Dictionary Week: Day1 – Confidence

I thought i would spend a week researching words i either don’t know the meaning to or words i have forgotten the full meaning of (it happens of course), also i would like to share some words or terms along the way that i use or that i deem important in Self Improvement. Some words may have nothing to do with the more serious Improvement of the self but just remember learning new words each and every day can be quite fun. In the ends its all learning and knowledge. Today i will start with 2 words and do 2/3 words each and every day, with this i can say i have looked up either some new words/terms or some confusing ones in the dictionary which must be better explained to fully grasp their meaning. Of course if you feel the meanings aren’t correct feel free to debate, words and terms can be quite confusing which can sometimes lead to misunderstanding.


Confidence is triggered by temporary moments or events that happen in our life; you may get a new t-shirt or you may pass an exam and this feeling of achievement or empowerment while temporary it is confidence and gives you energy and re-assurance that what you have got or have is something that makes you feel good about yourself. The basic meaning of Confidence is to feel assured of yourself in moments but basic confidence is formed from situations that happen in our lives. Do not mistake being drunk for being self-confident as any means of using/finding something as a way to gain confidence is always your normal ordinary confidence and not self-confidence. We get confidence simply from doing things because when we do things it gives us the feeling that we can do it and that what we do gives us value, this goes double if your doing something fearful which you usually won’t do.


Self-Confidence comes from within hence the ‘Self’. You are the one generating a constant feeling of confidence just by believing constantly you are confident and that you are assured, this is not temporary. This confidence resides in you all the time and is usually part of your self training or rather you ability to be quite secure in your own two shoes. A self confident person knows that if they have weaknesses or strengths it doesn’t matter, while they can use the strengths to feel better for a short time (normal confidence) they also know that weaknesses are there and while they are not good at something or failed a practice exam they can easily tell them self that they are confident they will pass the next one. People who are Self-confident can still use outside sources for normal confidence boosts but rely mostly on what they have on the inside i.e the ability to create a feeling of confidence even in both tough situations and moments of failure.


Confidence is an attractive trait but if you can be Self-Confident you will find that while things in daily life give you boosts of confidence if you are self confident you will need to seek less Confidence through finding ways to boost it. Seek confidence through yourself and through the ‘inner’ like teaching yourself to be positive and realizing that there is goodness to the face of bad situations. That might sound crazy but the badness of a situation can still be enjoyed (depending) and this keeps you assured even in a moment where things seem glum or lost. Being really self-confident requires you to know that some situations are not perfect and can still be dealt with effectively even when it seems like a mission impossible. Being confident through the usual tough/insecure moments you may have had in the past is a growth in self confidence, this is why you will notice that the most experienced people and the ones who have lived longer and matured into strong people know the themselves and the world better and this helps them be Self-Confident.

PS: with being busy for the next few weeks with revision i thought it would be great to do something a little different for a change, something creative and fun and i thought hey why not?

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    • Absolutely. Confidence (and positivity) is like one the ultimate backbones behind attraction 🙂 This word can be so underrated, sometimes even misunderstood. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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