Self Respect Teaches Respect

Many of us fail to have respect and more importantly self respect for ourselves in certain points of our life. Some of us turn around and say “no i have plenty of respect for myself” but then they are totally naive and miss all the situations they have been in where they unconsciously disrespected them self without realizing.

Someone who wants something will sometimes do it without thought of how it makes them look, they will getting what i want is all that is important and not how i go about getting it. In this instance lets pretend we have two people deeply in love with each other. These two people have sex too early in their relationship, where was the self respect? Did they not value themselves to hang out a bit longer first and respect what they had? Of course nowadays this is more normal but for me a lack of self respect is when you go about getting something in a either a desperate way or simply make yourself out to be one who has no values.

A person with beliefs and values usually has self respect, values are important to all of us if we have them, they are what make us US. One of you values you may be that you don’t want your children playing out after 8pm as it is too late, one of your values may be that you want your children to attend strict schools. These values show you have a lot of respect for the people around you and yourself. You have put down rules in your own life through values and beliefs.

A lack of Self Respect shown by someone can be one of many things: they class them self as low value, they have low esteem, they are trying to get approval or they simply think it is the right thing to do to get something else in return.

A guy felt if he could just be a good worker at his store even if his manager yelled at him about the poor job he did that he would get through the day, until the day that guy stood up to his manager and finally had respect for himself, he turned around and told his manager to shove herself. Thing is he was not bothered about losing the job, he was more bothered about the respect he deserved as a person, in that situation i too would of done the same. Can you really take disrespect of someone and not stand up to it the right way? Will you allow to be disrespected by someone just because something else hides the fact you cant stand up to it? Does the work pay cover up that such a person cant stick up for themselves and their beliefs, values?

When will such a person stick up for themselves and put their self respect first? Some soak up bad behavior or disrespect and simply reward the other with gifts or attention. Why? Because we hide from disrespect or simply allow it. We need to take the position of a true leader with Respect and teach others the right way to act. Can a disrespectful manager always be right or is this person really a bad leader for the rest of us, in this example she is a terrible leader who needed telling the truth where all other workers backed down.

A child is bratty and won’t stop crying or whining, what do you? Give the child a hug or chocolate to quiet the child up or do you tell the child off, send the child to their room and ignore the child if nothing improves. Definitely the latter.

Why is it is important to always have Self Respect? Because today you teach the world, with every single one of your actions they do one thing, you teach them and the most important thing to teach is Respect. If you have respect for others and yourself teach it, do not back down to your nasty bosses, nasty friends, stand up for the rights in your life and respect.

If someone disrespects us do we reply with a victim attitude, an angry attitude or tell the person they are disrespectful? Definitely the latter. You observe the disrespect so the other person knows. If it continues what do you do? You ignore.

With continued disrespect to feed the person with attention would be the wrong move, instead simply remove your attention from such a person. If they do not get fed with attention then they are not affecting you and they feel they cannot get through to you through the language of disrespect and for good reason. When they are not affecting you they give up. When you give not one soul attention it subconsciously tells them that what they are doing is not working so they must change their way to get you to reply. Feeding them with attention just allows them to carry on doing it, even getting angry or saying stop it over and over is not helping.

On the other hand for others to give you respect you must respect yourself, do not give attention to those who don’t deserve it. You have so much respect for yourself that sometimes ignoring someone who you cant get through to must be ignored so that they feel guilt and confusion as to why their disrespect toward you does not hurt.

If they don’t listen to you ignore them, they are not worth your time, if you feed someone with attention they will think what they do is good. Getting angry and telling a child repeatedly to stop kicking a ball against the neighbors wall is almost like treating your child to a sweet each time he or she does it. Get it?

So show self respect to yourself, if someone shows disrespect to you they should be ignored. For one to come onto your level of respect they must be taught you don’t tolerate such behavior, it is not to your taste. If however it is someone in your family you should have every right to handle your own child but remember you are teaching them too. Are you prolonging their bad behavior or are you teaching them respect today?

Teach respect, show respect and have respect for yourself. You teach the world respect and they will teach it you back. You let disrespect be a normality in your life and the very thing you are teaching is that disrespect is fine to the rest of the world. Always stand up for your beliefs and values, if others don’t believe in them and they are realistic do these people really deserve your attention and friendship? The one who is most respected is the one with most social skills and social status, they know how to teach and treat the right way to get the same back.

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