Avoid Generalization

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From a personal growth standpoint of view this is one of the biggest things that lies behind each and every of life’s daily problems. We simply want something or need something and don’t realize little things such as; we cant always have what we want and we didn’t really need this thing after all.

Simply put: everything and every person is different, social groups and cultures may be created but people shouldn’t be generalized or labeled. We should love one another regardless of differences we have, whether that be evolution or through life values. Generalization is one weakness many people on this planet have which in turn leads to racism, sexism, ageism and many others. They may stereotype races of people, they may think younger people are dumb, they may think older people are controlling, they may believe women are this and men are that. The problem with the above is that the problem isn’t outside but rather with the person them self. They are simply showing a generalization of specific people. Lets keep in mind that I do not class religion as race either.

This may be hard to hear but actually accepting the world as it is and realizing every person on this planet is a separate entity with their own mind, thoughts, actions and feelings is the first step to growing as a person. People are people but each one of us has our own set of responsibility, a group of people cannot all be called this or that because there is no truth in it. Such stereotypes and generalizations only add negativity to the world and generally cause unrest among people simply for being different. Promoting differences and not mixing them causes division in our world. Isn’t being individual and different supposed to be a gift? And if it isn’t a gift does this mean we are any better or worse than anyone else? definitely not!

All people are equal and we should treat them all equal, with heart. Even your worst enemy should be dealt with your heart rather than with anger, see their conflict, accept it then forgive it. You see the world is full of both good and bad people; generalizing does not help the world is simply pro-longs the process of hatred and division among people. Are all old people wise and young people not? Definitely not. Are all men after sex? Definitely not. Are all women out to use men for their money? Definitely not. This kind of attitude will not allow one to grow and see people as individuals rather than grouped together. Ask yourself are all people with blonde hair the same people inside? Definitely not.

What we have in front of us is part of the life we live in and there are things that cannot be changed, some of us simply have trouble with a specific type of person and then decided to brand or tarnish others with similar attributes to the original problem.  Instead of trying to change them or complain about why the person is like that accept them as they are, do not be bitter, when we generalize the problem is not with them but with us.

Individuality is a good thing in life, whilst it may cause trouble it gives us a sense of value as people and gives each of us our own path to follow including goals and core beliefs. If someone is a horrible person do not call them by something that has nothing to do with their fault, simply observe the fault and tell them the fault. Do not regress by saying all people like him do this  and that, as it is simply not true. A country at war is not full of people who want to be at war with others, a country with specific beliefs is not believed by everyone in that country.

ACCEPT people as separate entities and their own people. ‘This person is’ a cool person or this person is nice, do NOT go down the path of ‘all people like him do this or that’ – as it leads to generalizing. Switch from ‘all of them’ to ‘this person’. Grow past it all and teach the world to accept each and everyone. Differences are to be enjoyed not to be disliked or hated.

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