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A big part of striving for confidence in our lives does come from doing; achievements, experiencing, conquering fears and receiving love. Today i am going to talk about Goals and what types of goals we can set ourselves as well as having them in order and knowing what comes first and what comes last. Priority in life is just as important, when instead most of what we want in life will come to us as some point through that bright word we called patience. Patience is a strong word that gets most of what we want and desire in our life, of course there are things we can also reach out but why are we in a rush to do everything? I notice many are in a rush to find love, many are in a rush to find money, many are in a rush to find reward, many are in a rush to find power and some are longing for a easy ride through life.

Life is hard, love is confusing, money is hard to find, rewards come with much work. I wonder about people who sit around smoking and drinking all the time when they could make something great from their lives right this instance.

So lets begin by stating our goals, what is our purpose in life? Is it to evolve? Is it provide the world with love? Is it to have an effect on everyone and everything during your life time?

I feel bad for those who sit around all day saying “i am bored” and then talk about how life is not working out for them, instead make it work! In a previous post of mine i talked about setting a list of things to do, here i am talking about a similar thing. Goals add to our value as people and the achievement and reward from passing those goals with flying colors makes us feel wonderful and confident of ourselves. Write down those goals you wish to pass or experience, make them your life goals outside of your usual day, then go do them when you get chance. Enjoy that life of yours to the fullest.

Jays list of Goals:

  • Work out and lose 1 more stone at the gym.
  • Do a charity run.
  • Go paint-balling.
  • Go on the worlds biggest roller coaster.
  • Go to a Buddhist temple and meditate.
  • Get my degree.
  • Have a big 30th birthday party.
  • Do a big speech in front of people.
  • Go on a big car trip around Europe.
  • Live in a foreign country.

^ There are some ideas I threw in for you. I did not want to give all of them away 😉

A big things to do list like this can contain all your life goals if you wish, these goals aren’t just for confidence alone, they are there for you to overcome fears and to do something at least once to see what it is like. The goals you set will also help you through the hard times, the moments you feel down and sad. The reason i say this is because in counselling one thing we tell people to do is to get out there and do something when they don’t feel too good or good about themselves in general. That might seem pushy but it is the quickest way to get through painful moments and to get yourself smiling again, if you feel pain and sadness distract yourself you like and find fun, it can only help in the long run.

As for priorities many of us out there are wasting our time on things that aren’t really that important right now. If your friend is putting their partner before you or your friend is too focused on mucking around when they could be studying or working let them know, be truthful. It is never a bad thing to tell someone how you feel especially if you are doing it for them to make them a better person. I once logged into Facebook daily to play the games on there, that was over 2 years ago now and i eventually came off it, looking back i wasted so much productive time on their instead of revising for exams or finding a new job.

So whilst it is good to have goals and things to do make sure what your in your life is all prioritized well and that you are not being totally oblivious to others and what they expect of you as their friend, if you are forgetting them and not spending time with them contact them today and make sure you go see them every now and then. The biggest killer for forgetting about friends and family is when someone is obsessed with something i.e video games, having a boyfriend/girlfriend, facebook, study etc.

My 3 rules are:

Have time for everything and everyone.

Don’t over do 1 thing, keep rotating your activities.

Have fun.

Its good to have choice and to have fun but its also important not to neglect or ignore everything else especially your loved ones. Keep in contact with them and don’t let them go.

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