7 Signs He Likes You

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Hi everyone, there is one big question that comes to many of us, that question is >“Does he like me?”. I thought I would share with you all the signs a guy shows you when he likes you, I have gone into depth for you. The more signs you are getting from one guy the more chance he is interested. Here are the 7 BIG signs that he is into you:

1) He looks at you and smiles and brings attention to himself.

This first sign with anyone is usually when he looks at you. In the approach guys are very different to girls simply because they usually stall on how to approach and don’t give off subtle hints like girls. Guys show they like you in very specific ways and some would rather keep it to themselves. Him looking at you shows that he is enjoying looking at you and that you have his attention regardless, the only difference is that a man goes for a physically attractive girl initially because he wants the girl that appears most feminine to him. If he is looking at you with a smile or a seductive look this is a giveaway signs he feels something for you.

If he is interested he will at some point come to talk to you to get to know you better. Some guys will make excuses to talk to you or at least try sit near you and be friendly. Some guys do not know how to express their interest in the right way and end up thinking it’s all about being a friend or impressing you rather than being himself. Guys who are not experienced usually walk up to any girl and ask her out without getting to know her somewhat first, the guys who are experienced or simply more careful will simply be patient and hide their interest until they are given some kind of hint to pursue further. Guys are more like choosers, they choose who they like rather than feeling who they like.

2) He is self conscious when around you.

Unless he is a very shy reserved type of guy this is another great sign he might be interested. By ‘self-conscious’ I mean he seems very bothered about how he looks in front of you or gets some kind of stage fright around someone he considers cute. For example if you caught him looking at you he may look away quickly, this is a good sign as it indicates he was trying to hide his interest from you, this shows self-conscious behaviour as he didn’t want to look like some crazy stalker who got caught by you. Some guys may very well hold the gaze because they are more confident and know what they want, doing it doesn’t phase them.

Sometimes the more shy guys will look at the ground when around you, if you sense he cannot be himself around you it’s likely because he cannot maintain composure because he simply likes you. Other signs can include him being jumpy or quiet around you. He being quiet around you is because he would rather not speak out and make any silly mistakes in front of you. He may sometimes take a glance to see if you’re around and listening/looking and he may show off as a way to get attention including yours. This is because he cares about what you think of him, the part of him that says ‘I must whisk her off her feet pops up’ but guys usually end up trying too hard to impress. So he may act confident and funny sometimes as he thinks it will make you look at him in a different way. Guys think with the mind-set of trying to impress.

3) He gets your attention in more forward ways.

Guys who are more confident or more comfortable with girls may be more forward and flirtier in general, however he may still not be able to act or behave normally around a girl he likes. He will be outgoing in his flirty approach; this means him teasing you in several ways like throwing paper balls at you, calling you names and wanting to cuddle and touch; when he compliments you is also a big sign.

There are other cases where a guy will be mean to you and may seem a little cold toward you, this can be because they don’t realize what they are doing is hurtful. Sometimes it is to get your attention so that you think about them all day long, they like the effect they have. Usually if a guy is cold or mean to you it’s down to 3 things; he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and instead tries to hide them by being mean to you. He may also do it as a way to show off to friends, and lastly if for any reason he feels rejected by you he may also be putting out a cold persona to justify any rejection you may have given him, in that case he is more likely to stop being your friend.

Guys may also get jealous or sad if they see girls with other guys and this comes down to the fact that he feels his chances are over and he may move on, so if you do make him jealous don’t purposely over do it! In this instance you should simply be yourself, do not talk to numerous guys or be friends with too many guys if you want someone specific to be interested. At the same time do not drop other people to cater to others needs.

4) He seems excited to see you and talks to you a lot.

Once you get to know this guy, whether he is your friend or whether he is someone you recently have gotten to know you may notice he seems really happy to see you when you show up or turn up. It is likely he is taking a liking to you. The more socically inexperienced guys will always be overly nice in conversation to a girl he likes simply because he thinks it will win her heart, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

He may also put on a tough attitude around you as way to show off and not seem like a geek or wussy. He may also try to speak to you a lot and ask you many questions about yourself, why? Because he wants to know more about you, why does he want to know about you? Because he considers you a long term person in his life, he would like to know what makes you tick and what your hobbies and interests are. Why does he consider you long term? Well its obvious right? He sees a potential future with you regardless. If he talks to you a lot and asks personal questions about yourself and seems very interested in what you say these are also good signs.

A guy won’t show much interest in a girl he considers out of his league, its more likely he will back down from doing anything. Guys have a habit of putting women above their own self value all the time which is very silly. By this I mean if a guy sees a hot woman he suddenly becomes all mushy and will do anything for her.

5) He spends most of his time around you or with you.

It is likely that if he speaks to you a lot or hangs around with you quite often he is doing that for a reason. The main thing to do here is to look out for whether he puts himself around you all the time, by this I mean is he dropping time with his friends to simply be around you? Is he also giving up his free time to spend it with you?

Guys are more afraid of coming off stalker-ish so they do not like to follow girls around much but will still do it sometimes regardless, consider if he wants to be around you more. Some guys will even take up the same hobby as you or show interest in it just to have something in common with you. In some cases he himself may ask you to go out at the weekend where he may make the meeting feel friendly and casual to see where it goes. So keep an eye out on him, does he follows you around everywhere? If he does it’s because he’d rather be with you. Is he hinting at going to an event with you?

When a guy sees you as a positive influence in his life he will tend to copy things you do whether it is conscious or unconscious, it may eventually become a habit for him; so if you look one way and he looks that way too a split second later he is mimicking your habit because he feels close to you.

6) He talks to his friends about you or his friends involve you.

He may begin to talk about you to his family and friends. Guys do tend to keep their crushes to themselves usually however they will tell their guy friends when a girl is in sight he considers hot or cute as way of showing he is ‘one of the guys’.

Most of the time guys are attracted to the same girl so they do not call each other out on it and instead act more competitive in secret. It’s always good to look at the behaviour of his friends because they will likely give something away through their actions. So if you hear a rumour that he does like you it likely is true. If the guy likes you he may also become friendly to your group of friends.

His friends/family may put you into situations where you hang with the guy and with them as a group. If he seems forward in introducing you to her friends and family this is also a big sign he values you as a person, in other words he wants to show you off to her family and friends.

7) He is extra nice to you, remembers things about you AND generally cares about you.

This point speaks for itself; if he really is interested in you he also cares about you to some degree. If he is looking out for you, sticking up for you and generally being nice to you its a big sign he may like you. You can tell if his niceness is attraction because he usually doesnt treat his other guys and girl friends the same as you; by this i mean you are the only girl getting this ‘special treatment’.

So if he is caring about you even on small issues like helping you do any home-work and willing to help you complete it he may simply want to show you that he would be a great boyfriend. He will also remember things about you such as your birthday, so if you have a hunch he is remembering things to impress you its likely she is.

Some other signs: Whenever you haven’t been around you may notice he misses you and whenever your sad he will try to cheer you up, he may also give you little gifts to surprise you (i.e giving you a necklace). If he is the caring type he will usually do anything you want and listen to whatever you say. If he is doing anything you want I think its time you started asking yourself whether he does likes you because if you ask me it sounds like he does!

Note: Some guys are not confident at asking out so in this day in age don’t be afraid to ask a guy out even if it seems un-womanly of you, there is nothing wrong with it. Be yourself and drop some hints if you like him, if he wants to date you he will make it known.

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342 thoughts on “7 Signs He Likes You

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  3. Omg help! So there are these 2 guys I know and they give some of these signs though they barely even talk to me! Ill call them guy a and guy b. Ill start of with guy a. So guy a used to sit by me in one class but we didn’t even really talk. He needed help one day 2 times and another time I talked to him but it was short. I only talked to him 3 times. We havent even flirted or anything. He keeps looking at me and today I saw him stalking me with his friend. He doesnt usually come where i go but today he did. He faces me sometimes too. Hes been stalkerish lately and its weird. Its just that we havent really talked to each other deeply and we arent really friends so why would he even show this? Now onto guy B. So my friend has a crush on guy b and hes been acting weird lately. Like at lunch when my friend wasnt there just today he was walking down the isle and by my table he walked close and went out again. My crush who seems like he likes me did this too me when I was at my locker. I barely talk to guy B, in fact we had 2 lame conversations that werent even deep at all. I sit behind him kind of parallel in one class and I swear I keep seeing him kind of glace at me. Also when it looked like I was “looking away” I saw him glancing towards me A LOT for a few seconds but when I looked back he did it less and kind of stopped. Also when I had to blow my nose he came over and stapled his paper and was there for a little while probably pretending to fix his paper. Also when I went to get a calculator he followed me! I almost thought he had a crush on my friend but idk. Hes popular fyi but not like the most popular. He also seems to be stalking either me or my friend. Me and her arent popular btw. Why Im not popular is probably because Im so shy and quiet -_- Its weird though. I mean guy b is really funny and I laugh at him a lot. I mean who knows its just odd

  4. I have crush on this guy. I saw him today and caught him staring at him but he looked away quickly when I looked his way. He was sitting down but he walked closer to me the moment I walked to buy something. He came and stood next to me. I did not say anything to him. When I walked away, he went around and walked into my way. After He picked up his clients, he walked away but turning around multiple times to see me.

