Traits of the Alpha Male

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Hi guys this subject is a descriptive post for those who keep hearing about the term ‘Alpha Male‘ and how to be an Alpha Male. This term Alpha Male i have noticed is plastered around the web and used for guys who need some term or defining phrase that describes an attractive male, the bigger issue is that guys get he term mixed up with being a Pickup Artist or that simply an Alpha Male is about being a player or gangster. These descriptions don’t come close! Alpha Males do meet lots of women, that is part and parcel of being one but it is often thought Alpha Males are those who meet women because they hit on them all the time. Alpha Males are great leaders and tend to be more of their own kind, they have unique personalities because they avoid being a woman pleaser, they prefer to be someone who just lives their life and that being around women is just one part of it. Alpha Males are the actual attractors of women, Alpha Males attract women because they are attractive not because there is a hot woman over there he must approach and get her number. If you are not a natural magnet of women (not mean in an egotistical cocky type of way) then you are not an Alpha Male!

Basically an Alpha Male is a man of high value; he is a man that is fairly experienced and mature, he also knows what he wants in his life and his maturity doesn’t come for his behavior it also counts toward his life attitude, he doesn’t want sex with women because he needs to and he has nothing placed on how his relationships with women turn out. Some guys out there claim to be Alpha Male or even wear Alpha Male tops but don’t know the true meaning of one what so ever. Let me again iterate that being an Alpha Male has nothing to do with sleeping with lots of women, it also has nothing to do with fighting other guys over women or acting like a big gorilla with muscles who likes being that guy out of grand theft auto, this is a stereotype of Alpha Males and probably the most BS thing i have ever heard.

Being an Alpha male can best be described as being Rank 1 of the pack; a man with ‘High social status‘ not because he is social or because he is an extrovert but because he could not care less what others think of him and he knows he has something going for him, he knows even when he is quiet his plan is working in his mind and women talk to him even when he rarely makes effort with them.

A trait of being the Alpha man is always put himself first in his life and he achieves from this life in general because he is programmed in a certain specific way, he never settles for silver and if he can’t get gold the rejection/criticism is well recieved. An Alpha male is also ‘masculine’ and takes pride in his masculinity. Women are attracted to Alpha Males for this very reason. Alpha Males attract women because they possess certain masculine traits and have their own ambitions, these ambitions are more important than meeting a woman tonight. You may think what the hell is the point of putting women last and everything else first? The point is easy: You do not become attractive by chasing women all the time, if you are a chaser you are a Beta Male and not an Alpha Male. Alpha Males choose a woman based on whether she deserves his time.

Beta Males are followers and don’t really lead, they are usually known as the ‘yes man’ or the puppy dog who does everything everyone tells them to do, they are easily lead astray and when it comes to women they put them on the pedestal because they cant just admit that everyone else is no better than they are, they claim to be lucky to date specific women when this is not even possibly true. Beta Males are best known as the guys who are ‘too nice’ or guys who dont put themselves first. Some guys are naturally this way because they don’t value themselves as highly as their Alpha counterparts or because they have been brought up in the wrong conditions, this is why it is important than to become an Alpha Male you seek knowledge and find your purpose before looking for women.

Here are the more common well known traits of a real Alpha Male:

  • Value themselves and their own time
  • Have a high social status.
  • Are independent and secure.
  • Are intelligent and experienced.
  • Are not phased by what anyone really thinks of them.
  • Teach others and lead their own life.
  • They them see them self as number 1 always.
  • Their life comes before chasing women.
  • They are generally good men to look up to as fathers.
  • They posses sub traits such as being confident, ambitious and hard working.
So as you can see whilst Alpha Males possess masculine traits there are other important things they do. Real Alpha Males respect themselves and their female counterparts, they are in no rush to get laid or to meet a girlfriend. Now if were talking about Alpha Males in the Animal Kingdom well that’s a whole new topic of discussion!
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9 thoughts on “Traits of the Alpha Male

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  2. all what you sad is good but…some woman are ice
    cold nothing will get them going..i have one of
    those iam not good for her..for what ever reason.
    iam not bad looking. nice educated person. have a
    job..come form good family..but the person that i
    am with donot see that ..iam so mad at my self to fall in love with a person like the song goes

    • IF you want to be an alpha male do not fall in love with anyone, remain completely detached from your emotions for women until your actually in the relationship with them. If you look back at your post it is all focused on ‘her’ and not you, the reason you probably aren’t getting somewhere with this one is either because your not her type or because your externally framed; this means you focus too much on the woman i.e looking at her interest in you too often or trying to get her to like you. This is not how it works in real life.

      I hate to be harsh by the above but alpha males know what they are doing and even then alphas don’t get all girls they just get it a lot ‘easier’ because they are internally framed, some girls will not date you no matter how alpha male you are, for those who wont ever like you move on otherwise you only end up waiting for a woman who may never like you. If she has never shown any kind of flirting toward you then focus on something else including new women. Take it easy. Good luck.

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    • Hey man, i know exactly what you mean. Its like the new meaning is to game women and become a player through being fake lol. To me there is a great sense of individuality and maturity in being an Alpha. Cheers for the comment! 🙂

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