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I thought I would write a blog effectively for people who have just started blogging  and are needing ideas, inspiration or motivation to get started. Thinking of what your blog is going to be about is something you may have to consider for a good while.

So what can I write it about? Well if your hobby is pets or looking after pets why not start there? What comes to your head first? I always say find a specfic subject you not only enjoy but one you are also good at; something that has alot of potential and something that can be linked to other subjects or ideas. By this I mean if your writing about a subject such as Art then you might want to also talk about Graphic Design and Photography as side subjects. After that you may also build posts such as “how to use adobe photoshop” or “how to take a classy photograph”. Another example: if your original content is on Books or eBooks you have read and liked why not also write reviews about films as they are somewhat similar? I find the key subject to stick with is the one that is more like a base for many other subjects, those subjects described above have many paths and links leading to them from other subjects. Find one area of discussion you both enjoy and have plenty of knowledge on but one you also have a passion at, one where you will keep learning new ideas or adding more content simply because the subject you have chosen has alot of information.

So whilst you may like to review books and films, you may also write your own Book or eBook, why not? Sometimes having that passion about something will also want you to be part of that industry or someone who adds something to the world you live in. You may have a job in the subject/topic you are blogging about, you may have that much knowledge and experience you may wish to write a book about it, the bonus is that if your blogging is succesful and people love your posts (i.e they like and follow your blogs) then you will likely have people interested in your future work including books you have written.

Building readers or followers to your blogs is hard work but with good infortmation and a good attitude you will have many followers, the followers will also give you advice and feedback on your blog posts. So if you get criticism consider improving your posts and finding out if your information is both up to date and correct in knowledge. Whilst blogs are a place of thought/feeling they are also usually a place of knowledge, you gain followers through what you know just as much as what you feel and think through your work. All 3 of those are bound to get you different kinds of visitors, if your posts have story behind them make them ‘feel’. If they have ‘thought’ behind them perhaps you are looking out for opinions on something you agree or disagree and seeing if others agree with what you are saying, it creates a good conversation and debate. With knowledge based posts you are teaching people new things.

I stress another good point: How you feel about your blogs and the subject is just as important, it is ultimately what gets you to feel passionate through what you write and it shows in your words.

Another simple idea is that if you are still unsure on any ideas for a blog ask yourself: what are you good at? what do you enjoy writing/talking about? what hobbies do you have? do you have a passion for something? AND lastly what classes or subjects (i.e science) have you recently studied or read about? Is the recent homework you did for school, college or university something you could write up on a blog? Do you think it could help others? Writing a blog isn’t so difficult, it is getting your content out there that is. In your bookshelf you have a book that teaches you how to cook or one on how to effectively build a business? Why not study that stuff and transform it into your own words through a blog? Love learning.

There are many ideas that unfortunately go missed, there are many inpsiring words, pictures, people and hobbies that go left un-noticed that no one has talked so passionately about, be the first to grab that moment and make it unique through your own words. Some ideas are usually lost because the person who came up with such a fantastic idea simply forgot their idea and forgot to write it down somewhere. I have made a habit of writing stuff down in several notebooks over the last year, these ideas will surely come in handy later. At the same time I dont recommend writing all your ideas online if they are fantastically good ideas, some are better to write through books. Keep those ones to yourself and the people most close to you. But most of all with blogging have fun 🙂

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