  5. I have a huge question. So I really have huge feelings for a guy and I recently told him. We barley knew each other. We went out for a coffee but then after that he said he was to busy to just be hanging out and that he doesn’t need to give me an explination. We work out at the same gym and he catches me looking at him and I catch him looking at me. He also trains people their. He seems to try and train them close to where I work out or to the point where I can watch… that could be in my head though. He also pokes their back (holding his finger gently on their back) seeming to make me jelious on perpose. I also catch him talking to his friends about me, I can not hear them but they look at me when talking or when he leaves, his best guy friend is looking at me which makes it kind of obvious.He is mean to me over facebook but in person he askes how I am doing and about me finishing school. Does he secretly like me but can’t admit it? Is he amused and think he is better than me? Does he feel bad so he is trying to be nice? Please I need opinions of people I do not know.

  6. Hi
    I got a huge problem
    Me and my ex dated over the summer, but then, I started to not like him.
    A couple days ago I saw him staring at me and realized I really really like him.
    Today I talked to him and he didn’t say anything to me.

          • No lol she’s a girl. I only went on here to see what girls think about their crushes cause I like a chick. Alas I will never get her cause she’s lesbian but oh well. Looks like everyone else is gone though O.o

          • Haha its actually kinda funny. Well, she neveractually told me herself and iI ended up figuring out from this dude that was her friend (now my friend) and I was kinda dissapointed. She knew I was hitting on her but I think it was kinda mean to lead me on. She even gave me her phone number and stuff. Offered to share her locker etc. I think maybe she was just trying to be my friend :P. Idk now I’m attempting to not like her anymore.

          • Oh! L.m.b. didn’t just abandon me here. I thought they did cause they might of thought that I was getting annoying and…… PLZ DONT ABANDON ME!
            -Help withlove360

          • Can Anyone answer my question?! What should I do! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at the question at the top that begins with “hi” WHAT SHOULD I DO!

          • Wait…… So ur telling me u still like ur ex? Wow. Sorry but I have no clue how to answer that. And HEY L.M.B! So u just look at the website and abandon me?!
            -jk about the abandon thing.

    • Well if I was u I would just try to talk to him in person and just hang with him and just be friends and when ur ready to ask him then ask him I did that to my crush

      • Good method, also try to act casual and not make a big deal about but like it was said before: try talking to him in person

  7. Okay soo I’ve liked this guy and he is rly different his a straight a student quiet more himself I have a tiny feeling he likes me because i overheard his friends at lunch saying he likes me and they talked about me for a whole week or so pointing at me and everything . I hear his sister telling him to talk to me ( he knows I like him ) and for months before this he would stare at me either smiling at me or starring some days it was soo much I started to notice i finally smiled ome time and he smiled back . And sometimes I caught him starring at me and hr would turn his head fast . He fell 30 ft hitting bleachers and should of died last summer. the fact is Iwent on a teen activity iI caught him staring at me and Ismiled at him and then we got on the bus my friend said she saw him stare at me and smile while he got on the bus and walkedpast me . My brother told him I liked him two weeks ago he just smiled.

    • That kinda happened with my crush too! He still hasn’t talked to me. Tell your friends to help you talk to him. Or to get him to talk to you. That’s what I’m doing right now. Oh, and come up with a code name for him. For my code name for my crush is flower.if you are brave enough (I’m not) go up and say hi to him

      Good luck,
      Help withlove360

        • Well, one of my friends is saying “don’t like him, he falls asleep in class” and other bad things about my crush, which I have no clue why she says that. And my other friend is helping me to get him to talk to me. She’s not helping btw. Have u come up with a code name of ur crush? O and my crush looks at me when playing football. He also does kinda the same thing as ur crush. He comes to me at my table at lunch, when his friend is standing three feet behind me, my crush tries to talk to me but then goes to his friend and asks what happened. They point at me a lot.:)
          -Help withlove360

          • Omg I knoe it rly sucks doesnt it today I looked rly ugly to see what hell do he still locked eye comtact with me for atleast 10secs im like I look RATCHET !!! And today I also shouted out in study hall hey is this hard he looked up really faat and said what is that I said homewrk . He does the I pay attention to every word I say kinda deal soo I gave a dude advise on chicks I shouted well for one chicks like when dudes talk to them first . Another chick goes amen ! I laughed so I kinda was listening to him talk to his sister and his sister was saying did you talk to her ? I didnt hear the rest I also heard just say hi say it !Then iI walked out the room

          • It’s really funny watching a boy try to talk to you.today, he and his friend were playing basketball with a group and the ball went over the fence. His friend kinda pushed him my direction, and then he and his friend were just looking at me.
            This part might help u ( p.s. This really happened)
            Once I was playing basketball with my friend. I told her “he’s over there, what should I do” and she called him over to play basketball with us.when his dad pulled up in his car, my crush had to leave. I said ” bye random person” and then u asked him “wait, what is your name?” He stood there with his mouth kinda moving and stared at me for 5 sec.
            PLZ type back,
            Help withlove360

          • Girl he likes you tell him you like him and me and crush well we casual talk bc I have told my crush in the past I liked him but that was when I first met him he told ppl I was rly pretty and things but the beginning I rushed I took the rejection good I told him sorry then after that he started to stare at me and do what he is doing now he knows I still like him my stupid lil brother told him and he smiled big my crush did. Try smiling I did that and that made him smile back at me straight to my face and also whrn I wasnt. Looking he was walking on the bus grinning at me and walking to his sit idk my guy never liked anyone soo . I am being patientiI let my emotions control my actions

          • But do I talk to him or wait till he talks to me? His attempts at trying to talk to me fail. But his third attempt was funny. Me and my friend were eating lunch on the turf at our school and one of my crushes friends threw the football next to where I was sitting and told my crush to go and get it. When my crush came up to get the football, he said, “I need to get this, ’cause its mine, and I need it.” And then he waited for, I think, me to talk to him. OH, and today he did the nicest thing he has ever done to me. He was playing football when I was getting one of my slow friends to move faster. I had to cross my crush to get to my friend. So my crush had a football in his hand, ready to throw, but when I wAs about to pass through, he put the football down and let me pass instead of letting it go over me. After I passed, I herd ” ooh! ——- let her pass through”

          • My crush finalky approached me today he walked up to me and said something I couldnt hear him I just kept walking just yeah my crush is major interverted and he approached me just smile and SMILE I smiled at him alot but I also locked eye contact with him to

          • Being yourself means dont go online to ask someone for advise 🙂 be yourself . I know it may seem hard girly ! I hope you’ll be happy 🙂 this is all the advise im going to give ! Follow your advice 🙂 okay sweet heart

        • Well, there’s not really a way I can give it to him, he doesn’t have a locker (but I do). My friend is having a birthday party and I told her to invite him so I got to write his invitation. And she tricked him into coming! At first when she invited him, he said no. But then she told him that one of his friends wanted him to go( when none of his friends are coming). So yeah, she tricked him so I could be there with him. 🙂
          Plz write back about something,
          Help withlove360

          • And I have NEVER EVER TALKED TO MY CRUSH. I’m just waiting for him to talk to me, because sometimes he tries to, and I think someday he will come up to me and introduce himself.

          • I introduced myself with my crush but of course my crush sat by me and I said hi . I mean the whole party thing is good idea but what if you get scaried and not say anything you rly want him that bad just smile at him and maje yourself approachable 🙂 ps guys play around on everything guys tease guys who like someone I would ask his friend if he is single ?

          • His friend is around me a lot and I know my crush is single. But his friend is around me and it is almost like he listens to what I say to my friend and reports it to my crush.
            What should I say?

            Help withlove360

          • Well if he likes you he will eventually talk to you ps. My crushknew iI liked him for umm around 4 months he all he did was stare at me and say I was rly pretty and just stare at me I descided to smile more make myself more approachable I look and act like im on the laughing gas the dentist gives youmy friends are like lesa you okay ? Giving me looks im like yeah then guess what he approached me but mumbled something I couldnt hear heyif iI were you though id be like why r u reporting my info or wwanting info about me and telling it to a guy I dont even rly know say that too the friends that are also friends wiyh him also is he shy ps I am a VERY outgoing person im the class clown or the loud chick in my school and wheniI see my crush I get RLY nervous when he walks in the room my heart like jumps just yeah liking someone SUVKS ! I think he obviously likes you sweetie maybe he doesnt know what to say to you bc he likes you all s oo mucj hun ! Maybe you should smile at him they like hints like you like hints fidget with your hair and smile be more approachable that would help just be YOURSELF 🙂 and tell me how it all goes !!!! How old r u too ?? Guys are two years behind in their real age in maturity 🙂

          • Ok. So u might think this is kinda young but I’m actually 12 so… Yeah…. I’m gonna try that hair fidget thing. He has an English class after my English class. He is also my age too. And once, he was messing around with his friend Daniella who is also a girl and he let her wear his hat and then he looked at me. Was he trying to make me jealous?

            Help withlove360
            P.s. Tommorow I will try the hair thing and tell u how THAT goes. Today I didn’t have school and Tuesday is Veterans Day and no school then so…and please don’t make fun of my age.

