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Emotional Needle

I thought to post this as it was rather common in what we have over at the counsel board where i currently post to newcomers posing questions and queries. I think the best part about explaining this ‘Emotional Injection’ is that the people who engineer themselves to feel such strong feelings are usually in a ‘stubborn moment’ where they make themselves feel it and then try to use the emotion as a drug of choice, almost like someone shouting “i am going to feel this way because i want to” even if it is destructive. This emotion can vary from happiness to sadness. The difference here is that before i start Psyching yourself up is the same as what i am mentioning here but rather the difference is that the feeling of these emotions are enjoyed and can be unhealthy if looked at the wrong way. There is a big difference between psyching yourself up to laugh then psyching yourself up to feel anger and sadness.

A big part of a mistake or at least something we have lost or missed becomes part of our problems, the truth is that we all make mistakes as mentioned in an earlier post but we also generate our own reality and our feelings. Through our responsibilities we blame our self sometimes for the things we have done in life but usually we only take full responsibility when its something we really really want. The thing is we beat ourselves up thinking this is all our fault, if i had not have done this then this would have been like this. Next we talk about how things could have been different and at this moment we could be living a much better life if we hadn’t of lost etc. Thing is whilst all have the responsibility and feeling it out is important we need to stop beating ourselves up for our mistakes and then generating extensive emotion from it.

We all make mistakes and the quicker we move on from it the better, in some manner some of us do the unthinkable. We do something wrong and then complain about it afterwards when we could stop gossiping and simply change that part of our lives our self. We may also go on and on about it as if it was the worst thing ever, we kind of dramatize the situation and make it out to be more than it is even if we do not know it.

A thing called Emotional Injection is a term i use to describe people who are actually addicted to their emotions, because emotions are the most addictive chemical around. We put ourselves through our own pain without knowing with emotional injection, obviously it sounds wrong to control your own emotions but if you have better control of them you will suffer less, if you cling to emotions for reasons such as hope, drama, power, fake happiness you will only turn into a person who makes them self ill through such thought process. Feeling emotion can lead to thinking and can be the ultimate demon if not controlled properly. Ever had that feeling when someone had  a major breakdown in your life but they decided to exaggerate it purposely and make it bigger than it seemed? This is them trying to create a chemical rush of emotion or Emotional Injection. It creates a flow of emotion but it also makes the person feel fantastic, the only downside is that whilst it makes the person feel fantastic to whine, complain or throw a tantrum the person is actually damaging them self too. Each of those actions count as how you perceive certain situations and some people do dramatize things without knowing they are doing it.

A more serious one in counselling is a person who is so addicted, obsessed in something or just simply into someone so much that when they cant get what they want they get sad but they cling to the sadness, you would think someone who is sad would not want to feel sad right? The thing is the person is trying to engineer sadness to feel happiness through different approaches. For example for someone who has lost someone in a relationship, even if that relationship is over a person who is still emotional may feel sad because of the breakup but they then cling to the person who broke up with them still. Problem here is that the person doesn’t recognize them self as unhappy they think that being around this person will cheer them up and the person suddenly becomes the source of ‘fake happiness’. What really happens is the person is obviously more happier when around someone they love but they are also sad too, the person chooses sadness just to feel happiness, but this happiness is fake because it is generated by a feeling of: i still have a chance or i still have this person in my life and i cannot let go.

Problem is that if you cling to sadness and love to feel sad you actually can end up ill, and different emotions can be addictive like this one. In other situations you may have someone take something away from you, if you have a fond love for this object you will be upset and you may dramatize the loss of thus object. The reason is simply because it means a lot to you, it is only about having control of emotions that you can avoid clinging to whining, sadness or general complaining that the object was taken away.

So be aware of how you really feel, does your happiness really come from materialistic things, things that you are addicted to, obsessed about or even get angry over when they are taken away from you? The Ego lies behind the desire to have something, nothing is perfect, nothing is the source to happiness, the real person who generates it is you. You just use the outside and things around to generate it, cling to an object or person and you will suffer, cling to the emotions you attach to them and it will be much worse. Isolate your feelings, let them come naturally do not extend them when they already take root inside.

Take the needle from the arm, step back and make yourself feel great, do not always rely on a certain person or items to make you feel great, an unhealthy obsession is one thing that can go dormant, it is something one does not know they have sometimes. It is up to us to let go, if we lost it we must accept it, be okay with it, feel but don’t extend it, let go of it and continue to move on and forward.

Sometimes we engineer situations to feel strong anger, we bad mouth the next door neighbor and complain just to feel the anger when we could just walk next door and tell the neighbor we have so and so problem with them making racket at 1am in the morning. We make a big problem from a small one, we do this without knowing sometimes, we do all this just for a temporary boost of power, happiness or a simple “i’m here”.

Gossiping (most times), whining, complaining is insecurity and a way to gain attention, it is normal for anyone to have insecurity but its also good to point out that doing these things may make us think we are liked doing such things but in reality they make us less of people and more of people who cant deal with the real problem at hand, we should be more civilized and speak to more people about our problems and not just whine about it and then sit around waiting for a miracle. ~We have a choice, to cling to an emotion that gets us no where or to get on with life or do something about it. Emotional Injection is a big cause of dramatizing or making something appear more than it actually is. Take control of your emotions, take them back.

Thanks for reading.

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  2. “We put ourselves through our own pain without knowing with emotional injection” – I did this for years and it contributed to ruining my marriage and other relationships. I sabotaged my life by creating situations, real or imagined, that would generate negative feelings…make it so my old “program” tapes still had a machine to run on. Doing this would validate my feelings of low self esteem etc. Very destructive cycle. You can change, you can make a new program for your “CPU”! Enjoyed Jay!

    • it is almost like sticking a magnifier over an initial feeling and intensifying it or being addicted to a drug (emotion). I have practiced less whining and more doing so i don’t stress myself out. Getting out there and correcting things that don’t really need complaining about is much better – whether that requires one to move on or to talk to someone about it . Thank you for posting 🙂

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