Confidence & Motivation come from ‘Doing’

how to feel confident with powerConfidence and motivation comes from us doing things, so going out with friends and going to work everyday are examples of things that give you confidence, some of us do not know this.

Whilst sitting around we actually risk lowering our confidence or at the least keeping our confidence levels the same. Unless we can create our own confidence inside we will never be able to have positive thinking or a sense of self worth which constantly generates an ability to feel confident. Confidence usually comes from external events (from achievement and goals) but at the same time can also come from our own creation if we allow it to manifest into ourselves, this means we have the ability to be positive all the time and be happy with what we have and what we do as a person.

External events give us confidence such as someone complimenting us, some confidence comes from having a job or career, it makes us feel like we have something we are good at or enjoy, it makes us glad to be the person we are. Once we know we add something to the world whilst adding to the life of others we generate our own experience and it makes us feel great about ourselves.

So the best thing to do is to get out there and do things to not only gain confidence but also to get yourself motivated to do other things. Are you at a stand still of being jobless and not studying at college or university? If not perhaps its time you considered your purpose in life and what you can add to the experience of life you yourself are generating. The experiences out there in the world are there to also build up your self esteem and self worth, it is important to grab them as soon as possible.

I actually learnt this in the past few years and Eckhart Tolle also stated this when I came to reading his book which i haven’t yet finished. If we want to gain confidence we should be doing as many things as we can during our life. This only helps us feel motivated, when we are good at something and enjoy it we not only gain confidence but motivation too because we feel like we are adding to our own value but also making the most of it 🙂

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  3. Sometimes which side of the fence you get off doesn’t matter. What does matter is actually getting off. Progress can’t be made without making a decision.

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