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Have an opinion to stand out

I notice one slight trend in many people; this trend consists of someone having their own opinion on something but still agreeing with someone elses opinion simply because they are afraid of hurting the other person.

What is not noticed here is that not being your own person or not being an individual is not helping you nor is it helping the person you are speaking to. It turns into either you fearing the other person or a fearof hurting their feelings which then leads to one person taking the limelight all the time.

A person with low social status will always agree with everyone else to make sure everyone is okay and that their own opinion doesn’t matter, the problem is that if you fear hurting someone else’s feeling you are not realizing that having your own opinion should NOT hurt the other person in the first place. In fact we play this trick on ourselves of thinking “i do not want to hurt this other person” when really having your own opinion is normal and should not hurt the other person nor should it make you look any worse as a person to them.

If a person reacts with control, anger or hatred to your opinion of something they had said what does it really tell you? It tells you this person cannot accept anothers opinion, they are consumed with EGO and pride that when someone else makes an opinion it is simply not allowed because they said so. The truth here is the person feels like they are no longer superior, why feel superior over a dumb opinion? There is no superiority about opinions, opinions tell others about us and what we are, who we are in fact. So why would someone dislike our opinion, we might as well get told by this person our opinion is not allowed because we have no free will.

So when someone says something you disagree with or have a differing opinion do not be afraid to say it, as long as you are not saying it to cause drama, you are doing it because your opinion does matter just as much theirs, it is free will. What happens if you do not put your opinion across? What happens is you are then seen as the lower social status person of the group or the person who is simply a yes person when really you could be on par with everyone else in the social group.  Everyone is equal but people who put themselves in the pockets of others class themselves as people below them without even knowing it. This is why it is important to remain on par with everyone around you and keep yourself as your own person rather than agreeing with someone simply because you fear them or fear hurting them.

Sometimes it is okay to agree with someones opinion if it helps them feel better, some people do this and in that situation i agree it helps but when it comes to more outgoing conversation you are making your mark as a person who has their own opinion and it important to let the world know who you are! Someone who is a yes person or agrees with everything is not really being the true self.

What do we learn from giving the truth and our own opinion, we help not only ourselves but them too. You may ask how? The reason is that your opinion shows you are strong to voice your own thoughts and personality and that you are on don’t care what others think of you i.e your opinions count as much as theirs do. Having your own opinion also helps the other person to grow; if you have someone who hates or dislikes you for disagreeing do you know what is wrong with the other person? They are full of them self (typically), they have a life attitude of ‘I am always right, no one can disagree with me, you must do what i do and agree with it, you are not allowed to have your own opinion’. So in fact when this happens and you put across your opinion regardless you have taught this person a valuable lesson. You have taught them that you are not them and not the same as them, you have a different belief system and your own values. You have also let them know that you have your opinion and that is acceptable even if they do not like it.

Keep in mind that this helps someone who doesn’t like your opinion or simply dislikes you in general, they will soon grow and figure out that they cannot control you or your choices to say specific things. If you hurt them on accident through an opinion and they complain this is also egocentric from them, they cannot accept the truth that someone else has their own opinion, they do not accept others. Lead your own path and your own personality: never exaggerate, lie to yourself or agree with everyone else when you really don’t otherwise the real you has not bloomed yet. Do not base your life on the life of others but your own.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the only question is can you take another’s?

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