          • I temember when I was 12 :p and why would I make fun of your age ? Im only 3 years older than you girl… yeah talk to him though bc I finally I did ask my crush if I should yeah not
            like him anymore he looked at me for a minute or two and startef talking about how he wants to talk the wholr convo and he didnt even give me a good asnwer he just paused and looked at me a couple times I had to say I am shy and I just look at him and he paused and said I want to talk to you and he paused again thinking face and said I dont rly like you that way lets be friends and talk . Idk what that all meand I mean I guess his starring at me everyday for 4 months just to talk and gee t to know me and my nervous block that and wow I hate when chicks like the same guy as you this chick likes my crush too I get so upset I cried two times about it but I think wow I am the rly pretty chick he said I was soo idk I am struggling too talking I told himim shy maybe that helps just gotta say hi iI know its hell but its worth it 🙂

          • So if I do try and talk to him, what should I say?

            Help withlove360
            P.s. Thx for not making fun of my age lol. 🙂

          • Ok, don’t call me weird or a stalker, but I know his google plus page, his twitter page, his YouTube page/channel, his Facebook page and his Instagram page. I know, this is kinda really stalkish, but all he has is pictures of himself. How long have you liked your crush?

  8. Hi jay, I need help really bad!
    My crush was playing football with his friends at lunch and one of his friends threw it in my direction, and told my crush to get it. When my crush got over to get it he said, ” I need to get this, cause, it’s mine, and I need it” but he has NEVER EVER EVER talked to me. Was that an attempt to talk to me? And he stares at me a lot. Should I talk to him or wait until he talks to me? OH! And a couple days ago he walked up to the table I was standing at, stood in front of me for like a second, and then walked around the table and went inside the building. Was that him trying to talk to me? His attitude changes around me. Around his friends he is normal, but to me, he is gentle, not saying anything mean around me. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS MAJOR MAJOR PROBLEM!I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR OVER A YEAR FOR HIM TO TALK TO ME!
    Help withlove360

    • I TOTALLY think he’s into U!!!!! I had kind of the same situation, but different, I kept on telling Jay ALL about it and turns out he does like me and I even heard him saying it to his friend. So just give him time!!! Whip the his other female friends and his guy friends, he is sssoooo normal, but he talks to me, he is also shy,mentor and sweet and he makes me laugh too. He stares too. And many other things

        • 1. Sorry for the typos .

          And answering your questions, I actually don’t know about talking to him yourself because it depends what type of person you are, cuz I am shy and obedient and trembling when I am around him and when he tells me to do something I do it, but when I am with other people I act totally normal and say no if I don’t want to… Exactly what he does. But what I a, trying to say is what is your behavior around him?? Shy, nervous or… Because hpif you are shy and you go talk to the guy, he wouldn’t have expected it from you, only him talking to YOU and there kind of is a chance for you to make mistakes. As for the boy if HE talks to you instead, it is much funner for him to make mistakes. So you wait for him to talk to you, unless you have a different character trait ( shy, courageous, gentle, yourself,… )

          If you wait for him to talk to you, you won’t have to wait a long time because, if you have classes with him or if you see him staring at you and when you look you’re suprised and he laughs and turns away and does it maybe for 3 times again or more, or if after school or during school, you overhear his friends saying to him- You should probably hook up with her and when you see him again he will turn to your direction, his friends friends waiting, he’s hesitating wether he should come or not and he leaves, probably because you are with your friends. He shows other signs

          I hope you understand with this whole load of text!!!!

          • Yeah, I don’t have any classes with him, but, after my English class, he has English, and he stares at me then. When he said that thing when he was getting the football, I was nervous, but it was like he wanted a response for a declarative sentence. And today he pointed at me in the halls when he was with his friends. Does that mean he is making fun of me or he likes me?
            Love is confuzing for me, I don’t know why. And my crush is barely alone. He is always with his friends. Sometimes he is playing basketball, or soccer, and he and his friends are looking at me, but HE is talking. Is that bad?

          • That happened to me too. He’s with his mates and they point. But I am not a mind reader and do not know if they are making fun of you or not, do they laugh or do his mates push him around or laugh at him when you pass by or when you’re in a group together??

            And the fact that they point to y and stuff at least tells you, he’s thinking about you. But either positive or negatively, but I wouldn’t say negatively because after what you have told me, it seems like he likes you.

            Just keep on dropping hints and look how he is around you, maybe it will become more obvious and one question Are you in school right now???

          • I am shy, but I always look at him and he looks away. Or sometimes in a fire drill he will occasionally look back at me, seeming like it was to check if I am ok. IM SO CONFUZED! DOES HE LIKE ME?

            – Help withlove360

          • Yeah, his friends push him. And once, a girl in his class made him put his jacket on backwards, and when I came out of English, she said, “ooh, there she is!” And he took his hood off in front of me.
            When I am outside during lunch, he usually passes by me really close to me and bounces a basketball.kinda like “showing off his skills” and no, I am not in school RIGHT at the moment. School ended ten hours ago. We r now on a weekend.
            Tell me some of ur love stories!

          • Wel before starting with my stories, my crush too does that but he passes behind me and let’s his hand or jacket or hat or whatever tough my back or chair. Oh an do also am not in school, school ended back on Thursday, we had a free day ( Friday )and now we r Saturday!!!

            Um, now to my stories… Which one like, how it started or…

          • Ah and it started when I went on Thursday March to school here in Germany. My first day!!! HORRIBLE!!! But at lunch, this boy who I didn’t know came whith his friends and he asked me wether I could scotch up one seat so he could sit down with his friends. I agreed and moved. He was SOOO nice to me and he knew it was my first day, but the other were MEAN even my Buddy!!!

            But what evs… For me it was like LOVE at first sight!!

            I will continue in my other post

          • What? Didn’t you read my post when you said it’s unfair? If not, then the stupid thingy didn’t post. AAARRRRRRGGHHH. I am gonna post it again

  9. Dear Jay,

    When we were in one of our classes, Ludo asked me for help, but I couldn’t help so he asked someone else and his German friend who was sitting next to him asked him something in German ‘ do you like her ‘ I turned around surprised but they did not see me and Ludo said YES!!!!!! I AM SSSOOOO HAPPPPYYY!!! And lately he has been asking me questions about why I am late or sits next to me when he has a question.

    And he also just stares at me and I stare back. I just look into his lovely brown eyes and then we look away!!!!

    • Hi LMB. I am very happy for you 🙂 i am glad you found out that he likes you back. I think its only a matter of time before he either asks you out or asks for your number.. Good luck 🙂

      • THNX and before he HAD gone out with this girl named dalila, but like they just stayed together for one day and everyone knew he didn’t like her. And hen he ask them or her out he’s soo calm and cool but like when it comes tow causally liking someone, he is SSSSOOOOOOO shy!!!!!


  10. Dear Jay,

    On the last day of school before the summer bvacation ( before going to G7 ), we kinda played this game in music class and there were two team captains for 2 teams and one of the team captains was my crush ludo and as he was choosing who he wants in his group, he chose me and my friend. We were the ONLY two girls in our group! The rest were boys including him and his friends kinda nudged him when he chose me, they kinda started laughing and poking him and he told them to shut up ’bout it!!! Then when we had to sit down he ssat down in front of me and i tried to act nonchalant and then he rolled up both of his sleeves and flexed his muscles and turned around 2 look at me with a ” Look at my muscles!! ” smile. During he holidays he asked me on Skype to be friends with him!! He kinda only talks to me after a long time

    • Is it weird for a guy to look at these comments so he knows how girls think? Lol I am the shy type of guy so I have to be 210% sure that a girl likes me or I won’t even talk to them.. So that’s why I’m looking at these comments. If anyone wants to ask me question about guys then feel free to ask butttttt I probably won’t be too much help with guys that are popular. You know what I can actually only help out with shy guys points of views soooooo yeah… Anyways thank all of you for pretty much helping me understand what this girl might think of me 😀

        • Well sorry won’t post anything again. Also no she didn’t in fact her friend told me she was lesbian and then I asked her if she was lesbian but she said she’s more of a pansexual. All in all though no I do not believe she likes me and now I’m having to get over my crush and it is difficult.

          • NO NO NO post more things. I was kinda in a bad mood, it is different and interesting having a boy look at the ” girl section ” and How long have you been crushing on the girl? What’s pansexual

          • Can anyone tell me how to not tell a girl you don’t like her? There’s this girl that sits at my table and asks a whole bunch of personal stuff about me and asks if I have a girlfriend and that I should get one because I’m “cute”. I just don’t feel anything for this girl and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and she is making me uncomfortable with the questions

          • well you could maybe tell her to get to the point and say: Look ( say her name ) I know you might like me and all that, but I don’t think I’m ready for this and we should probably keep this small and just be friends.

            r something like that!!! 🙂

          • well you could maybe tell her to get to the point and say: Look ( say her name ) I know you might like me and all that, but I don’t think I’m ready for this and we should probably keep this small and just be friends.

            r something like that!!! 🙂

          • Alright I have been crushing on her for four months now. A pansexual is a person who likes either gender due to their mindset or personality. No physical attraction. I was just confused at first cause she kept going over to my table and attempting to talk to me and stuff, I believe she was just trying to be my friend though and that I was over analyzing the situation.

          • Ooooohhhhh THNX!!! Well yh maybe she still wants to be friends at least if you cannot be together.

            And remember I was in a bad mood, so forget that stupid mean message I posted.

