Leading is Teaching

The position of Leading and Leadership is important to me, when put in a position of such responsibility it feels good to know that others believe in your ability. However on the other hand i see many people in a position of Leading and they cannot lead, instead of influencing other they do control and instead of teaching others what to do correctly in the work place for example they simply throw their anger and tantrums around like someone who just wants a moment of power to feel a sense of superiority or attention.

I am quite close to my older brother, in his job i always hear about this one person who is always taking no responsibility for her actions, she seems almost set on making her workers miserable rather than actually helping in the long run. I have heard her swap peoples shifts at the last moment which has thus annoyed many members of staff, she has gotten mad at her workers because she thinks they should be checking the rota or time table all the time to see if it has changed etc. In fact the workers do check their shift when they are in and the days they work, they note the next time they are in only to have the manager yelling at them when they have missed this magical shift that just appeared on the rota.

This is really irresponsible for someone who claims to have grades and experience in managing, i have to question sometimes whether managers or people like this just passed their course on the bounds of marks whilst their attitude toward leading really stinks. Why is it people like this think Leading is about being an idiot? Like being someone who has to be vicious, sit back and be lazy and blame everyone else for things they have done. For example this manager at my brother’s work place has told others she is not at work to be liked, she is here to tell people what to do. To make a statement such as that only states one thing, that she knows people don’t like her yet she does nothing about it because she avoids responsibility of her actions. From what i have learnt she is an angry individual who wants to right all the time.

I know this is a touching thing to talk about (it does make smile on the account that people can be like this) but today i wanted to talk about why Leading is about Teaching and not about having Power over others. You can have power in a situation and power of yourself but one cannot and should not have power over others as this equates to control, it is unhealthy.

Leading is something you are given by those who trust you and by those who feel they can rely on you. In some areas of life you might be indirectly put in charge, in command. I was once put in charge of a restaurant even when i was just your everyday full member and waiter. The moment was a proud one but i made sure everyone was happy with what they were doing, when anyone wasn’t happy their happiness was all that mattered to me and it was on to me motivate the workers and make sure they knew what they were doing for the day.

To the above i conclude this with saying Leading is not something that should be given to just anyone, it should be given to those who prove to be great leaders and great Leaders do not want power over others, they simply want to teach and help others whilst also doing their own thing, these are the best types of Leaders, they are Natural.

Leaders give us a vision, they give us their hand, they help us through the real bad times, they offer us help, they teach us right from wrong, they take responsibility for them self always, they communicate, they are trusted, they can be relied on and most importantly they are liked by many. Sometimes i wonder why there are people leading our countries when all they have is some lousy degree and the course paid for them by their parents, where is the real leadership in this?

Why is it that only rich people can go to University? Is this Rich people stopping others from becoming rich? Or is it the government raking in cash for me going to University an hour or two per day? Why is it that school work gets easier as time passes by? Its because the government avoids real problems when students begin to misbehave or do worse at school, instead of correcting the real problem they avoid it. They make the school work easier which is NOT the correct way to deal with the problem, they do this to pretend that everything is going hunky dory. I have become aware of this in the past 5 years, corruption starts with Corrupt Leadership and Impurity.

The real leadership doesn’t come down to a degree, it comes to much more, it comes down to effort, it comes down to passion, it comes to putting others first when needed, its about making sure they do right from wrong but one thing many fake leaders have today is money and control. Money and Control is like the demon in disguise which pours from some of these supposed people who think they are leaders.

I sat through an advert yesterday listening to a government speech talking about how ALL other governments (mainly the big rivals) are useless and terrible and can do nothing for us, they are this and they are that. AND i sat up and thought to myself are these guys really Leaders?? Their external frame of mindset is so focused on talking bad of others and telling us that other groups of government are useless but NOT ONCE during the advert did they talk about what they have to offer me as a citizen and the country and its people.

All i learnt from them was they use marketing and the putting down of others to boost themselves and to make themselves look better, am i the only one seeing this? Where was this supposed Leader talking about what his goverment can offer us? The People.

The proof is in the pudding, actions speak louder than words. This advert was a competition for throwing power around and talking about how better they are when compared to others, as far as i’m aware Leadership isn’t about this at all. It isn’t about control nor is it about telling others to vote for you, nor is it telling you why yourself is better than everyone else. The difference between one who puts his picture on display and one shoves it in the face of others while pointing at others work is the difference here, which do you follow and which do you choose?

Leaders are not forceful, they are understanding, kind and lead indirectly because they know they don’t have to shove it in your face, they allow you to follow if you want to. A true leader teaches and shows what they can do just by being them self. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Thank you! You are definitely not the only one with your viewpoint. True leaders should be thinking and caring for the welfare of others’ first!!

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