The Power Of Decision

What power does being decisive and making that important decision hold?:

  • Makes you someone who seizes an opportunity.
  • Tells others you have made your own decision on the basis of what you think is right.
  • Makes others see you have strength to take hold of situations and help others out of them.
  • Gives you an opportunity to learn from mistakes quicker rather than avoiding them.
  • Allows others to trust in your decisiveness and take a chance with your knowledge.
  • Communicates that you can lead when others can’t make their own decisions.
  • Allows one to be and feel a win in life when a decision is correct – new knowledge aquired 🙂

Having your own decision and making that decision is important in life, most of us become very indecisive in many life situations, we hold back because we are scared to lose, to fail, to look silly, to have a tarnished reputation but in reality making any mistakes in life is helping you to learn quicker from them. If you are often worried what others think of you and your decision to do something why be fearful of the outcome? Sometimes you must do or don’t try, if you don’t try you learn nothing new from indecision. Then when a decision is made you show that your not afraid to take the bull by the horns but that you also are doing it because you believe it is better to do something than nothing in life.

Real people do not care about who loses or who makes mistakes in life, they accept that everyone makes them regardless of the decision to make them. Someone who leads is someone who can make decisions and take responsibility for that choice of doing something, more importantly these people can smile back and see that while their decisions can sometimes be bad ones they were an experience and one to learn from regardless of whether it helped or not. The more you do, the more you decide the more you learn about life and yourself.

Your chance to decide your future starts here, will you make decisions in important moments? Or will you be indecisive and regret not making that decision? The effort and chance to do something rather than nothing must be to gain knowledge. Thankyou for reading 🙂

~ Jay Rando

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Decision

  1. The feeling I get in my “gut”/intuition is a big factor in decisions for me….and can also make decisions confusing because sometimes when I get a bad feeling or butterflies it means a growth opportunity is before me and I have to make the choice to proceed or wait for another chance. Good article Jay.

    • One thing had to share: Many times in the far past ive regretted not making certain decisions that might have got me somewhere else but now i know we can only really enjoy and focus on where we are now in life – and the people we have become with it 🙂

  2. Taking decisions and responsibility of the results is the basic difference between a mature person and an immature person. Following these beautifully expressed thought is simply growing up. This is the way to get productive, relevant and reliable. Lovely post!

    • Absolutely! One who makes a bold decision can only learn quicker from his or her mistakes.. or accomplishments for that matter. A big part of the maturity process is to know we are the one making those decisions. Thankyou for commenting Teecee 🙂

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