            And 4 months is quite some time but I have been crushing on the same guy continuously for 7 years straight and now I know that he likes me back. We were in class, and his german friend asked him wether he liked me and he said YES

      • Dear Jay,

        This is new year and we are now in G7 and Ludo kind of shows that he likes me in a different way, like as if he is not trying to blow up his cover, in a more mature way, he smiles so much and I smile back, and then while we are smiling, we kind stare into each other’s eyes and once he found an excuse for me to sit next to him. And he teases me a hit and instead of rushing out of the classroom when clas is over, he stays behind and I test by going out faster than usual and he also leaves, he leaves when I leave and I purposely take my time, he just goes on and doesn’t wait, cuz he’s a boy u know and he’s busy. He speaks to me nicely, treats me differently than he treats his other friends, especially his friends that are girls. He talks loudly, VERY LOUD to his friends, but when he talks to me, he looks me straight in the eye with his REALLY cute face and talks to me softly. ECT… What does it mean or ?????

        • Hi LMB.

          I think he is definately into you.. i dont think you need me to tell you that.. the very fact he treats you different to his other female friends is a big sign he likes you. He shows off, he smiles at you alot and stares at you, he tries to sit next to you, stays behind after class, speaking to you softly but loudly to his friends.. sounds like interest to me! I think at this point its just about him not having the nerve to ask you out, do you show interest in him or drop hints that you might be interested in him? I would assume at some point he might ask you out and suggest hanging out somewhere together.. Good luck

          • Hints? Well try catching his eye a lot and smile.. he might get that hint.. if hes inexperienced and doesn’t feel too sure of himself perhaps you can be a bit more forward.. see if he wants to hang out sometime, get his number.. The biggest problem men have is reading a woman’s interest (most men are clueless when they are younger) so sometimes being a bit more obvious is what he needs, he just needs a bit of a push.. Though if you can set up a situation where it is just the two of you alone outside of class/school or wherever you hang out then things are more likely to naturally happen and he will feel more in his element.. If hes into you hes not going to pass up a chance to see you outside of school.. Good luck

          • Thnx Jay. I’ll try and update you on anything at happens. And is it true that if he is being mean to me, while he was nice to me the whole day and at the end he is mean to me, does that mean, he has nothing better to say? ( I saw on another website )

          • Sure. Feel free! Hmm can be one of two things.. although I’m already sure of what you told me hes into you being mean can be more his frustration about something.. sometimes it might be that he just likes you so much that his feelings are confused and doesn’t know how to handle them.. it can also be because he just isn’t in the mood to talk to you which can happen if you catch him at the wrong moment or spend too much time around him. I dont think it necessarily means he has nothing better to say.. it probably just means he’s doing it because he thinks it will attract you or get your attention. But the sudden change from niceness to meanness has to generally mean something unless you have hurt him or annoyed him in some way, if you have done nothing to him I wouldn’t worry too much though.. or over think it.. you will find out later, i have had countless mean girls like me over the years haha, most times they just wanted to get a reaction out of me. Probably the same for you too. Good luck

      • Dear Jay,

        I really do not want to seem impatient, not that I am right now, but now, I kind of feel like Ludo doesn’t like me anymore… What should I do?????? Please respond ASAP

      • I have a crush on a quiet guy he stares at me and also somethings he smiles at me I get nervous and I pretend I dont see it but sometimes its so bad I finally smiled and then he smiled back!!! Then sometimes he would stare at me and I would look at him and he will look away fast im like omg !!! And he knows I like him ive liked him since I’ve laid eyes on him but ive heard him say I was rly pretty to someone but earlier this year school year everyone kept asking him if he likes me he would say no just a friend but now I hear him and his buddy saying tohom so you like pearl . And they will point at me and talk about me for a week then I hear his sister say to talk to me and my little brother then tells him I like him still and the boy would smile big. He is trying to talk to me . I think his scaroed and nervous im the same way his perfect!!!!! Recently I caughy him looking at me I finally smiled and he smile also back then my friend tells me he got on the bus after I did that and he started to stare at me and grin .

  11. Hi Jay,

    I joined this workplace 2 years back. I’m in my late 30s and married. There’s a coworker who does not work directly with me. He is around the same age. But since we were introduced to each other during a meeting, we said hi to each other earlier. But except that, we did not talk to each other. I found him making a wee bit longer eye contacts before saying hi. Then there were lots of times when I found him looking at me. Many a times I found him looking at me across the room. In short there were lots of eye contacts involved. And then I started noticing him and found him quite attractive. I came to know he was married with kids. Till then I have had a crush. But I was in no mood to act out so I tried to avoid his eye contacts. well, accidentally that happened more than once when I looked up from my desk to find him looking at me. So all of a sudden (after I started avoided looking at him), I saw him less and less in the work place (earlier, he was everywhere in the hall where we sit)… and avoided him outside also (we stay in the same locality so I kept avoiding him in grocery stores and movie theatres). So after a year, things have changed… I haven’t really gotten out of it… but want to make things as smooth as possible. So I thought if he does not say hi anymore, I will be polite. Things are OK as far as we are not face to face. But when we come face to face, he acts very nervous with darting eyeballs. So even if I try saying hi… I cannot… Sometimes out of the blue he will smile and say a hi and I would reply back… and sometimes… he would just pass by me looking to the ground and not giving me the opportunity to say hi. This has been going on for the past year.
    I don’t know why he is doing so. I just want a cordial working relationship. But why is he making it difficult for me. (1. we have spoken to each other very less… only on work related topics. 2. He visited my linkedin profile twice in the past year. 3. We are not friends on Facebook)

  12. Hi Jay, it is me again,

    Again Ludo has been really kind to me, once ” accidentally ” touched my butt in G5, and always stares at me and talks loudly and stares in my direction when talking to his friends thinking he can impress me.

    Strangely enough, when I bite my nails, he bites his nails, when I kind of rest my head he does too, I lay my head on the table, he does too. My initials are L.M.B his are L.B.M, we r almost always together, we always were together in a classroom together except for G1 and G4.

    And in G6 we had to change classes because there were too much students in G6 so the school made a 6.4. There were already 6.1,6.2 and 6.3 and I was in 6.2 and he also and only some people had to move, so Ludo also moved along with me again and he also was in 6.2.

    How come we are always together? I believe in GOD, so I can kind of only be with someone who believes in GOD, but he doesn’t unless he changes and I always will want to believe in GOD bit someone’s I dream that I will marry him and we will live happily ever after, but I doubt it… Unless something changes.

    We r always… Almost together in every thing

  13. Dear Jay,

    I am crushing on this guy named Ludovick B.M for about 6 years. Today, he saw me going to back home and he was with his friends and he crossed the road and hid behind a bush ( I thought he was going to wee behind the school bushes ) but he looked at me with this seductive look, I thought he was going to scare someone, but his friends had seen him going hiding, so no and when he kept on looking at me and when I passed by he this the lion ” roar ” voice that u normally do with ur fork: rrroooowwwwwrrrr. Then he kinda laughed and I looked at him with a smile and WTF look on my face.

    What is that supposed to mean?

    And then I started spying on him and his friends until he finally came home and then he started yelling a few time until I looked at him and he smiled and again I was like WTF? I know him since G1 and now I am in G6, he almost has every time been in my class, group or something. He always looks at me in class and when I look at him he either looks away or keeps on staring at me and once we jpkelt on staring at each other and amongst kissed, but we snapped back to reality.

    I almost fell on top him our feet and legs touching but not the rest of our bodies. He smiles at me, he started being nice to me, he asks if he can help me with my art work, he randomly started talking to me and he told something mean to his friends about me. We were in class and he pointed at me telling something his his friend’s ear and then they laughed.

    He sometimes has been with other girls and has quite some female friends, but I don’t know why, but I still love him even if he is with another girl and he still looks at me. He asked me questions and when I say why? He said ” I just wanna know ” or ” just wondering ”

    I once was sitting alone at a table and then Ludo and his friends came over to sit with me, he sat nxt to me and then I started sweating. They all started laughing, I couldn’t even manage to finch my lunch. Ludo said: u know u can sit at another table if u want. ” I turned around and loomed at him p, his face was quite close to mine and he has this really cute smirks on his face ( in 2nd Grade )

    What does all this mean, he is popular and I’m not, he’s white and I am black ( don’t care about the colors ) he is SSSSSOOOOO ADORABLE AND CUTE, HANDSOME AND COOL!!!!

    What should I do and what does this mean?

    • I think he sounds like a playboy but some guys like him can be sweet under all their games. Still be careful you do not want your to be broken

      • Thnx Luis, but now he has been acting all strangely, it is like he doesn’t even notice me now, he still give me short quick glances and looks away if I catch him, but other than that it seems like he doesn’t like me, he never has been shy or lost for words around me, but my friends I sited on the fact that he likes me, but I am starting to get doubtful.

