Forgive and Forget

Forgive to Forget

When i first joined here at WordPress one of the first members i spoke to on here has not been on since and has taken down her WordPress which is quite sad, one thing they said was something that i remembered, something i too believe in as too do many other people.

That is forgiving so that we can get forget, most times something cannot be forgotten until it is forgiven. The bigger truth is that is actually almost impossible to forget something completely, you can only push things further to the back of your mind.

A big part of our lives is actually spent being sad or angry at someone or something, we stress ourselves out over it so much that we find it hard to forgive someone has dealt us a lot of pain and disrespect, the reasons could be endless. We could be annoyed at someone because they did something horrible to someone else, they did something we did not like. The longer we choose not to forgive the longer we stay in a mindset of ‘regret and revenge’ and this prevents us from moving on and getting back to our old self.

Truth is, in the end you must forgive all people even the evil ones, the ones who live to hurt and to destroy everything, the reason is to move on and to know that at some point it can no longer bother you and hold you back. Some people are destined to be the way they are, not because of destiny so much but because their destiny is defined by the very people in their life who teach them what is right and what is wrong. By all accounts this does not make an evil person forgivable or that they should be let off lightly as it it was their choice to do something terrible and this is usually very conscious i.e they know what they did or have done.

If karma is real then it will probably come back to the person at some point who committed some form of sin (note: im not religious). I believe in Karma somewhat but i believe it in a way of which means everything happens and at once. This means everything must happen at least once in reality, everything does happen and the things that come back to bite us are really just a response to something we did earlier – this is not through the super natural but through the very people we hurt and treated bad in the past. Evil can spread as can the power of the ego, the issue is that if you continue to be a bad person in some form you eventually are challenged by a very good person who could change you or have an effect on you.

The sad thing about this is that some people cant be helped to change their own ways, there are criminals out there on the run and people who have hurt others in general. But what i do know is that these people will learn some day and see what they have done was a terrible mistake to learn from, until that day we should forgive them as soon as possible, this way we can move forward with our lives must faster because without forgiveness it will always play on our mind that the very person who stands before us is identified as evil rather than a person who simply was brought up the wrong way or treated the bad way. This can take much time.

The quicker you forgive the more you forget, the more you forget the more you realize you lose nothing from moving forward with your life. If this person is close to you or part of your life give them one more chance, but only allow the person back in your life when they really do show ‘the change’, words are nothing without ‘actions’ to back them up.

Above all forgive yourself too. Thanks for reading 🙂

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