Set Personal Affirmations

Positive Affirmations change you but they also bring you closer to the life you really want
What do we mean by affirmation? We mean dreams for the future, things that are true in our reality, something we wish to achieve or to gain. An affirmation may be that you want to go on holiday at the end of the year or you may wish to live in a certain area where there is a beautiful beach nearby or a big city with lots to do.

Many people out there don’t realize they are creating their own feelings and own emotions most of the time until they have more self awareness and self control of them self. Do you have a stressing week that is busy and quite hectic? We all do at some point right? So when this happens think of something positive in your mind, not specifically a goal but something you like, enjoy or something your looking forward to whether it has been set or not.

Dream of that car you have always wanted, that picnic you wanted in the local park with your family, that idea of going on holiday to Europe. Think of what your doing at the end of the day after work or college, do you see the future and the exciting things in your mind that your doing later? Just by thinking of these you are generating good feelings within yourself and some of you aren’t aware of it, the feeling is there because you look forward to feeling it, the thought of doing it is there because your intrigued to do it.

What does it give you to think like this? Positive vibrations and positive life style. Without hard work there would be no rest and good rest at that, because when we are busy and hard at work we do wish to get it over and done with to come home to see our family, our friends and do the things we enjoy.

Keep telling yourself of the affirmations you have, keep reminding yourself of doing it. Write down your affirmations as things you look forward to and want to do and keep looking at them, the things you dream of one day doing can be a reality, if those things seem far at distance don’t give up and keep hacking away until you reach those dreams of yours!

Having affirmations to remind yourself the enjoyment of life and things to look for are sub processes of positive attitudes. Have them all there to boost you all the time, to keep you feeling good and happy. The most Personal Affirmations are the better ones because they mean more and give you the chance to enjoy yourself and your life and the time here on the Earth as the person you are. Embrace things as they are but know that what is around is limited only by how you think and what you think and what you do with your life. Look forward to tonight, look forward to tomorrow, look forward to later but more importantly look forward to the day that is today.

Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “Set Personal Affirmations

    • Do you mean overall or just in positive mentality? Its hard to explain, i think that you just have to learn to love life to its ‘fullest’ to be positive in the sense that you accept everything as it is regardless of the bad stuff.

      Overall would be both in field training and counselling, if you see the same thing happen over and over it becomes part of your instruction book mindset kinda thing. Most of the positive thinking is from learning about Psychology and Body Language etc and then training my mind through sub conscious so it becomes a normality inside. I know that i can get more in life from being positive otherwise i can never reach them 🙂

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