Always Improve Yourself

Always improve yourself never become a slacker
A part of us wants to take the comfy ride through life and with good reason, however is your life comfy because you doing nothing with it and everyone else does everything for you? Have you stopped learning and experiencing the very things that help your self improvement? Or are you comfortable because every day you are learning more about yourself as well as others? The latter is the greatest place to be for me. I have always wanted life to be about travelling and learning as i travel, i hope at some point this can be done. I will probably blog on my travel and write some notes in my note book. This is just one affirmation that is very possible if i keep improving.

It is sad that we cannot go anywhere nowadays without money or without education, something that gives to the country or the government. The truth is that the time to educate yourself and improve is now, do not leave it until it is too late. Later in your life you may look back and wonder why you did not do this or that.

Every time we do something repeatedly it becomes part of our being, it becomes part of the sub conscious and the sub conscious has no problem doing repeated tasks because the brain knows that what you do over and over is important to remember. In fact remembering things is due to doing things a lot or having a traumatic/spontaneous experience in response to a specific event. The more recent things are remembered because the brain classes recent as important until that information is no longer used again, it is thrown to the back. The brain knows however that this change and this event is something that bothers you, affects you and gives you something to think about.

Think for a minute. What do you think about most? Good things right? When you remember past memories we remember the best parts and the traumatic parts right? Why did the brain remember these events or situations? Because the brain knows these events had a lot of effect on you and your life. Otherwise revising and studying allows one to remember because the brain knows that you studying this stuff over and over is important, it needs to use it because it knows you put a lot of emphasis on it! When it comes to an exam the process of answering the question becomes more important than the answer, this means that putting pen to paper may remind you of that specific question you did the other night during revision. The tools you use around are very important.

It is always important to improve, don’t let the mind wander into places where nothing is learnt, this means do not become emotional in a way that is not productive, do not allow yourself to be bored and do not allow yourself to be over affected by something that has happened in the past or something that is not even that bad. Instead use this time to strengthen your weaknesses and your knowledge.

Always learn, always improve. Don’t just study but go out there and do new things, heck try farming for a week, try fruit picking for a week or perhaps attempt running that mile down your street. Why? Self Improvement. Why self improvement? Confidence, achievements, experiences, stories: they are all part of what comes from the things you choose to do in your life.

Many of us give up or slack off, we stop learning, we give up or we simply think once we have one thing or another the rest is not important. I cannot remind myself how many times i have done this myself, never think you have everything to know, always look for the next level of learning. We can reach that great threshold in our life if we keep persistent with our goals and self improvement. If you have everything on a plate, an easy ride, put yourself in a room on your own with a piece of paper, stay in that room until you figure it out.

Learning is unlimited, enjoy it and become the person you have always wanted to become.

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  2. “Every time we do something repeatedly it becomes part of our being,” I think there has even been science on this showing our neural net is altered based on repeated behavior. Good article as always Jay!

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