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I always enjoy creation, progressive creation, rotating my ideas, focusing on what can be done to its best ability in a specific moment of inspiration and also noting down what i would like to do and what ideas i may use for poems or stories. One thing i would like to talk to you about today is not so much about effort, ideas or goals but rather the ability to entice, seduce, to make feel good or put more specifically to share your passionate feelings with those around you.

The main point of this post is to believe in yourself, the thing is that believing in yourself is different to loving yourself and i will tell you why in another post. Believing in yourself is confidence based, loving yourself is security based. So believing in yourself is more like the energy that flows through you when you play your musical instrument or when you draw that magnificent piece of art you are dying to get onto paper. Your fingers do the work through your own effort but your energy behind it can be seen by others, the truth is many people out there have passions and things they would like to do but don’t do them. So i say find them, look for them, feel them, if they feel good keep them.

So i came up with a brilliant idea which was to give an example of the power of belief in oneself. When one feels confident they usually have a temporary rise in energy, assurance and good feeling. When this confidence arises you will do something because you belief in yourself, you belief it wont phase you and your good enough to do it whatever it is or requires. But there is more to believing in yourself, imagine being on that stage, you have your instrument in one hand and you play your music passionately through your guitar, the feeling of passion actually rises in your body and flows. This feeling is not a feeling of being into one self but rather enjoying oneself while enjoying the feeling of creating something beautiful through your art and efforts.

The truth is that when you belief in yourself others begin to belief in you, like the law of attraction this one simple way we create bonds with people, we create a feeling from our self that effects those around us, almost like we pass that energy onto those around us. They feel the passion in you, they see it in you, they sense it in you, when it becomes you it becomes part of them too. There is an ultimate energy in which you create that attracts those around you to your music, to your creation, to your energy. Like a persona that surrounds you, it draws people in because they love that feeling too and they want to be part of it.

They say true leadership is effort, hard work and the ability to teach others but when i look at this – the ability of leadership is also to inspire many and makes them feel good about themselves.

If you believe in yourself others will believe in you too,

You can strongly believe in yourself even when you are not fantastic at something, it is how you feel that matters. Others sense it when they are around you, your energy is there. I have created a power within myself that strengthens the passion shown on the outside, people notice this, they sense this and when they do they are instantly attracted to you, they love to be near you because you love your work and creation just as much as the quality and effort of it. They feel the vibes coming from you and your inner feeling and it draws them closer. This is improvisation and the Law of Attraction at its best.

A strong persona of energy that surrounds you can attract if you create it. Think like a renaissance man or a renaissance woman, the power is there to make it happen and you have a diverse flow of energies from different projects. The power of leading and the power assurance in any situation and telling yourself in the mind “i can do this” or “this is what i’m made for” is a ‘belief’ in yourself. So whatever you do keep believing 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thank you i appreciate that my friend, very much. i did not mean to target anyone by that post, by my above message i just mean people using my full work on their page as traffic booster. i caught someone today using my work for their own purposes. This person sourced my work but they allowed people to think its their work and fully duplicated it so the comments/likes landed on their page and not mine.

    on top of that this is the first time i’ve had someone actually re-blog my work so it means a lot to me 🙂

    I’m new to the whole wordpress thing too lol so im a little confused if re-blogging is still aimed at me rather than the person posting it but im guessing it is, i appreciate if you can explain a little for me. I don’t fully understand the re-blogging thing yet.


    PS: no hard feelings anyway mate 🙂 could you please explain what an excerpt is? thanks again! I’m going to checkout your blog.

      • ok didn’t realize the theme i was using was putting the full posts of reblogs, It wouldnt let me post excerpts so i had to change themes but now it only shows anexcerpt. Sorry as i said was only trying to share not steal. Usualy reblog button does excerpt must be a problem with the theme design.. Well resolved and hope no hard feelings.

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