Short-Term Sacrifice For Long-Term Success

Focus on Long Term Success

Today i want to talk about something that is quite helpful and inventive which will help you set new resolutions and goals that allow you to look at what you receive at the end rather than shoving that away and taking the easy way out. Almost like eating fatty food just for a little gratification instead of looking at the long term success of losing weight, in that example you would have to sacrifice fatty foods to lose weight. What we do is get mesmerized by short term gratification and this helps us to feel better in little parts of the day rather than in one massive time period. Would you realistically be more happy eating delicious fatty food every few hours or would you rather be slim and have a few fatty foods like fries every now and then? My opinion is definitely the second. However it is known that if you eating often it is more likely to be because you are bored or just need to feel better about yourself in some cases. Short term gratification is a way out for people to feel good constantly.

Another example is when one is planning for the future but makes an escape to find the easy way out a situation that is time consuming, they quit smoking but have to have a long time of not smoking to really get their power back over the addiction of nicotine. In this case the person is so addicted that the thought of having one pull of that cigarette is helping them to feel alive for 5 minutes each day. A measly 5 minutes! So if your quitting something forget the short term gratification or looking for a quick boost and instead get a bigger boost from the end product.

Also another example, my friend in the past had done both smoking and drinking but realized he could save so much more money if he just got rid of that short term gratification. I told him to look at the long term success if he did both of them and he agreed that he would not only save money he would be able to less dependent on temporary boosts of happiness. The point here is that if your happiness is coming from having something all the time such as re-assurance, material things, drugs, alcohol, a fake reality you have created, clinging to pain and enjoying it these are all examples of short term gratification whereas holding those off would allow for you to not need them all the time and only in parts.

The effort and conscious to do this can allow long term success, that is the reward at the end of the tunnel. If you quit smoking or drinking alcohol because you wanted to you will have quit those “i need my fill moments” and now be thinking “wow i feel great now and i never needed them to feel good, in fact i’m more pleased about how healthy i am”.

And remember being conscious of what you eat or do for that matter is good, every time your tucking into ice cream, fries, pizza etc always remind yourself “do i really want to do this?”, if you do then you are eating because you want to. But if you are doing it to feel good this is perhaps because you are too focused on getting your happiness from the wrong places. Happiness comes from around us, not from things that we need all the time such as alcohol etc.

If you do wish to change something or make a resolution, perhaps you want to drop that habit of smoking in doors remind yourself every time you light your cigarette that you will go outside. By the time you have done this 100 times it will become part of the sub conscious and part of your natural life that it does not require ‘thought’ anymore. What is the long term success of smoking outdoors? Perhaps its for your kids safety and their lungs, maybe its because you don’t want your house to smell of smoke anymore. That is long term success, it took a long while but you got there and sacrificed something else i.e smoking indoors.

So sacrifice short term gratification for long term success, and do not cling to things you do not really need to make you happy if there something you can do about it that brings a better outcome for you and for others. The very few people out there who want to quit will, the ones who don’t just need to take their mind off it and be more conscious of it. The real effort comes when you ask someone else to help you drop a short term gratification, that’s effort!

Last year I dropped 2 stone by eating less bad fatty food, i was actually already slim but still needed to lose a little weight and have done, now i see the long term success of myself being very slim rather than going for that ice cream in the freezer. On another note i have also sacrificed drinking and clubbing this year for more study time, ask me again what the long term success was when i finish my degree 🙂 You get me right?

4 thoughts on “Short-Term Sacrifice For Long-Term Success

  1. This is a conflict I struggle with everyday, not only with my diet but with many aspects in life. Its easy to not take risks and live in your comfort zone but it will be a hell of a lot easier years from now knowing you put off those instant gratifications to better yourself. The feeling of sacrificing your immediate needs to achieve your goals is one of the sweetest feelings I’ve experienced. Good luck with the continued weight loss.

  2. “The point here is that if your happiness is coming from having something all the time such as re-assurance, material things, drugs, alcohol, a fake reality you have created, clinging to pain and enjoying it these are all examples of short term gratification whereas holding those off would allow for you to not need them all the time and only in parts.” I like this Jay. Recently I had a old short term gratification desire rise up – buying jewelry. I’ve always liked the sparkle/shine that comes from ANYTHING dew on grass, moonlight, crystals, the sun and the prisms and sparkle from a gem turning in the sun. Anything that makes sparkling light. Ever since childhood I’ve been this way! For a time in my life (18 yrs to 34 especially) I was in a very “dark” place and became addicted to buying jewelry….oh how fleeting was this! I kicked it but once in a while it rises up. We’ve been having some real gray/wet/cold weather here lately and that desire rose up again. Between just puzzling out why this surfaced again by talking to the Universe/meditating, spending time with my animals and nature, talking to my husband and later my therapist I got it under control.

    It comes back to the reality that the sparkle and shine, in order to be more than fleeting and temporary, doesn’t have to be a tangible thing. Generating the sparkle and shine within ones self to the outside world is lasting. It’s the warm, glowing feeling I’m looking for and if I can’t generate it from within myself, no external source will matter. It’s like feeding stars to a black hole.

    • Crazy stuff, i had a thing with buying t shirts too often, what was funny was i ended up buying so many t shirts that i could never get around to wearing half of them. I managed also to ditch going out partying so much and staying in for more exam revision.

      I eventually managed to get past the ‘i need an injection of happiness’ thing and instead looked at the far future to what i could be instead and the action required to achieve it. Last few years i have just used the world around me as the base of being happy, its better that way so i don’t have to rely on anything for a quick boost, i’d say the last 2.5 years have been the most productive for self growth and change. If one can wait for the big reward at the end of the tunnel rather than having small boosts or jolts all the time i reckon those who ditch cigarettes (for example) will see more benefits from quitting rather than keeping them. I always measure up the benefits of both short and long term.

      That’s a great way to get past those short term sacrifices, if we do more in our life it takes our mind off those little things we think we want or need all the time.

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