The Power Of Opinion

Opinion will make you stand out

What power does having your own opinion hold?:

  • Makes you your own person.
  • Tells others you belief in something regardless of what others think.
  • Makes others see you have real integrity – you don’t agree to be nice (person pleaser).
  • Gives you a unique individuality if your opinion is not mentioned.
  • Allows others to believe in what you believe and respect you.
  • Communicates that you are secure.
  • Gets a debatable discussion going 🙂

Remember that having your own opinion is one trait that allows one to be their true self. So if you are often worried what others think of your ideas or opinions do not be afraid to speak out. When you have your own opinion your not joining the crowd or saying something the other person wants to hear, instead your making your mark as a person and simply telling the world what you believe. Your telling them “I believe in this”. The aim of having an opinion is not to prove anything to anyone but to yourself, real security comes from speaking out but so does leadership. One must take the handle and lead their own life and speak of what they like, what they want but also what they believe.

We pay so much to what we say in front of other people because we are scared of hurting others with our opinion, or perhaps we wish to avoid being laughed at for our own opinions. However there is nothing wrong with having your own opinion and anyone who attacks your opinion on something is not secure enough to accept you as a person. Be strong as a person and be happy with your opinion, that is all that matters. However always be accepting of people who disagree and debate too.

9 thoughts on “The Power Of Opinion

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  2. So often I see people that have the sole purpose of what you call “person pleas[ing]”. It is sad to think that there are people out there that are not taking control of their own lives and doing the best that they can. I believe that letting people know that it is ok to be opinionated is a great step in the right direction. Good job!

  3. I like that this highlights the fact that we have to also be ready for people to share their opinions. It shows strength of character for them and it allows us to agree to disagree.

    I’m not one for debates, but I definitely appreciate the dialogue.

    • haha i agree, debates seem pretty scary but i suppose they are a good test of character. In my opinion it all comes down to whether you lose your head or not, being ‘too’ passionate or scrappy makes a debate horrible to watch, yikes! Thanks for commenting Lem! 🙂

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