The Power of Positivity

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What power does being positive have on you and others:

  • Makes you more attractive and approachable.
  • Influences others to be believe in their core beliefs.
  • Makes others feel happy and good about themselves.
  • The power to strive further to complete goals.
  • Gives you better chances & choices in life.
  • Allows others to believe in you and like you.
  • Communicates how you feel about yourself and your life chances.
  • Gets you Positive vibes back 🙂

Positivity is in the air, certain people just give it off and you can sense it a mile away. Positive behavior does attracts positive people however it also attracts people in general, people avoid negativity in any shape or form, not because they are shallow but they know deep down it has a bad effect on them.

Remember that being positive is one thing you should start mixing into your life as it gives you more opportunities and a better quality of life. So if you are often negative about your chances or about certain core beliefs why not start to change this now? Someone who says they cant do something wont do something, someone who tells them self “I can do this!” will get it done, mind and body is pushed to new creation and that creation is belief in one thing happening. Make it happen!

The best way to predict the future is to invent it and with a positive mindset you can, whilst it can take a while to merge a positive energy into your life start practicing now keep it going long term so that it naturally becomes part of your sub conscious.

Try your best to be positive even in negative moments, there is nothing wrong with negativity but it will actually prevent your feelings, thoughts and words from reaching certain people and certain places in life. Being positive allows yourself including others to know you are happy and somewhat secure in creating your own experience of life. Positive attitudes can eventually become part of your life, you just need to be aware of them and practice them until you are less aware and it becomes part of your being.

When we write CVs or Resumes what do we do? We write only positives about our self, why? Because others are not interested in what we cant offer but what CAN offer. Teach the world to be positive both directly and indirectly and you will have a world of positive people with more confidence, ambition and inspiration 🙂

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  2. I totally agree; positive ways of thinking can only bring you…well….positivity:) When I used to be bitter, I would always notice how no one really wanted to be around me – I wonder why? Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you :))

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