Teaching is Re-Learning

Many of us don’t like studying, many of us dislike it, many of us aren’t too keen on it either. One thing that gets me into a rhythm of learning and working is to simply DO IT. You cant really do it any other way if you expect what you want to come to you. A good way of being taught is simply to teach yourself in your own free time since their is no pressure and you can do it at your own ideal time.

The best part is knowing that what you learn are the very things that will help you reach your potential in life if you stick to studying and learning during your life, the hardest part is actually staying in a rhythm and making sure you don’t drift away from any revision you are doing. Learning to love what you do and the studying of it is key to a good future, enjoy both the good sides and bad sides of learning and you will be well on your way to learning faster; this means that even if you make mistakes you will have that big smile on your face that just wants to figure out the answer.

What i know is that there is downsides to studying but there is also good sides to it, life has its balance and you must teach yourself to enjoy the learning part even when the things you learn seem tough. Studying mathematics as part of my course as its separate module when i started my course all i could see were frightening equations and long lines of brackets, X’s, numbers, fractions etc. Even when you see the new icons or terms you have never used before you do look at it and think “oh poop” but the trick is to tell yourself “i love the challenge of this” and simply tell your mindset that it is not TOUGH it just looks it at first.

Some of us are put off learning something we may consider boring at first or something that looks tough but if we put our mind to it and rid the ‘its hard’ mindset and give it a go you will soon see results, anyone has the power to learn anything they chose to learn even if its not their favorite subject. Passion of course helps but i like maths, but the truth is – i only like maths now because I KNOW i can do it. Before i didn’t like maths but now i do. And lets be honest Maths isn’t most peoples favorite thing to do.

When you find something challenging do it, not for the result but for the fun of it. Once you see you can do something you always had trouble with you will begin to like it more, liking isn’t just based on if you like it, its also based on whether you can do it. Never give up learning something.

Here are three tips i learnt on my own when learning something:

1) Teaching others actually also teaches you too, the trick is not that it just teaches your students or the very people who are asking for your help – the genius thing about teaching others is that it teaches you too while your doing it. Its like learning at twice the speed! So while teaching others is great its also good revision and study for you and your memory.

2) When you cannot do something and you have tried your best come back to it at a later date and you will notice you are much better at learning it this time. With programming i had a lot of tough times trying to suss it even at the basic level, my logic was in a screwed phase so when i came back to it a month later my mind was more logical by then and i was able to concentrate better on the work at hand. The second time of doing it was a success.

3) Find a rhythm with your work and get into it as soon as possible, if you want to do something or motivate yourself into doing it there is two ways i find to do it. These are to wait until you feel in the mood to do and hit the books, the other is to simply DO IT. Doing it is the first step to actually finding motivation most of the time and sometimes making the excuse were not in the mood is just holding it off for another month which sometimes doesn’t bode well. You will find once your into your work you wont leave it until you hit a certain milestone in your work where you are proud of what you have done for the day.

A love of study comes to those who study and see that they can do it, not knowing they could do it is not due to your skill, its down to your mind. ~Jay Rando

One thing i learnt in life is to always seek the next level of learning, always to never give up and never to give up learning because there is so much to learn and we only live once (at least with this good ole brain of ours). But most of all remember to share your knowledge with your friends and those you love, if not now, remember to do it later.

~Jay Rando

2 thoughts on “Teaching is Re-Learning

  1. My husband is in welding certification classes and took up tutoring a student and he finds in helping the student he’s helping himself. Teaching reinforces what we learn.

    • Definitely 🙂 it really helps you to learn/revise twice as fast. I am always reinforcing most of the work/stuff i do here on the blog to everyone i know in real life and its great. When (and if) i do become a person with more responsibility (i.e a parent/teacher) the things i have learnt over the years will really come in handy in the future. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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