Versatile Blog Award!

Blog Award

Versatile Blogger Award

A very big thank you to Sandy for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I am very happy and proud that i got this award, it is very good for my motivation to write too so i will carry on writing the best I can for the future.

I am going to follow up on the rules of this award and now give some things away about myself and nominate the 15 best blogs for the award. If your name pops up feel free to read more about Versatile Blog Award at

Here are the rules to the awards:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them when you create a post on the award.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass the award on to 15 people you know who have blog that you follow and enjoy.
contact those people that you have nominated.

That was the first part. Here is the next part:

Seven things to know about Jay:

My birthday is the 1st of February.
I am English/British.
I have a passion for Psychology and Self Improvement.
I love computer games mainly RPGs!
I have my own motto, it is: “life is for improving yourself and getting the best out of it”
I love life, love learning, love advising and love writing 🙂
I dream of travelling the world at some point.
I study Computer Science.

And finally:

My 15 nominated and most favorite blogs are:

If you are not on my list it may be because i have only just started following you more recently. Here are the 15 I like and enjoy reading most, hope your blog is on my list of 15. Thanks!

Life and Intuitive Coach
Essays of a Less Educated Mind
Canadian Adversity
Influence Versus Control
Blog on Law of Attraction
The Better Man Projects
Wise Counsel
The Alternate Economy
I love My Fear
Know the Sphere
Become a Better You
A Blog From Me
Dr Anthonys Blog

Congratulations to all those bloggers who have gotten awards and received this one.
IF you have any questions on this award please drop me a comment, Cheers!

Best wishes to all.

Jay Rando

13 thoughts on “Versatile Blog Award!

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  4. Congrats man! Bloggers like you keep me coming back. Everything post I can relate and/or agree with. You deserve the recognition.

    I really appreciate the nomination. It means a lot to me.

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    • Thanks very much. Glad you have enjoyed all the posts so far, that’s great to hear and gives me motivation to do more sooner.

      And your very welcome, your blog is one of the best ones i read a lot 🙂 *holds a beer up* Cheers.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you can’t hear it but clapping for you from this side of the globe 🙂 AWESOME. You deserve it and I really look forward to reading your blogs.

    “I love computer games mainly RPGs!” – my husband is a RPG junkie. He’s a fan of the Squaresoft products before they became Square Enix….Final Fantasy etc. I use to play World of Warcraft (MMORPG) before it went to snot and Final Fantasy XI is how I met my husband! Not really an active gamer but like watching him play. He just finished Uncharted 3 and was so dissapointed! 6 hrs to play the whole thing and a very anti-climatic ending.

    Again – congrats to you Jay!

    • Thank you so much, happy you have liked my posts to date, i will continue to write more and more 🙂

      Haha. Final Fantasy has to be most over used phrase in Gaming Industry, i don’t think i know anyone who hasn’t heard of Final Fantasy at least once! So many fans for that series. I enjoyed some of the older FF games such as 1-6 but after that it wasn’t really my cup of tea but saying that i can only give them a go someday. I played World of Warcraft for a while too 🙂 but I ended up playing Guild Wars due to the price that WoW would cost monthly. I will have to check out Unchanted though! I’m a big fan of the Golden Sun and Dragon Quest rpg series too, i highly recommend those games.

      Thanks again!

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