Inspiration is Everywhere

The creation of this world is enough to make you want to create too

Ever needed an idea, inspiration, a story or something to write about? A design, a picture, a poem or something totally new that its unique? Well the truth is all ideas start somewhere even if we come up with the actual ideas, the truth is that everything comes from something. When you came up about the idea about ninja pirates looking for some gold its likely you came up with story because something ‘triggered’ it. Perhaps you watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon then turned it over to Pirates of the Carribean, sometimes we are not even aware of where our ideas come from.

The real spark comes from things around us, its up to you to be aware of it all and to take it in. Did i really want to write a story just because? Or did i have motives for doing so? The truth is i have read stories and watched tv programmes, most of which had very good story lines and good ideas. I jotted down the good ideas and parts that made me ‘feel’, why? Because such parts of stories etc are triggers that help to remind you what makes a good story or a real life story. How can you enjoy stories without passion or feeling? Have you ever read a story that just seemed bland because there was no feeling or passion in it?

Do you ever feel inspiration when you go for a walk? Watch your favourite tv program or film? While looking at someone elses work? Or perhaps something rare happened in your life, perhaps something unique happened and you wanted to share it later in your life or make something more out of it?

Sometimes we lack in creativity simply because we need something new our life or need something inspiring in front of us, have you ever felt really happy or really sad (in a good way) when you read your favourite story? Creation and our ideas really our thinking mixed with memories and thoughts! All creation comes from somewhere, its just about finding that spark that sets us off. Sometimes its cool to note down the dreams you have, you realize that dreams are actually a mix of things that have happened as well as spontaneous creation. I had a dream walking down a path that i recognized however the houses looked different, i had a different job and a different house. What happened? Well i dreamt of a path that i used to walk all the time then the houses reminded me of when i went to London, my different job in my dream was the fact that i wanted to be a business man of some sort. And lastly the different home i lived in was a house i’ve seen online and want to live in it. Do you see how creation is so mixed of thoughts, feelings and memories?

Write down your ideas, your favorite parts of stories or plots, write down unique events in your life and make sure everything creative that comes to your head jot it down. This is how i currently write my own stories 🙂 Mix it up, look deeper into ideas and see the plot behind it as well as the parts that make you ‘feel’ as these parts are the parts that really bring ideas to life.

If your ideas are lacking let them come to you, make sure you go somewhere where your mind can take in ideas, be free and wander. Just make sure that once you get ideas in your head you don’t let them go! Don’t forget to jot/draw them down! If you do this as soon as it comes to your mind you wont lose it, it is better than beating yourself up later for that lost idea right ;)?

PS: I had a great idea for a post yesterday but forgot to jot it down! Arggh! haha 🙂

5 thoughts on “Inspiration is Everywhere

  1. Man we think alike Jay lol. So much of what you wrote here I’ve experienced, have thought about or can really relate to. One of my best places for inspiration is when I’m in nature somehow — mainly walks. I just ask the Universe “What should I write about today?” and listen. Sometimes it’s just a word but whatever it is it usually ends up being what someone needed to read that day….even if it’s just me for a reminder lol. Great article Jay. Inspiring :”-)

    • I agree nature is beauty and it also contains so many ideas that go unnoticed, i also like the idea of art, stories (mythology especially) and music. Sometimes playing computer games or watching tv (funnily enough) give some awesome ideas and inspiration. I guess its everywhere! 🙂 Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Interesting piece! I once put up a post titled ‘wasted thought’ and I’m working on something to do with puttting pieces of thoughts together. I totally agree with you; inspiration is everywhere!

  3. There is a space, kind of a way of being, where creative ideas flow. I often get ideas when I’m doing something boring like hanging out the washing. The logical part of my brain is occupied and I can let the creative part wander. I love going into that dreamy space. I’m with you on the write down part….although being a visual artist I usually draw it in my sketch book.

    • Hi thanks for commenting 🙂 know exactly what you mean. I too have those moments where if i’m doing chores i come up with some great ideas alongside it. Its good thought process too because you remain positive emotionally even if the chore is boring. I try to get the chore done quicker just to write it down 🙂

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