The Power of Smiling

smiling brings smiles back

What power does smiling have on others?:

  • Makes you approachable.
  • Teaches others to smile too.
  • Makes others feel happy.
  • Gives you better chances & choices in life.
  • Allows others to trust you and like you.
  • Communicates how you feel about yourself.
  • Gets you Smiles back 😉

Remember that smiling is one way to get more out of your life. So if you are often angry, stressed or possibly even shy try your best to smile. Whether you are smiling to yourself or to others it allows yourself including others to know you are happy. Smiling manifests itself in your life and being happy is key to everything.

Smiling has such power that even those who do not like smiles (people who promote hatred) will be surprised by your smiling, even if they don’t like smiling you surely made their day a whole lot much better just by smiling at them. Teach the world to smile 🙂 Its a better life that way, we teach others how to treat us through each of our smiles.

5 thoughts on “The Power of Smiling

  1. Sometimes the smile you give is the only one a person may see that day and they truly are contagious! You can watch the “smile effect” at grocery stores etc.

    • Definately, even smiling at people who do not like us are surprised by a smile. Its the best way to teach them that even something as small as a smile can cure even the coldest of hearts. Those who have ‘bad days’ are changed and empowered just by a simple smile too. And you are right they really are contagious! 🙂

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