        But thnx

  14. Hello Jay,I am Linda their is a man I have been knowi.g for years he has been around since my kids were little but I never really paid him any attention until about 2yrs. ago.This man shows me all the signs of really liking me but does not act on it what can I do? He makes it a point to touch me any chance he gets touches my shoulder with a gentle squeeze, hugs me gently but firm with both arms bodies touching very closely.He gives me a kiss on my cheek or as close to my lips as possible, I always catch him starring at me he can find me in a crowd acknowledges with a strong stare and smile,he tells people he help raise my kids from youth.He holds my hands with a gentle squeeze befir letting go I can go on. After I finally got up the nerve to ask him to dinner and movie he said no hedoes not vidit women in their homes and we are just friends am I crazy and looking at this the wrong way what? Signed confused

  15. Dear Jay,
    I recently been hearing things coming from my sister saying that my crush doesnt like me and likes another girl but Im not so certain.
    We used to talk in our childhood about crazy things like if we were gonna get married or anything. It was also the same day when i teased him saying i was a year older than him.
    Nowadays i feel that our connection has lost. Our families are close as hell but when i want to talk to him, i get really afraid and kinda lose it. We kinda talked last year too but our convos weren’t the same.
    I also have been noticing him staring at me at the corner if my eye and when i turn around, he turns back at his friends.
    He stares at me when i talk to my cousin and my cousin cant stand him. Idk why but she tells me that hes a prick and i shouldn’t like him. I have a strong feeling my cousin likes him too but whenever we talk, shes always there, staring at me like im useless and i dont deserve him.
    When i talk to his mates,, he gets upset and annoyed. And if i mention his name to his mates, they always assk me if i like himm. Of course im silent b/c im a shy thing. And they run back and i hear ” what did she say?”
    im really confused. Extra help will be accepted 🙂

    • He might get upset and annoyed because he thinks you rather want to be with his mates than him. He also will probably get the wrong idea and think u want to make him jealous, so he will try to flirt with another girl too. Then u might feel hurt.

      Hoes has he been acting around you?

      • Thanks and hes been acting strange lately.
        I have stopped talking to his friends a lot recently N hes more calm
        however, since i haven’t seen him in a while, i have developed feelings for another guy at school im really stuck.

        • dear wantingtoknow,

          I am kinda in the exact same position as you so I also am a bit stuck between two boys BUT consider this: Which one do you have more feelings for and how have you been with the two of them. I think he is waiting for you to make the ” first ” move. You maybe haven’t seen him either because he is busy or something OR he wants 2 observe you and how you react when he isn’t around.

  16. I know an African guy and he always talks to me to cheer me up when I’m down, he always sits with me at lunch. Last time I was in one of the classrooms when I saw a diary, it had the name of the African guy on it. I took it and read it, but before I did I remembered that I thought he had a crush on me but he keeps on denying. It was the moment of truth, I thought it was stupid putting my nose into other people’s business but I just had to know the truth. I opened it and read it and read it and read it. Until finally I reached the part with crushes. He had a crush on me for like 5 years! It probably started when we met at grade 1. On the next few pages I saw a plan he wrote! It was to cheat on me! It said ” Dear Diary, I have a pretty good plan in my head tonight, and it is to cheat on Rochelle! I will start dating her and keep on dating with Angel. I will keep on asking to borrow money until she runs out! Then when her fortune is ALL GONE, I will dump her and keep up with Angel. This little plan will start tomorrow Sept.29,2013.” I was so shocked I couldn’t think of anything else but him! I started to get ready for class, tears streaming down my face as I stuffed my books in my bag. I ran to the washroom and cried until the bell rang for Science. We entered the classroom, then the African guy smiled at me. I smiled at him back but he WILL regret smiling at me! After class he told me to talk with him at lunch, I nodded and said yes. At lunch he sat beside me and said ” Wanna go on a date tomorrow night?” I said ” No Thanks, CHEATER!!!” And he made a face and said ” WHAT?!” I pulled out the diary from my bag and shoved it at him. He said ” You have my diary?!” I said ” Oh yes and I read EVERYTHING even your STUPID, HURTFUL PLAN!”. He just said ” So is it a yes?” I stood up, slapped him at the face, then left. I was pretty upset but I guess it’s better than losing money.

  17. Hey so theres this guy at work and i like him alot hes 6 yrs older than me n sometimes he acts like he loves me n sometimes he wont even speak to me n hes tried to cheer me up several times before but idk if he likes me or not because sometimes he doesnt act like he does can you please tell me if u think he does or not n plz tell me what i should do to get him to like me more or something

    • I think you’re not building a strong relationship with him here. He might be wanting just to get to be good friends but not have a strong relationship with u… Yet.

      Or he is ace and acts like a snail to getting to know you better and to try a little at time a strong and firm relationship with u.

  18. Hi there- My married ex- boyfriend and I have been texting a lot over the past year (dated 20yrs ago) and I am confused by his behavior. When I say a lot…I mean hundreds of exchanges per month. After a few months our conversations became more flirty. He surprised me with a (welcomed) visit to my work. We met up for lunch once but he always says that he wishes we can have more lunches/drinks after work. We aren’t always flirty…we talk about everything from his son, work, silly stuff. We are so comfortable and easy going around each other, we can tell each other everything. He blushes when he is around me, stammers sometimes. He is a very confident guy, so no shyness on his part, believe me. I recall when we were dating, he really didn’t change how he acted with me vs his other friends. But he was more attentive to me, obviously. Especially, when we were alone. There was no doubt to me or the people around us that we were an item, back then. He never talks about his wife to me. He has told me that he is in a sexless marriage and isn’t very happy…among other things, mostly negative about her. Please know that he has never insinuated anything sexual. My best guess is he stays with her because of their son. He doesn’t want o leave him. With all that said, at times, he can be distance towards me and have no-contact for days and other times confide in me about things that none of his other friends knows. So I guess my question(s) are this: does he have more than friendship feelings for me but keeps his distance from me because he is married and is scared of his feelings? (Does this type of guy even exist?) Would he even bother to text me, visit me, bother to be around me if he wasn’t interested or is it just an ego thing for him? I am asking, not because I am hoping for something to happen…I just want to protect my heart and our friendship. I don’t want to read into anything that it’s not. Thanks for reading…

    • I think he is scared to leave his son and ” wife ” and go back with u and then have a big sort of confusion and argument with both of you, and the son. So he might not want to be very pushy. No offense, but this looks like someone who is about to cheat on his wife to go with u and then go back with her.

      U should continue being good friends and see what happens.

  19. Hey Jay. My name is Lily and I’m a junior in highschool, so is the guy I’m interested in (Vincent). It’s about the 4th week of school here and I think he might be trying to find out some stuff about me before he does anything else. I first noticed that he was actually interested in me at the beginning of the 2nd week, he watched me go into my class and followed me in (his is across he hall) but chickened out. He went back into the hallway and I looked up again to see him talking to his friends, they were looking at me and this girl Megan was pointing towards me. And of course there is tones of glancing and we’re nervous messes around each other, basically all that sweet stuff.
    Today we were in our Painting class and while our teacher was taking roll, Vincent whispered across the room (he’s a table away) to his friend Megan who sits beside me, it sounded like he was asking her if she had said anything. The entire class period he acted really strange, he was constantly walking past the tabl and eventually he even sat down with us. I was nervous so I tried to focus on my work, I could feel him staring at me and I just knew he wanted to say something or for me to. That clearly didn’t happen, so he went back to his table but still glanced over and talked to his friend over there quietly.
    SOMEHOW I managed to cut myself and my friend Katlyn asked our teacher for a bandaid. Vincent completely stopped working and just stared at me while I doctored up my tiny cut.
    It is so pathetic! We’re so nervous around each other and the one day he seems all confident, I completely just shut down. My question is and what I should do? Does he just have a crush on me or is he really into me? Thanks!

    • Hi Lily. Sounds to me like he might like you.. but dont be so hard on yourself.. these things take time and patience. Love doesn’t just happen, its gradual. You two sound like you might really like eachother but i think he will at some point be more forward with you and start trying to hang out with you more. Dont worry about the band aid thing. Stuff happens and he was probably wanted to be your hero in that moment (if he cares that is). Im sure things will come to fruition soon enough. You could try saying hi to him when you walk past, that might speed things up 🙂 Good luck

    • I think he likes you and of you think, he is with Megan, I don’t think so, he is maybe trying to get advice or telling to spy on you or keep an eye on you so that he can get to know you better and not do those really stupid boys stammering mistakes. She is a girl, so he has a friend that is a girl so since she is a girl,she knows how girls behave and how u behave, so she probably is helping him.

      You have a chance with him.

  20. I’m in high school…There’s this guy in school that i don’t know and do not have any class with. I have a crush on him because he’s probably handsome and he seems to like me too, he’s always smiling,looking at me…. His friends were obvious, there’s once in the cafeteria his friends were asking him if he likes”her”while pointing in our direction….. there weren’t anyone else around us! Another time,during lunch they sat at the table beside us. His friends teased him if sitting here was gonna him a birds eye view,asking him if he likes “her” our wanna date”her”…..Then, few weeks ago we passed by them, his friends clapped and he covered his face, blushing! After that ALL of them turned to looked at us….awkward…. Another thing is that his friends always smiles at me! Yesterday his friends sat behind us while we study on the cafeteria, he wasn’t there though…when i turned around, one of his friends told another that”she turned back! ” i know they’re talking about me!
    But I’m not sure if i should be hopeful, because he’s popular, handsome and has many female friends. I do know he likes to be called handsome by them. Sometimes he turns to look at me while chatting with these girls. I’m really unsure and it makes me jealous.
    -I want to know if you think he likes me or is just a flirt and i need to get over him?
    Thanks so much!

    • I feel the exact same way, my crush is popular and has many female friends and he is SSSSOOOO CUTE!!!! What u should do is, keep an eye on him, watch how he behaves around you.

