some of the conscious walking you do? The sub conscious of course, its there to aid you and when your sick your sub conscious (or perhaps better known as the brain?) is actually making you sleep and making you feel the illness for a reason, the sub conscious wants you to rest. Every time we feel tired the sub conscious is just giving you an idea that you could go to sleep now as its routine.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

~Jay Rando

3 thoughts on “Dictionary Week: Day2 – Conscious

  1. Agreed, when i use my sub-conscious as a guide it helps but it does make me forget certain things that are less routine, i act aloof sometimes and do all the right things i.e working out, going to classes/study, blogging (lol) but because i do all this stuff i actually forget other things like shopping and going to the doctors when i need to. I make lots of notes now on my phone to remind myself. Conscious is like a moment thing where sub-conscious is like effect of long term self-programming.

  2. Back when I was in the military I was sent to a seminar and one of the topics discussed was regarding the auto-pilot part of our psyche – they called it our inner Horse. This is the part of us that can get us into trouble sometimes lol. For example: You normally go to work and go home but one day there is a deviation and you need to stop to pick up milk. Your “horse” says “I’m going home, I’m going home” so there is a high probability you aren’t going to remember to stop for milk. Your horse is programmed to go home and deviation from the normal course requires conscious thought.

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