Show Confidence Not Arrogance

Are you showing confidence or pretending and actually showing arrogance?

Confidence is a powerful emotion which can show several different things such as; general happiness, bravery, power, positivity, determination etc. Confident people assure themselves most of the time that everything is possible and can be done by them self, thus confident are fun and assured because they do believe in themselves, their abilities and their motives.

Arrogant people however fake their confidence and look for cues around them and think “i am fine and confident when others are down in the dumps” or when someone challenges the arrogant person they get defensive and use others around them to regain the confidence lost. An arrogant person may have a bad day then feel like he or she needs to regain their confidence back by putting others down, an arrogant person may ignore someone they deem not worthy of their time and then think to themselves “well i’m cool that i did that”. They tend to climb back up the ladder of feeling good in insincere ways and they don’t address the real problems they have in the first place which is ego and insecurity. Arrogant people have their happiness coming from the wrong places, their happiness is almost fake because it lies all on being better than others or being too into themselves that they cant accept defeat or humility in any shape or form.

Confidence is shown when we do something with a good feeling of knowing we can do it and not fail or at least not screw up, and even if we do we still do it anyway. It is simply a feeling of us being assured of our self no matter what, energy flows through us and a basic fear or doubt of a situation does not come into the equation because confidence overrides it. A person with real confidence may still fear something but does it anyway, the reason is not so much doubt or fear but that the person was confident enough to think a good outcome would come of what they are doing. Confidence in this manner is great because it keeps us refreshed, rejuvenated and generally very happy.

Sometimes people do confuse Confidence with Arrogance simply because they believe confidence is about showing off and trying to impress which is not confidence at all. Some confuse confidence with trying to the be the best or trying to have more than others or be better than others, this is not real confidence it is arrogance!

Have you ever accomplished something and gone “wow im amazing, that was amazing, i did so well, i’m proud of myself”? – this is confidence.

However when you beat your brother or sister at a game at chess and throw defeat in there faces you become so focused on the defeat of others that the win mean nothing to you, it wasn’t an experience or a good time because you were too fixated on trying to prove you were the best rather than focusing on enjoying it all.

So when someone thinks with the mindset “hey i beat this person for a rush of confidence, i am simply better than this person and higher than them, i feel great now” this person will be in for a shock later when they find out all those wins meant zilch, they may even laugh in the face of the opposition and this is both childish and arrogant until they can see past their own nose. Arrogant people usually boast before competitions as well that they are all this or all that, it is almost like over confidence, more like the person has a job to topple everyone else’s confidence for amusement.

I don’t mean to demonize the word ‘arrogant’ but it can be found everywhere in the world, there are many people that are arrogant and really need to change where their happiness comes from. They should allow it to come from everything around them, it should be like energy that flows to them and not a competition of who’s better and who gets most attention

It is not bad to get your happiness from external events but when you show off it just shows that one is insecure and doesn’t have the confidence at all, confidence is ‘shown’ calmly, it is not something you say and do in the face of others to prove a point. Confidence that comes from you is best shown and not told.

So if you are arrogant stop using everyone else around you as a way to boost your ego, instead grab your ego and kick it out when needed. Instead get confidence from doing and achieving not from beating others or being better.

Thanks for reading.

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    • Haha thanks, i wasn’t expecting that kind of comment today lol. Yeah arrogance and confidence get mixed up and some people believe the ‘arrogance’ is what gets them places. But yeah arrogance is pretty damn annoying.

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    • Your very welcome mate, thank you too for your recent nomination for Inspiring Blogger. I am going to put that award up sometime later this week 🙂 Cheers!

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