  21. Hi, so I’m a senior in high school. This guy who had been in my class for five years, I live him. But he won’t talk to me… He heard from my friends that I liked him…when we are in class I will see him out of the corner of my eye looking at me, so I wait for a few seconds then look up and he Immediately looks away. Sometimes he will walk by me and either his hand will rub up against me or his butt… He asks me for a dollar all the time. He talks to my friends but never to me unless asking what the homework was or when we have a quiz or if he can borrow a pen/pencil. I’m friends with his buds and three of his best friends are dating some of my closest friends. I hear him make comments to his friends about my body but he won’t say anything to me…if I drop something he will call me stupid or something or the nickname he gave me and then pick it up and hand it to me… When we were on the buss heading to a basketball game, one of his friends took my phone and handed it to him and he like looked at everything on it, read my messages, looked at my contacts,, then smiled and me and have it back, I finally decided to ask him to go to our schools dance and he said no…I just don’t know… Does he have any feelings for me???

    • That guy has to have a question mark nxt 2 his name!!! What do you mean, talking about ur body? And if he is being mean to u, it’s probably because he doesn’t have the courage to explain his feelings about u. Still do not let ur hopes down, and I normally would let the guy ask the girl out… Partly because I am a scardy cat.

      He maybe also said no because if he is popular and u r… Not, he might be doubting about what his friends would say about him if he was dating a unpopular girl. Do u know the film GREASE? Watch it, u will get my point at some part of the movie when I said that he is doubting about what his friends will say. https://ablogthatgoeslikethis.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/grease.jpg

  22. Well there is this guy at work that’s very difficult to read, People don’t like him in general because he is too strict. He is British and married to a Colombian girl and has 2 children I am Latin (not Colombian and single). I try to be his friend but seems impossible: I told him today “you are very serious, I’ve been trying to make friends with you in a ‘healthy way’ but you won’t let me”, he just gave me a cute smile but said nothing. He is in charge of something so sometimes I have to report some things about work. Most of the time he is serious if I ask for a favour but 10 minutes later he is there with something I need. I remember not too long ago I just mentioned I needed to move a table, he disappeared and then when he was back he just said “there you go, you have the table where you wanted it”. I was freaking out with my first class as a teacher (we are teachers) he was supposed to train me the next day and he was busy with something, our boss had left so he was in charge, I didn’t know what to do and went to see him as he was in charge and said ” I am sorry I am busy, can’t do anything for you now, but I promise you that tomorrow I will answer any of your questions” then I said ” but what am I supposed to do now?” and he said ” I don’t know, can’t take care of that now I am busy”: 20 minutes later he came into the classroom I was and told me ” as you are panicking I told someone else to talk to you so you can calm down a bit until tomorrow that we talk ok?”: he used to be talkative at the beginning then he started changing but people told me he is like that. Today he was really cute, we had gone to school for navy students..something like that and after I told him that he was very serious he walked with me and left me in my classroom, I told him “please don´t ditch me” but as usual he said ” we are leaving at 1 30 pm so you have to be ready at 1 20″ and I said again “just don’t ditch me, will you?” but he repeated again the same thing, “be ready 10 mins before the van leaves otherwise you’ll stay here”: Then he went for me, he just appeared in my classroom at 1 10 pm, he kept watching as I was saying bye to my students and whispered “Homework”, I had forgotten to assign the homework he makes me nervous, so I did, then he helped me to pick up my cd player and hold it for me, We walked together to the van. No one likes him and the receptionist told me already that I should stop asking him so many questions he hates intense people and I am kind of with him. He always say no to me, but ends up doing what I need. I don’t know how to interpret that, people say he mostly minds his own business. I like him a lot, I bet he has noticed how stupid I look when he is talking to me or he is around.I’ll let you guys to tell me…. Thanks a lot

  23. Hi l love this guy told him i lik him he said yeah has frnds i said no i really lik u he said dnt say hear coz a guy waz there he said in.low voice chat later i said wil giv u two day if no answer wil get mesg he said wil do.he never rang oh texted me he smiled wen i told him and just weared the top i liked him in and smiled wen i went pass i dnt look at him my mate told me he smiled and put his eyes down wen i went pass just need u to help me is he intrested coz no mesg on.text i got thxs am sammy

  24. There’s this guy a year older than me that I’ve seen around for awhile now. I only caught him looking at me once from the many encounters we’ve had, but he quickly looked away. A couple of times, from a distance, he had his back turned to me when he was with his group of friends, and he wasn’t staring at me, but his friends were. I can’t catch him looking at me, buy I’ve seen his friends look at me. He knows I’ve looked at him a couple of times. Could he like me? Do guys use their friends like this to find out if someone likes them?

  25. Okay so I’ve know this guy for a while now and I really like him but I’m not sure if he likes me back. So, whenever we are with a group of friends he doesn’t really pay attention to me but if we are alone together or around a group of people we don’t really know he pays a lot more attention to me. He is kind to everyone but he is a huge flirt. But he doesn’t flirt with me as much as he does with other girls. He never talks about other girls when I’m around. I’m kind of shy so when we are with a group of people he always makes sure I feel included and is always looking out for me. Whenever he sees me he always gives me a huge smile and whenever we talk he is always staring at my eyes. He acts like a fool when I’m around and tries to make me laugh and sometimes he’ll do random things that seem like he’s trying to impress me. And I’ve caught him staring at me a few times but he doesn’t look away; he just keeps looking into my eyes and smiles. But this only happens when we are alone. He never does these things when his friends are around so I don’t know what’s going on.

  26. my guy ,always tells me what he’s doing where he going ,like he checks in regularly.which I found strange cuz im 19 and neva been in relationship and I have no idea what this is lol ,, and he just told me he told his ex from years ago about me (apparently there friends now) soo im so confused

    • Hi anon i’m not sure what your question is here.. but what im’ understanding is that you have a bf already and your unsure why he keeps telling you where he is going etc? I would say its because he likes you and doesn’t want you to get the wrong impression, its his way of not letting you worry where he is perhaps. He has either told his ex because he adores you wants to show you off.. or he has done it to make the ex jealous. Personally i believe it to be the former.. Good luck

  27. There’s this guy who I’ve caught staring at me a lot but when I look at him, he turns away. He usually sticks up for me, is nice to me, but then at times he turns all cold and distant. He also looks for excuses to touch me – a casual tap on the shoulder, back and even hugged me twice – side hugs. I’ve also seen him discuss me with his pals quite often. Not sure what is going on here. Am pretty confused. I’ve also noticed that he gets a little awkward when we are alone together, like he stutters or the conversation has these awkward silences in between.

    • Hey Anonymous. Having a quick read it sounds to me like he does like you, he stares at you a lot.. and he hides it when you catch him, usually a tell sign hes into you and doesn’t want to be caught! 😉 Sticking up for you and being nice (especially extra niceness) is a sign he cares deeply for you which also implies he could be attracted. Touching you is genuinely a sign of playfulness and could be a sign also, if you feel he does it to get your attention and becomes all hyper and a bit of a show off then I’d say he is 100% into you.

      The awkwardness happens probably because he feels nervous alone with you, when you are sat opposite someone you like for example your going to feel like your either not good enough or like you dont know what to say (which usually means he is trying to say the right things too much; impress you and try not put you off). I would conclude hes into you and likely just needs some encouragement to take it a step further.. If what you have told me here is everything i think one day he will step up to the plate and ask for your number. Good luck

    • leave him for 1week see his face and his eyes there are something that only we can clear up,they’re obvious you must feel that pardon me because i can’t tell English well.

  28. Hey! So, uh, there’s this guy I’ve known for a while. He’s from a different school but we take the same tutoring school and he had my art teacher. So basically we meet once weekly, he has class at 10-12 and I had 13-15, so there’s an hour gap. But every week I went early to do my coursework. And somehow, I always get the feeling that he’s watching most of the time. Every time I went to talk to my teacher or went near the table, no matter what he was doing at the time like talking to the teacher or working, he always look up. Even when the teacher told him to continue working because he wasn’t paying attention to his work and turned to listen, he did so but he kept looking up again. And one day, while I was continuing with my coursework, he walked in to get his work then talked to the teacher for a little while. I was sitting, with my work, while my teacher and him were standing, then I felt like someone was watching me so I looked up and saw him staring but he quickly turns away. So I looked down again, then I felt it again. This time I looked up smiling, just a friendly one that was rather pale, he looked rather shock and amazed or something I couldn’t tell, he looked away but smiled back then excused himself then left. So I was wondering if anything would be possible or not because I was kind of interested in him for a while. Sorry if you find the story hard to follow. Thank you! 😀

  29. Hi – I work with a younger guy he is 30 and I am 50 who was actually flirting with me, but took me a while to realize it. I just didn’t figure he could in anyways have interest in me. It was actually a friend of mine who mentioned that it appeared he was flirting. There is another lady in the office who has caught him watching me when I am not looking, staring at me out the window when I walk to coffee break and looking into my eyes over lunches. He has done other gestures that I misconstrued at the beginning. He comes across as shy. He also mentioned mumbling under his breath that he doesn’t know what to do to come someones attention around here. But when a lady overhead and said what he proclaims loudly nothing. However when I realized what was going on and tried to reciprocate it seems he has pulled back. Now I have been out of the dating / flirting scene for about 18 years so definitey out of practice both receiving the signs and sending them. I am just not sure what to make out of this fellow now, he shows interest and pulls back it is intermittent from week to week and he has had to make any effort. We will only be working together until July and quite frankly I do not know what to do about this if anything. I am interested. (I have relayed some of the efforts he has made to my friends and they all agree they shows signs he is interested or was interested, they also agree they see a change in him now) Any advice?

