Be Ambitious

Everyone i have dated in the past has always made it known they like ambition in guys, some of you may not get those kind of answers from women you are dating but most women out there want a man with ambition, someone who is setting himself up for the future. Funny thing is i’m quite astonished by how many of us guys do not have ambitions for the future. So why not begin now to really find out what it is you want to do in the future and do it.

On the note of my last girlfriend she said she wanted a guy who is making his future happen, apparently she was correct and probably the most straight forward girl id probably dated. I knew this to be true through what i have studied on female psychology, the bigger picture was it was just one minor trait girls looked at in guys and wanted. So make sure you have your passions and hobbies down then set your goals for life. Once you know what it is you want to do in life as a career you will never leave it, you will always want to do it and you will be both good at it and enjoy it.

I have found my passion and i have stood by it and allowed it to become part of who i am, this means it is one of those many things i enjoy in my life, my ambition now is to complete my degree and be one of the best at what i do. I wish to produce quality work for the industry i will be working in. On that note if you dont know what you want to do in life try many different things, i found this was the best way to find out what your ambition was. I also waited until i was 21 before knowing what it was i really wanted to do. Sometimes at the age of 18 it is impossible to know.

This is an attractive trait to have for men regardless, whether you go college, university or go for some kind of work experience it is all good if you know that it is what you want to do. Notes like this are made for everyone so that they can find what it is that really drives them and makes them become more attractive as a person.

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