Embrace Strong Feelings

Some of us think it is weak to show sadness or to cry in general, including the fear of certain situations or people.

Remember that you feel things for a reason, you feel them because your body (your brain to be precise) is responding to danger, excitement or pain whilst also trying to evolve into something (the future body). If that something is pain for example your mind and body will begin to handle those feelings by strengthening itself so that it can handle them better in the future. We actually generate our own feelings and perceptions but sometimes we will feel regardless as a response to something our mind or body isn’t used to. You are actually filled with energy when hit with one of these responses and whilst they are exciting to encounter they are also telling not only you something but also your brain. Sometimes we also try to shove painful feelings away so we can distract ourselves from that feeling.

So when you feel sadness it is fine to cry, feel it, embrace it. It is just you trying to get past something very painful so the body can evolve and grow stronger (to get used to it). Dramatized crying cannot be strength-ed because it is something you generate yourself, it is not a reaction but rather a choice that you wish to cry because it makes one feel good. Crying that is a response to a certain situation or person is something that comes out because it has to, it comes out to protect you and strengthen you. It allows you to feel this way so that next time you can be more prepared for it.

This goes especially in relationship breakups or when you feel a loss of a situation or person in general, the first loss can be very devastating for some because they have lost something for the first time and never experienced it before. On the other hand someone who has experienced this 10 times for example will still feel but be able to realize that the pain is not as bad as they first thought, this does not mean the pain is not there or the person doesn’t feel the same pain for such a person or situation it is just the person grew to encounter it and knew it would come. Emotions are the most addictive chemicals the body has to offer so we can choose to heighten them or keep them to a level we deem healthy.

When we feel happy we try to keep it but whats funny is that we as humans also try to keep feelings such as sadness and anger? Why? How? It is because some people find emotions so addictive that they cling to them like a drug, if something is painful we feel pain and sadness, in reality we overcome that pain and sadness eventually. Some decide to cling to that sadness and pain and promote it further because they like how it feels; it is not that the person consciously knows they are clinging to it, it is because the thing or person they lost was that important that they are too stubborn to let it go. Rather a fake emotional sadness or happiness can be made of something or someone that is no longer there or around and the person uses this as a way not to forget the person when moving on from it does not mean you will forget someone, it simply means your mind will become balanced again and less emotional.

Why be stubborn to not let something go and go free? Because the person does not realize it does not change anything in the long run simply their emotions are hooked to the thing of interest, it is almost like a fantasy we create in our mind. A different outcome does not come from over feeling something or engineering a situation to feel strongly, in that case we try to justify something when trying is not needed, we should simply just justify what we feel through pain and response and nothing more. The point made here is that you do not lose anything from letting a loved one or material go, you simply let go of feelings for this person so the mind can be balanced again in both logic and emotion.

So feel your feelings, let them come and go, just don’t engineer them or lose yourself to them, i have overcome depression in the past due to clinging to negative thinking and things i had lost. This was back when i was 18. I had a tendency to be sad over something that now seems so minor that i couldn’t believe i lost myself in what i call a lake of emotion. Do not lose yourself in emotion by making it more than it is, just simply feel strong emotion and move on from it once you have felt it. If we cling to emotion as a drug it can be damaging, if we feel it and let it go we will get stronger, if we feel it and let it manifest into our self we become the feeling it self and if the feeling is sadness a sad person will only become depressed by not letting it go.

Feel it to become stronger and to feel the experience, we were given these feelings to feel, enjoy them. One person in my life i consider my friend and mentor in some cases had one quote which was “its not about grieving in the rain but learning to dance in the rain”. It means enjoy moments of pain and sadness, that might sound chaotic and wrong but why is it? It means that whilst sad times do come and go there is always the happiness that comes a little while after and that is happiness we generate to get back on the track.

Fear is one of those emotions we feel that is the most negative of all, but at the same time fear is an indicator of something we try to avoid when really we should enjoy fear and feel it.

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