    • Hi stacey.. im not sure why he pulled back.. things i read seemed like he is (or was) into you.. so when you reciprocated he pulled back? That seems like game playing to me. Either that or hes not interested. When someone shows interest in me i do it back if i like them. I think that if this guy is into you he should do something about it but like i said pulling back when you reciprocate interest just seems very ‘i play games with you’.. but it could be your showing too much interest as well, but even then i doubt a guy would pull back because of that… hard to say but i would let him make more effort. Good luck

  30. A friend of mine at church has, what I feel, taken an interest in me. He’s been divorced for a few years & I have been for a bit over a year & a half. We both have children. I adore his eldest daughter & she also has commented to him that she loves me & how crazy I can be at times…all in good fun. He has recently begun complimenting me, reaching out to touch my hand purposefully, asks about my children, teases me, and makes a point to call me out by name with his gorgeous smile on his face. I’m active in youth fundraisers at church that his children are also a part of, as well as the singing group. His children always attend with him, which I find highly attractive that he places that importance in their lives. Since I’m fairly new in the dating scheme of things after being out of it for 20 years, I just hope I’m not misinterpretting his signs. I know he considers my children a part of, as I do of his children. Any advice not to screw up what I feel is a beautiful thing in progress, I’d appreciate. Should I be confident I’m reading his signals correct, that he would like to pursue something more than a friendship? I know this would include more than just him in a life long commitment.

    • Hi Anonymous. Being out of the dating scene for 20 years can make one somewhat wary about interpreting signs wrongly but what i have read here, he likes you. Either that or he is very flirty person in general. I will go through what i believe to be high interest: he touches your hand, he compliments you, asks about the children and of course he seems to enjoy calling your name out. If hes not interested after all that he is bonkers haha. I kid.

      Its great you have something in common as well, i think hes into you, no doubt for me. The only way one can screw up is by being desperate but i’m sure you knew that, i dont think you can go wrong, just be yourself and you’ll be fine 🙂 I think things are going well so far and i think that if he hasn’t asked you out by now he will at some point. You should definitely be confident of reading him 🙂 I think the best thing you can do is drop him some hints, that is all you can really do for now, you could ask him one day if he fancies grabbing a coffee or hanging out, the latter might be better as its more impersonal and if hes up for it and likes you to some degree (which i believe he does) he wont turn down the offer. Though i would give it a few more weeks to see if he makes the move on you, im sure he will. Good luck 🙂

      • Thank for the insight. It’s refreshing to hear an unbiased opinion. Since posting, he’s joined up in an intramural sport team I’ll be on as well. A sign this will allow things to progress over time, which is a great thing, I feel. He’s still calling out my name, touching the hand, and doing it all with that gorgeous smile on his face and twinkle in his eye! And we both have begun mutual hugs. Lord have mercy! Doesn’t hurt that I think he’s HOT! I’ll give it time…we’ll see what is to come! Thanks again for your thoughts! This may literally be a God thing! 🙂

        • Always welcome. It sounds like you both have things in common and this sports thing is a great excuse for you two to get to know each other better and take it from there 😉

          To me it really does sound like he is taking a very big liking to you (all those signs! The physical signs such as touch being very important too), i hope it works out for you both. I reckon from here you will be fine and things will surely open up quite nicely if they are meant to be 🙂 Good luck

  31. Hi Jay,
    I know this is like the old story. I thought that everything was over, but everything still goes on. Whenever I’ve tried to show mine interests, things between us make me back off a little. Urgh!
    Good Friday: Walking up with his friends and smiling to himself, I believed that they joked around, so no need for me to pay attention. Until when I had to go to the back line instead of his, (Catholic thing during Mass) afterward, I could see he acted angrily such as grumpy face and stepped heavily when done serving and returning to his seat. His friends were normal. He was OK again until when I looked down when he passed by me and looked back up, he did the same later on. When I no longer looked down, he also acted the same when he passed by me.
    Sunday: He walked up with a grumpy face like someone made him angry, often looked down when we sat directly face to face…only further away. One or two times, he smiled to himself while his friends looked at him like having no idea what happened. I almost went to his line, but could not, there I saw he gave a quick glance at my direction when done serving everyone else. He was OK again when I glanced at him quickly and back when he was about to walk pass me. His mood was better from that moment…-.- One thing I would think of was that I did not go to Mass on Sat and probably he did, so if he truly has feelings for me, he might be angry because of that.
    Last Sunday, everything was OK. At the end, he walked so fast back and like was in a hurry. I don’t stay after and often walk home before he even gets out.
    Today, He was OK at first. In mind, I always saw that he joked around with his friends rather than talking about me and smiling. I can’t tell which one. Yet, I felt like he was so different unlike last times. I took a quick glance up and felt like either he was trying to ignore me or actually I’m just over-thinking. With these signals, how can I be sure that he likes me? If he still shows signals or acts like that, should I believe that he likes me?

  32. I work next to a guy who I think has a crush on me.
    He’s very nice but a little shy. He’s very attentive. He stops what he’s doing to either fix my machine, fix a boot I messed up (we make military boots), and to ask how i’m doing. He only really talks to me when i’m alone, but he’s all smiles whenever we talk.
    I think he’s adorable. I’ve been doing a little flirtin. I make him feel like he’s the hero who saved my day when he fixes something for me.
    When we got seperated I asked him if he missed me. He raised his eyebrows and said yes. I said AWW and trotted off to break.
    I’ve caught him lookin once, but the other times he lookin around.
    Does he like me or is he just being nice?

    • Hi Kaera. It sounds like you have something going here and at the very least you have got the ball rolling, good stuff. Guys can often be quite naive to when a woman is showing interest so i would consider to keep doing what your doing but maybe up the flirting a bit 🙂 From what i have read though if hes the shy type hes likely to keep to himself quite often but i suspect if you keep talking and keeping the convo going with him each time you see him then something will open up eventually.

      Its hard to say simply from this if he likes you but if you catch him looking at you when your not looking it could very well be a sign, you can always come back here and post updates and i will read. You could tell him you missed him and wondered if he wanted to hang out some time (at break or during some sort of recreational time).. I think your best bet is to get some alone time with him so he doesnt just assume your asking for help and thats it but perhaps if you keep asking for help he might get the hint eventually 🙂 Good luckl

      • I asked how his weekend went and said he looked good in his new hat lol but i’m the shy type too and i’m horrible at conversations lol

  33. Hi Jay,

    I need advice with a guy. He’s so hard to read! There’s this guy who is aquaintances with my brother as that play on the same school soccer team. I’m a senior and He’s a junior in high school. His friend secretly told me that this guy likes me. Even before then, I saw the signs. He tried to get me to notice him, would look and quickly look away, everytime I’m around he smiles, he talks to his friends about me, etc. The signs are there! But how come he won’t approach me then? I say hi whenever I see him, I approached him twice, and I even try to text him. He is extremely unresponsive to my texts. If he likes me, why doesn’t he jump at these opportunities or approach me? He is socialable with everyone else, but me. Please help. What do I do? I don’t want to be too direct and ask him out because I would like to get to know him more first. Thanks!

    • Hi Sally, he does sound very much into you, he might be shy or not very confident of approaching girls. Your best bet is to throw him some hints that you are interested because he might be looking for some signs from you too. Thought the rest of your message is odd because when you said he was unresponsive that makes no sense.. I can only think two things: he lost interest or he is simply afraid or rejection and doesn’t know how to communicate well.

      It sounds like he is shy and self conscious around you, i say this because he is social with everyone else but you.. he probably just needs some time to open up, get to know him more first. you dont really need to ask him out in the conventional way, you could ask him if he wants to hang out one day like go to the cinema. That way you dont sound like someone wanting to date him but rather get to know him and see where things go. Good luck

  34. Alright so I like this guy in my class and I don’t know if he feels the same way. He teases me but he does it to every other girl in the class. I heard him and his friends talking and they said he liked me but then he said no she used to like me when he saw me. He got really mad when I asked a guy for his number. Our lockers are next to each other and we race to see who can finish with them first. Im not sure if he like me. We are both 11 years old.

    • Hi Brooklyn, he might.. usually if he does it to everyone its just who he is as a person.. but he might also be doing to get the attention of every girl he does it to. It really depends on how long ago all this happened.. sounds like he was jealous of the other guy. But teasing you and racing you are good signs too. For someone who ‘used’ to like you he sounds quite jealous, the fact he is jealous must mean he must still has feelings for you (if it was recently).. id say he probably likes you but I’d look out for a few more signs to confirm it 🙂 Good luck

      • Dear Jay,
        Today was amazing !!!! My crush let’s me hang out with his friends, hides me from the teacher when I snuck out to talk to her, and we played that game were you throw popcorn in some ones mouth, but another girl, let’s call her Tasha, keeps giving me the evil eye. I think he likes her. Every time we talk she cuts in. I dont know what to do, please help.

