Ask and Receive

I see a slight trend in people where asking for help is something they’d rather not do because they are too stubborn to ask as they then feel they are weak if they do so, asking someone for something is fine, nothing is wrong with it. IT does not make you weak for asking advice or help from someone else. At the same time being afraid to ask for something is another thing we tend do, whilst some of us are stubborn some of do want to ask and don’t. Its actually polite to ask for things and gives a clear indication that your confident and know what you want, if we don’t ask for something we will never be able to widely express ourselves or our feelings or desires. Of course there is always that chance of not getting what we want.

If you are in this position why not look for advice from people you know at home or someone who specializes in said thing on the internet. I think the big problem is trust too, many people do not ask someone for something if they don’t trust them yet. As an adviser myself in counselling it is always noticed by me that people do not always trust you at first simply because they don’t know you well, in that case I can hope people do trust me and want to. Many people simply go for the answer that sounds the best or the one they would prefer to have, it usually ends in them being disappointed but at the same time at least they asked. Always ask for advice, do not be afraid to ask for the honest truth. Be prepared for the honest truth or an answer you may or may not get when you ask for anything.

The point here is not taking the right or wrong advice though, it is just that if you cannot make your own decisions on something do not be afraid to ask no matter what the problem. You only gain something which could include knowledge, confidence and opinions; by the end of your life you will know the only help you need is your own. But if you need help for now get it from others, just be wary of who you take it from. It takes a strong person to ask for help even if the advice received is not the best advice but if you ever want to ask me something feel free to. Appreciate all advice that is given to you throughout life even if you do not agree with it, the effort and thought always counts.

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