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Life is beautiful
Remember in a previous post when i said that confidence and motivation both naturally come from doing?

Well doing is also good for morale as it is for self value, on that front i also want to talk about what you should and could be doing with your life. This is your life to live but many of us don’t know how to spice our life up a bit, perhaps with a bit of energy or a bit difference to what we usually do. Sometimes we prioritize things that aren’t really that important when really they should be lower on the list. What was great is that since i have a terrible memory i came up with an idea that could help me remember things to do within my life time.

Do you have your own ‘things to do list‘ or a ‘list of goals’? If not please consider making one for yourself, this list doesn’t necessary have to be designed just for work or things such “i need to complete this” etc. This list you are making is a list of things that you wish to do in your life, this can vary and be anything from baking your own cake to finishing an assignment for college. It may have contain something more creative like the places you wish to visit and the things you want to do like going on Safari or going to the Eiffel Tower.

Sometimes i think as people we work too hard and never have chance to put our feet up and relax, we aren’t able to have fun as much as we would like because we so many hours. Making such a list will help you look forward to ticking everything off on that list, i have recently begun my list and noted a few ideas. I am going to aim for at least 100 things on that list and try to do them all in my life time.

You may ask what does doing a sky dive have to do with learning? everything you do is an experience and it something to learn from, i have a fear of heights so perhaps i should put myself down for sky diving. What am i effectively teaching myself if i did take sky diving up? That i CAN do it and i can bear the fear of it and i have been able to overcome the fear by learning it isn’t so bad once you have done it, the experiencing of it has made me feel like i have achieved something even if there was nothing at the bottom waiting for me. What i mean here is that if we enjoy the process of learning more than just what we get from it then we will be more willing to try even more new things.

So make that list of things you want to do in your life time, make sure there is plenty to do, keep yourself busy and keep your life fun so that you don’t wander into a path of boredom but a path of excitement, excite all the emotions and nerves running through your body, feel alive and don’t be afraid of doing them. Make a list of places you want to visit and travel there, make a list of experiences you would like to feel, make a list of subjects you would like to learn more about and last but not least enjoy the learning process and experience everything you can. This life is for experiencing everything you can.

I hope to get around to doing everything at least once in my life, those things will not only be fun but will make me stronger as a person and help me to learn more. As a note if you want to learn something to its fullest love to learn it first. I hope this inspires you 🙂

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