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Accepting Everything
When one is able to reach peace in their mind, to love and see everything around them as beautiful, like life is a wonderful experience, like the world is a beautiful piece of art, like the wind through your hair like calm music and the people around you like those keep you sane,  smiling and overjoyed because you love to see their development. You stand with your people and watch them grow and inspire others, you watch them love others and perhaps hate others, but then you see them learn from those mistakes and insecurities. You accept them, the world and allow everything and everyone to do their own thing. Acceptance is one step to loving yourself, loving yourself is the highest security of all because you have learnt that there is nothing wrong with you and you have a lot to offer as a person, i hope many can see this in them self, to tell them self that their existence is loved by others even when they don’t know or forget. I love my family and my friends and hope that my energy can spurn them on.

Acceptance to me is best described as the ability to allow people and things into your life without feeling insecure and without feeling disturbed, disrupted or uncomfortable. It is also way of being patient with yourself and with the rest of the world, understanding that the law of the universe is there and cannot be changed and that people do things because they want to. Just like you and me want to do something new tomorrow and today. To others we may be a burden, we may be a miracle, it is impossible to escape people who don’t like us even if we try but the reality is that these people dont hate us that much they just cant accept us yet. The reason for hate and dislike is difference, difference allows one to not be accepted by someone who sees one difference or more as unacceptable in their life. But the ones with acceptance generally forgive, we forget and we move forward, there is no point for someone not to accept change or new people into their life.

Security is something we spend all of our life trying to master within our self, the truth is that it is fine to have insecurities in your life, it is difficult to escape them but those who truly make the effort to grow and bloom into the flowers they want to be are the people who wish to create a better future, they wish to have self control and not make mistakes that teach others to hate or be hated. Peace can be created by your acceptance of others, difference can be difficult to process and yet can be different to the eye and the ears but these people are like us, they are the same as us.

Only when you truly accept others can they accept you. The ones who don’t accept only promote dislike. One day we may be able to achieve peace this way, but its up to you: does this world still talk bad of race? of age? of gender? of sexual orientation? Why do we do this? Its all down to insecurity and ego.

Your jealousy, your dislike, your pain, it is not a felony, just a part of growing, can you change it? Do you want to change it? Can you be safe with yourself and grab the real you from the wreckage of inner conflict? Your life can teach so much, enjoy it learn from it. Live to grow, grow to improve, improve to find peace. Once you hit Inner Peace the rest becomes clear and you can create a much better life for you and your friends and family. Please give peace to all in your life. Give them the security they need until the grow and bloom into their own person. Thank you for reading.

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  4. Excellent Saymber, will have a good look at this. It seems i cant directly reply to your last comment so have had to comment underneath lol. Some of it sounds confusing but very interesting too, it sounds cool. I don’t know if what am about to say is similar with what you said above but from what you said i understand what the writer is trying to get across for most part.

    Its true that a lot of who we have in our life determines the type of person we are. People test us all the time, its how we handle those tests that determine our character. If we allow or reward disrespect for example from others we will have disrespectful people in our lives. Their RS toward you is a big indication of how you treat them too, that quote of ‘treat those how you wish to be treated’ also means we teach others how to behave in a way we define as right/correct. We must accept but also teach indirectly by our responses to certain situations.

    another thing is that if you have experienced something before which i think you say above – it is easier to see, decode and accept in another person. I can sometimes see people at different stages of their life where i was once before where they do similar things i did back then. I am then able to read what they do before they do it. Intuition maybe? it does indeed make it easier to accept those people and know its a life process as we become more aware of past experience.

    might have to look at the many different types of ‘attraction’ that exist at some point in detail, that would be something very interesting to study. Cheers 🙂 Jay

  5. Great article Jay. Something important I learned reading Shakti Gawains book on Creative Visualization is that people we dislike are often mirrors of the “selves” we use to be and have discarded. It’s hard to accept some representing a persona we no longer want for ourselves. I guess that’s when we forgive them, accept them where they are in the journey, and give them hope – leading by example – that their life can be different if they choose.

    • Hmm sounds interesting, will have to read that book, i think i have seen a quote from that person somewhere before, something like: “our feelings are mirrors of us on the outside”, am i remembering that right?

      And spot on Sayamber, its true, it doesn’t matter where they are on the journey as long as they take responsibility for the way they live it. thanks for commenting 🙂

      • The specific book by her is called: The Path to Transformation – How healing ourselves can change the world. One page 131, is called Our Relationship as Mirrors. Excerpt: “If we learn to see our relationships as the wonderfully accurate mirrors they are, revealing to us where we need to go with our inner processes, we can see much about ourselves that we would otherwise have a great deal of difficulty learning. Any and every relationship in our lives can be a reflection to us in this way – our friends, co-workers, neighbors, our children and other family members as well as our primary partners. Even an encounter with a stranger can sometimes be an important learning experience.

        It’s very difficult to look inside ourselves and see what’s going on in there – particularly to see what we’re unaware of. That’s why it’s important to look at our relationships as mirrors of our inner processes.”

        Another excerpt that was profound to me:
        “Generally, we find that the easiest people to get along with are those who reflect aspects of ourselves that we feel comfortable with and accept – reflections of our primary selves, or complimentary energies that we appreciate. Tehse are usually people who we consciously seek out or are drawn to in everyday friendship. If you are pimarily a physicallya active person who loves sports, you may feel most comfortable with people who are similarly athletic. You may also enjoy a relationship with a friend who somewhat more intellectual and less physical than you because it stretches your mid ina way that you accept and enjoy – ie it stimulates a less developed aspect of you in a way is comfortable and non-confrontational. It reflects that part of yoursef that acknowledges a need to develop your intellectual side.

        The people in our lives who make us incomfortable, who annoy us, who we feel judgemental or even combative toward, reflect parts of ourselves, the shadow side of our personality. It you are a gentle, softspoken person, you may be very irritated by a person who seems luod or pushy. ”

        There is much more in this chapter (my fingers are getting tired) but wanted to give you an idea of the flavor of her writing/philosophy. Her books are some of my “bibles.”

  6. I couldn’t agree more; learning to accept is not easy – for anyone out there – but if you if you find ways to do it, you’re well on your way to a better life:)

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