The Power of Calmness

A beautiful garden where you can find calm

What power does being calm hold?

  • Makes you someone with ability to make better calmer decisions.
  • Tells others you are fine even in the face of intimidation or conflict.
  • Makes others see you have ability not to let yourself get stuck into emotional conflict.
  • Gives you an opportunity to spot the errors of both you and other people.
  • Allows you to avoid stress and depression, with more control of the self.
  • Gives more power to yourself, power cannot be taken by others who provoke you.
  • You can better know yourself, understand who you are and understand others.
  • To learn quicker and more efficient, a calm mind helps to focus on study.
  • Communicates that you are patiently accepting everything around you.
  • You become one at the center of your own world, you have more concentration.
  • To be more aware, to listen/see everything around them 🙂

Being calm might sound funny because you have this picture in your mind of a monk sat down on top of a mountain somewhere sitting peacefully but in the last few years i have taught my self to be more calm as i have grown up around stressful situations. I have to admit i enjoy choosing calm and choosing not to be full of anger or stress. Being calm in the face of darkness is not only good for your soul but it is showing confidence. It is like being aware of ourselves and everything around us, it is the key to identifying ego. To know of pause, stimulus and response. To know why we do things and to know why we feel a certain specific way. It also is key to not getting dragged into a moment of drama through projecting feelings onto everything else because sometimes we know acting on how we feel especially anger is not going to get us anywhere in the long term.

A calm person actually teaches others to be calm too sub consciously, they say the people with more success and work rate are those who can quietly go about their business and their work. One with calmness has more control of them self. Calmness has helped many including me to think both securely and rationally even in the moments where others try to indirectly win power over us with manipulation and control (whether that is consciously or unconsciously done by the other). One who has lost himself or herself in anger is handing power over to the person or the ego that pulls their strings, it is like sacrificing yourself to be tormented further, it is encouraging the pain to carry on because the world has a bad effect on you.

When nothing has an effect on your inner core is it because you have learnt to accept and learnt to be calm, while it is almost impossible in life to 100% secure doing your best to be aware of the self allows the power inside you to be there for your use and not to be given to others including the ego. Being calm is one step to being secure, it is also a step to learning from everything that really goes on in this world. A calm mind can observe!

Your chance to remain calm in all situations will help your security and your self control, do you choose to be calm or choose to over dramatize or exaggerate certain situations? One can be angry, can be sad, can be happy but one who hasn’t learnt to be calm should try it. One full of anger is not attractive nor approachable, one of calmness is much more attractive and approachable. One of calmness gives a promise of both safety and the warmth that shines through their persona of gentleness. Show calmness to your friends, your family, your neighbor and they too soon will be calm too. Smile cheerfully in the face of evil and bad because evil and bad cant become good without good around them. Those with insecurities can only become stronger as people with your effort to smile often and let them know you understand them calmly even if it on a different wave length.

I should try meditating one day.

~ Jay Rando

9 thoughts on “The Power of Calmness

  1. Jay this is wonderful! i have added another thing to my understanding. Life actually is full of ups and douwns, but inspite of these, we can make meaningful out of life by living in calmness and life full of focus.

    • Hi Samuel. Thanks for the comment and the compliment 🙂 I agree.. Its human nature to get emotional and worked up about the downs of life, once we come to accept the ups and down ‘will happen’ its just about medicating our emotional health with calmness so we enjoy and tough out the ride of the waves that come our way.

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  3. Excellent writing here Jay. Calm is tough sometimes but can be very rewarding. I notice how helpful it is for example when my husband is driving and there is a lot of traffic or whatever…stress. I try to be the calm co-pilot and calm the storm. It helps protect us, the precious cargo lol and also relieves stress for both of us! He does the same for me. This is a great video to illustrate what happens when you don’t remain calm driving: – Disney’s Goofy in Motor Mania

    • Haha that’s my laugh for today, good way to lighten the mood before driving lol. That’s great to hear too. This video gives a good example of the egoic self taking ‘route’ during driving too, the part “i own the road” is so true for some people on the road. We had some guy the other day driving so fast he nearly ran my brother over yet he was the one really angry that he nearly ran him over pfftt! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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