Life is For Learning from Mistakes

I cant stress enough how important it is to understand that mistakes are okay, they are part of life, they are there to learn from. I have always been one to give advice to others whether it be their job, their friends, their relationship or something else more personal. But sometimes it is apparent that some will not trust you advice or simply throw your advice away and simply do the thing they thought was better.

Now i’m not saying its okay or good to purposely make mistakes knowing damn well you were making a mistake to begin with, what i do mean is that if you ever do something or feel like doing something and it turns out to be a mistake don’t beat yourself up about it as everyone makes these mistakes all the time in their lives. Besides beating ourselves up about it and over is not only making us feel worse it is waste of time. How is complaining, whinging or getting angry about something going to make the outcome different if the outcome has already happened? Lets stand back, feel what we feel and simply move on as soon as we can.

Whatever has happened, just happened or happened in the past has happened and that is what is important. IF it has happened there is nothing you can do to change that ‘happened’. Instead of allowing the mistake to become part of lives tell yourself that it no longer needs to go on and affect your life no more, like i said its happened and crying over spilled beans simply wont change anything.

Learning from mistakes is also a big part of life. Is doing the same mistakes over and over really learning? Improving, developing, maturing is a big part of those life mistakes we learnt from. Be aware of mistakes you have made in your life previously and change that, try to improve on those mistakes be prepared so that they don’t happen again. Once something is the past unfortunately it is the past. We must move forward together and grow stronger!

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