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Renaissance Period
One thing i have that is part of my life is endless hobbies, interests, goals and things to do. Some of us have lots of time off and some of us aren’t as lucky as others however if you are constantly looking for something to do or are bored I will give you some tips and inspiration of what I do to keep my life running in the right direction. Keep in mind that whatever is important in your life is obviously prioritized first but if you have lots of free time you should read this post and also see my post on Goals and Priorities.

This year i have had so many things on the go that I never am bored. Besides my university study i have taken up playing computer games in my free time (as any guy would haha) but i have also done other things that are not so typical of a guy my age and that is not drinking or smoking, i actually stay away from that quite often especially smoking.

One period of time in history i would like you all to be aware of is ‘The Renaissance Period’ which lasted from the 14ht century to the 17th century. This period of time was almost like a cultural movement or a big jump in creativity and productivity, the reason for this is that it was a very successful age for creation of many things. Some of the things that came out of this age were advances in science and math, but apart from this there were also a lot of artistic developments such as sculpture, painting, music, theater, dance and literature. The Renaissance period was so productive; full of charm, charisma, entertainment, color, beauty, ideas, design and inspiration. Most of us are not aware of the creation that came out of this period of time; when i read about this myself i compared it to myself and realized that i was very much like a renaissance man.

I do draw, paint, create music, write, tell stories, love dancing and top that off i love learning of science and math. The great part of it was that i had realized that i have created so many hobbies myself that i could never get bored or drift off and start doing pointless stuff such as wondering if some life changing thing is going to happen tomorrow or try and guess what to do next. The answer of what do next is always in my head, i am always busy with something fun to do regardless of what it is.

With so many things it is easy to rotate through different interests and come back to specific ones later on when my inspiration returns or when my effort comes back. When i lose focus of writing or blogging i will always have a backup option, sometimes doing something too much decreases your creativity, you become too solid with one thing that eventually your writing becomes more slappy. When i do get that feeling i can now switch over to other things such as music design or music engineering as i love trying to make my own music. If i am not in the mood for that then i go to read my books or study, if i am not in the mood for that i go out for a walk or do some exercise at the gym. And if i’m not in the mood for that i write a story and paint a picture, the thing i proved here is that creation really is a rotation.

If you wish to be creative you must always rotate the way you do things to remain fresh with your work and design, sometimes creativity can suffer if you do too much of the same thing, your work becomes stale or without passion. However if you make yourself into a ‘Renaissance’ person you can become so creative that you can do several things all at once or at least put one off until your inspiration and motivation returns again. I recently got bored of playing one my computer games so i took a break and did some story writing, i love to be creative this way because it gives me so many choices and so much to choose from.

Are you the creative type? If not do you have something that charms others and makes them inspired and motivated with good feelings. Sometimes i say that the best motivation and creation comes from watching others do something, the energy in their work is there to see and that feeling of “i can do something like this too” always pops up, it is just that this person gave you a great boost to go do something with that creative gene. Find role models that you like and find out what it is about them you really like, find out if their work is what you like and let those people inspire and spurn your imagination during life, let that be your romance so others can love you for what you do just as much as who you are. Thank you for reading 🙂

3 thoughts on “Have Rotation in Creation

  1. Sometimes i say that the best motivation and creation comes from watching others do something, the energy in their work is there to see and that feeling of “i can do something like this too” always pops up, it is just that this person gave you a great boost to go do something with that creative gene. ” – so true!!

    I am a “wire bender” and recently found a pattern for making gemstone trees on utube and that really inspired me and helped expand my wire activities from just jewelry to one of my favorite things — trees! Since I learned how to make these and also pendants, I’ve been sharing them with others. I do notice what you talk about when you stay on one thing too long though — things can get stale. Always keeping my eyes out for new ideas to explore. Enjoyed the article!

    • Totally agree with you, there is something about watching someone else do something creative and then you feel somewhat envious of their work, it makes you feel good and creative on the inside too. I say to myself “i’ve gotta to do something just like that”. I actually had one of those very moments today haha 🙂

      And very true, i have actually started rotating myself through several different things so my creative spark stays fresh and i’m doing the right thing at the right time. Thank you for commenting 🙂

    • I think i may have seen the pendant tree thing before, they look pretty cool 🙂
      To add; one thing i found inspiring (probably more of a guy thing) is those castles you make out of cardboard, rolls and paper mache etc. i though it was pretty cool idea, behold the ‘childish’ me wants to get out haha.

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