The Practice Of Self-Deception

Deception of Self results in better mindset and results

Self Deception is a thought process of deceiving something or someone by convincing yourself your not something. This means you rub away the importance of something someone tells you especially if the thing said toward you is something you dont agree with, generally people exaggerate they are not something often as a way to pretend they are not it, ever heard someone get very defensive about something, often in psychology the defensiveness may be key to something lurking or something hiding deeper within the person, perhaps that person is offended by a certain word more than average person, the more the person is offended the more would could say the person is likely to believe it. Self Deception though is not a way of blanking out good advice or criticism all the time, self deception is is pretending yourself while knowing inside you are not what you pretend to be, it is often a way of tricking people or exploiting situations.

For example: if someone was to tell you were awful at something we would usually either take it to heart or make it personal in some way depending on how much we value that person’s comment, or maybe not but it would still bother us in that moment of it happening at some level unless we simply did not care what so ever. The importance lies in not internalizing the real you and hiding the real you, by using self deception on yourself you may walk away from something that has truth to it while feeling bad inside. Why all the ways to deceive not only yourself but others too? Its a way of protecting the self.

You can use Self Deception in several different ways:

Lying to someone is deceptive and is often a form of protecting the self, self deception however is when you lie to yourself and your aware your lying to yourself at some level. However self deception can be used through how you feel about yourself and what you do, you convince yourself inside that you are something even if you are not that or it. When a funny guy with a sense of humor walks into a bar and tells everyone he is the most awesome guy ever the way he might not truly feel that inside, he just says it and the rest depends on whether people take him seriously. Realistically the guy saying this as a way of faking it till he makes it, but sometimes faking it till you make it is something that can remain forever if keeps the belief that it is ok to go around deceiving not only himself but others. He may see nothing unhealthy about it.

Another thing to note: this does not mean if you feel really depressed you should keep it inside and not let it out, it would be self deception to pretend you your fine even when deep down you dont. The biggest liars are usually the ones trying to deceive everyone around them even themselves.

Practice taking notice of your self deception habits, are you constantly lying to yourself that something isn’t the way it is or rather pretending things are not the way they are? Do you call the world a terrible place simply because you would rather believe that? Would you rather not acknowledge the good people in this world just so you can justify your belief and the self-deception that comes with it?

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