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A box of chocolates will make you feel better

The last 2 days i have been really ill, I have suffered from a terrible virus with typical flu like symptoms, the great thing was that whilst i was in bed i managed to stop thinking about the torture of being ill and something popped up in my head. I climbed out of bed just now and i just had to share something about treating yourself well both mentally and physically. Showing respect and care to your body, mind and soul is important so that you can get through the bad times.

Many of us suffer in various ways; through illness, through loss, through mistakes, through self-negativity – and all can cause disruption to our lives as well as the pain we endure while going through it. I came to think of being positive today, i know after this i must go back to sleep and i will, i know that trying to do everything today is not such a good idea and a good break is needed so that i can recuperate and give my all once i’m better again.

On the other hand i wanted to talk about why treating yourself well is both good and necessary especially during bad moments like these, not only do the painful times bring us down they also stop us from functioning to our fullest. I know that it is important to give yourself the love and the good treatment your body and mind needs at the time so you do not fall into this pit of pain, that way recovering is less painful and your mind is taken off it.

Having a break and resting from work and studying is enjoyable, for me it is also a good time to treat yourself well too in various different ways. Even besides being ill, when your in any type of pain give yourself the treatment you need to put yourself in a good mood. We as people can sometimes give, give and give even when we are in pain. But in times like this put your feet up and look after you because at this moment this is all that matters. At moments like this you wish you really wish you were in a hot spa or getting a massage so that the pain was rubbed away with comfort and pleasure.

The ones who ignore their own health and happiness are most likely sacrificing them self just to make others happy instead, today i had to say no to my mother when asking me to do chores because i could hardly walk, of course i wanted to help but i had to admit to myself that i had to take it easy. Instead I told her i would help another day and decided to treat myself well because its important that being ill does not bring me down and that i do not overwork myself. I simply slept in my bed watched some tv and read a book, then i had hot chocolate and some icecream which cheered me up a little.

When in pain do not be self less but be self full because your mind and body needs it. I have no idea if the word ‘Self Full’ exists as its own word but if its the opposite of Self Less then it means drop everything and everybody else and focus only on you for the moment because you need it. One thing i learnt is that you cant be self less if you are not self full, because if you are always self less people become used to you being like that, its almost like being generous all the time.

What happens when you become generous every day? Putting aside that people can take advantage and use you if you are overly generous – people begin to see less generosity coming from you. You may twitch and think huh? If you are generous all the time people cant see your generosity because they have seen it too much to even recognize it, they think its the real you, they expect it all the time from you. With this your generosity becomes less of a specialty and so becomes less appreciated. So remember that to be self less (or generous) you must also be self full (spiritually selfish).

The word selfish is deemed a bad one and is quite often demonized but being spiritually selfish does not involve anyone else as its about your health and your soul, protect it and look after it, caring for yourself first sometimes is necessary. A damaged soul inside can be repaired and can recover but it can only recover better it we start focusing on making ourselves happy in moments of anxiety, this goes especially if no one is looking after us while we are in this pain. The body grows and evolves from such pain to become a stronger one.

So remember that in a moment like this you need to attend to yourself, look after yourself. I hope this post has helped you 🙂 Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself

  1. It stinks when our bodies seem to “betray us” with discomfort, fatigue and illness but that’s usually a red flag for us to slow down, get more rest, eat better etc. Sounds like your body forced you to take a break and you put it to good use trying to recharge and heal. What you wrote is a good way to reaffirm what is forgotten in the swirl and chaos of life.
    Glad your feeling better!

    • Thank you Saymber. I am much better today 🙂 Treating ourselves (mind and body) to something that could boost our mood is definitely on the cards, a good rest every now and then helps us very much.

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