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If you are into living long term success being positive is part of something we should all look into doing to eliminate any negative ticks we currently have; this may include habits, traits, gestures etc.

On an occasion being out with my friends at one night made me realize something. My other 2 guy friends were with their girlfriends most of the night so I was hanging with one of my other friends who had no one to speak to most of the night. But the negativity shown by him that night almost made me turn around and tell him “I wanted both him and me to just enjoy the night”, he was talking about his ex girlfriend all night and how his evening wasn’t good because he didn’t meet any girls and his other friend is meeting them all etc. I was surprised by how negative he was that night and tried to tell him the night was good and that he shouldn’t focus so much on women but rather being single and enjoying his life in general. Of course after that he realized that a night out wasn’t meant to be about his ex girlfriend or about girls all night, sometimes you just have to let know people they are speaking/acting like this. We have probably all done this ourselves before.

When i was younger as well i was also told by my dad of what i could and could not do and rather he would tell me not to do this or that i.e Don’t go to college or university. Thing is i stayed to my path because i wanted to because i believed in myself. I just wanted to discover what was missing in my life and i found it, i found goals but i also found out that psychology was something i enjoyed and wished to study more about.

I hear a lot of i cant do this, you cant do that, i cant do this, im not good enough, it cannot be achieved. To the person saying it – it all amounts to negativity and it all amounts to lessening your own morale without you even knowing your doing it! In fact right now we are creating our own sense of reality by how we think, believe and speak. A person who says to themselves 100 times “i am strong and will beat this” is more likely do much better at a game of Fifa that someone who isn’t.

Nothing attracts more than positivity, it is like the ultimate law behind all attraction. It attracts people and it makes you feel good about yourself. Catch that moment when your positive, keep it and internalize it into a normality so you have that feeling all the time. I spent alot of time working on my negative traits such as anger, stress and not believing in myself.

Everyone involved in this story are people i love dearly, they are friends and family and as people i fully accept them for who they are. It is just sad to see someone not believe in themselves or have a belief that anything is possible at some times, then again its normal to get negative moments and i look back at how i was when i was younger. If you see someone going through a negative patch offer them your help, it will make their day and cheer them up. But if someone goes on and on leave that person to their own devices as some cling to negative emotions like a crutch, they don’t let them go because in some odd sense they think those negative emotions are good for them when they are not.

Things that someone believe in things surely to come true with time and effort, your thoughts of the future of having that dream house, car and boat is a positive thought that inspires you to actually do better towards achieving that goal so have those thoughts to inspire you along the way. Keep positive and erase those negatives within you.

PS: The image above is something I consider a place I would love to visit, a bit of a dream too. I would like to live in Canada by the lakeside in a beautiful place full of life and beauty where there is water. A little beach with a boat with a job that makes me smile each and every day of my life. Sometimes imagining those dreams keeps me going down that path I have laid out in front of me. Do you have a passion or a goal you are currently heading towards and are not giving up on? Do you see the future through positive thinking and does it motivate you?

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  3. Great post! I have recently noticed that even when you have a conscious focus on being positive, unconscious negative programming can creep through. It is a daily practice to focus on the positive, rehearse positive affirmations and keep a gratitude journal. Thank you for your post.

    • Negativity can sometimes pop through, i am usually positive but still get a few negative moments (i just tell myself i’m human).

      With a ‘conscious’ focus on being positive if you keep doing it eventually your positivity will become part of your ‘sub conscious’, this means that you will be positive without thinking too much of doing it. Its kinda like when you brush your teeth each night before bed without too much though of reminding yourself to do it, you have done it so long it feels natural just to do it without thought. Thank you for commenting 🙂

    • Hey thanks for dropping by, I will pop over for a read. I have never felt so happy in my life after studying about psychology. Positivity is great for attracting so much into our lives and there are many out there that don’t know about it. My post on smiling is also very similar. The best thing i like about it most is that it teaches others to bring the best out of themselves too 🙂

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