  35. Hola Jay,

    I need your advice desperately. There’s this guy I like (doesn’t it always start like that?) and I want to know what I must do. To be honest, he is my Spanish teacher. We’re only 3 years apart so the age shouldn’t be an issue. Ugh! For 10 months I’ve crushed on him. NEVER in that time did he ever give me any “vibes” that he is interested in me. Very professional. Then we had a 2 month break. Upon my return I was hit with all the signs and signals. Him constantly touching me, drawing my attention away from the group (we’re 9) to talk to me, being in my personal space (really close to me I can smell his breath and natural scent), and the last 2 weeks doing that adorable staring thing guys do when they quickly look away. We’ve also lately been giving each other deep (I hope you understand?) looks like we’re trying to look into each others souls. He’s also been dressing to impress lately. I might have glimpsed a bit of jealousy the other day while I was chatting to a male class mate but I can’t be sure. He uses any excuse to be close to me and touch me. And no, he doesn’t do these things to the other students.But here comes my confusion: Last week in class he was so cold towards me. He didn’t greet. Didn’t even look at me. I don’t understand why he did that! Half way through class though I don’t know if he lost his composure but he started doing those subtle signs again. We even had a bit of a “disagreement” regarding the work and he came to me and softly spoke to me to calm me down. When class was over he opened the door for me and gave me one of those looks again when he said goodbye. To be fair, I haven’t reciprocated any of his signals except for the looks. Even my body language I think is “well controlled”. What do I do?! Why was he cold to me in the beginning? Was he trying to avoid me? Sorry for the long post.


  36. Hey,

    I’m really confused right now. My crush has been sending me mixed messages, like ignoring me when we are around other people, and he’s constantly talking to me when we are one on one. He sometimes kicks my girlfriend out of the seat next to me to sit next to me in math class. Does he like me or not? We are friends right now, but my friends are wondering why we are not dating now. I don’t think he likes me, but my friends are positive he LOVES me. His name is Jeffrey.


    • Hi anon, it is very possible.. it sounds to me like this guy does not like others knowing that he likes you and thats why sometimes he ignores you, it could also be because hes annoyed at you for something during those moments.

      Otherwise he might just be quite mean for his own reasons, its hard to say just from this whether hes into you but your friends are very likely being honest and correct with their opinion of him liking you.. but for me the bottom line is simply to let him ask you out, if he likes he will at some point.. if you want to speed the process up you could ask for his number.. if he already has your number then he should ask you on a date or to meetup sometime. Good luck

  37. Hey Jay, ok so yesterday on Monday at lunch, my friend went up to Eric and asked if he liked me and he looked around her and then he said yes. ( do u know y he looked around and i was talking to my other friend at the other side of the cafeteria and she asked him alone with nobody around and she said he was pretty straight forward) then i didn’t see her ask so she and my other friend went up to him at the field ( i was on one end of the field and he was towards the middle playing football with his friends ) and asked him if he liked me and they said they asked him straight forward and he looked around them all nervous not making eye contact anymore and said ‘ psh. No’ and his friends were just looking at him like do u cause they have also asked his friends and they say idk. And also my pne of my friends rode home with me today and i had her phone and he came up and tried to take it out of my hand and he purposely grabbed my whole hand instead of just grabbing the phone. Ok so on the day i forgot to bring my phone ( i forgot to put this part in) he pulled out his phone and said ” look i have MY phone! 😉 and i have it and can just pull it out and its right there when i want it!” And he sorta waved it in my face. Does this mean he wanted my number or he was just bragging he had his phone and i didnt have mine? Thxs!

    • Hi Megan. The post is very confusing so what i got from it was this: He lied to one girl but not the other girl.. he is probably scared of his friends finding out he likes you or at least the whole school or whatever.. but when it was just him and the one friend of yours he was okay with it hence looking around to see if anyone heard him say yes. So believe he is into you, he most likely trusts one person over a whole group of people.

      I read parts of your other post and it does sound like hes really into you. Him grabbing your hand is a sign too, i do think this guy is into you but probably just doesn’t want everyone knowing for whatever reasons, if he likes you he will make a move eventually i’m sure. The bragging about his phone could possibly be him suggesting you could get his number but then i would assume he would ask you for your number directly anyway. See what happens, you could always ask for his number, besides he might feel a little embarrassed asking for yours after telling someone he likes you. Good luck

      • Hey thxs for replying. So the thing is I would ask for his number, i just dont want to at the same time because if he does like me wouldnt he try to get mine first? And he hasnt talked to me yesterday or today really… And both days my friend has gone up to him and said “go ask her out!” But he just tells her to f off and once she leaves u can hear his whole group of friends shout “go ask her out!” And we look over and see them teasing him and pushing him toward and when they see us looking they look at him like…” Go…” But he just backs up and starts talking about something else. And when we talk he looks into my eyes then he looks down at my lips. Why does he do that? Thxs

        • Well if hes confident he will, but if hes shy or whatever then he prob will feel scared doing it, use your best judgement here, does he seem the confident type, if yes then let him ask you 🙂

          If everyone else is egging him on but he wont do it then possibly hes either not comfortable yet or not interested.. time will tell..

      • Sorry i have so many things to say… Anyways yesterday we had a soccer game and the game was next to the basketball court at our school. Oh so we saw Eric at the basketball court and my friend Ryan wanted to no what he looked like so i told Ryan ” he’s in the blue shirt on the basketball court” and he looks over and said ” I’m gonna go talk to him” and i said Ryan get back here and he ran off to Eric and he came back with a smile on his face and i asked him what and he said nothing. I just talked to him and Ryan wouldn’t tell me what he said to Eric!! So i started to notice that Eric kept looking over at me to see if i had seen him jump and make a dunk, which i did. So then i finally got Ryan to tell me what he said and this is what he said. He went up to him and said “hey Eric” Eric said “hey?” I said ” u should ask out megan” Eric said “which one?” I said “the one on ur bus” he said ” ok i will.” Then i said ok and left. ( the i said’s was ryan telling me) then when me and my friend were walking to the bus he kept looking back at me and it looked like he was trying to come talk to me but his friends kept stoping him to talk to him. Then we got on the bus and i heard Eric say “this kid came up to me and said i should ask out megan” then his friends said “which one?” Then he said the one on this bus.” and they all look back at me and turn around and start talking again but Eric just looked back at me and when i saw him he sheepishly smiled and looked away. Sorry its so long!!

  38. Dear Jay,
    Ok so there’s this guy on my bus and he is one if my best friends and he sometimes sit next to me. And if he does we may either sit close with our legs brushing or we sit close but not so close. And its always him coming over to sit next to me. He always looks over at the first stop to see if there’s gonna be a seat available by me soon. He usually does this on the 2nd stop before my friend gets off ( she thinks he likes me ) and at the 2nd stop he will either sit next to me, sit in the Seat next to me, sit infront of or behind me. Even if there’s not and he has to sit by some stranger, he’ll still sit next to them in order to talk to me. Every single day ( unless im not there or he’s already by me) he will ditch his friends to come sit near me. And we will always talk. He always asks to play on my phone too. once when he’s asked to play on my phone he texted the guy ( b)i like ( i asked him out ( guy b ) and he said no and the guy on the bus texted him saying that was a b. s. answer btw i dont really like him anymore ( guy b))One day i didnt have my phone ( cuz i left it at home) and he still sat next to me and carried a conversation. His friends will always look back at us unless their with him talking to me also. If i go up to ask his other friends a question about something that happened earlier in the day he’ll follow me. My friend says that when im not on the bus he will always ask where i am. And if im not there he wont talk to her or sit near her. Instead he will go to his friends towards the front. So today we were talking ( he was sitting in front of me) and i was talking to him and then i started talking to my friend-ish guy in the seat next to me. Then i looked at my phone and out of the corner of my eye i could see him staring at me with a smile on his face. And when i turned to start talking to him again he acted as if he wasnt staring at me. After he got off the bus, my friend-ish guy in the seat next to me went up to his other friend and he asked if the guy liked me. He said idk but i think he does know. P.S i sorta like him too. Im in 7th grade and he’s in 6th. Idk what to do!! Please help me. It might be easier kf i give u names. Ok so im obviously megan. Guy a ( the one on the bus ) his name is Eric an guy b ( the one i use to like his name is Anthony.

    • Are you ConfusedFlorida with a different name? I am good thanks, you? I actually seem to have missed advising below, sometimes for some reason no warning comes up when someone replies or comments on this blog page, its weird but my answer to it is:

      I believe he is into you. He seems very interested. Like teasing you but there is a chance he is screwing around too, i have always said it should be the guy to ask you out, sometimes dropping hints is important. Do you ever rest your head on his shoulder or do the things he does to you? If hes not messing around then perhaps he does like you but doesn’t see enough signals to ask you out. Good luck

      • Same person, so yes. I’m good thanks for asking. The other day I sort of tried, he sat in my lap so I put my head on his shoulder. But I don’t really know what signals to send. How do I send them. I’m not the flirt time so I don’t know what to do.

        • Brokke. Keep hanging out with him, encourage him by laughing at his jokes, touching him or asking to go places with you. He will ask you out eventually if hes into you not much else you can do in the man time, it sounds like he does like you though. If he doesn’t ask you out or make a move then you know. Sometimes the guy wont go for it if your not obvious enough to him. Good luck

  39. Dear Jay, I’ve liked this one guy for almost 2 years. I know his bestfriends and they love me like if I was their sister. I do occasionally find him staring at me and sometimes we will talk sometimes all the time. The other day I told him that I might transfer schools and he told me ” no you can’t. You can’t leave!” And and I asked why to see if I could get anything out like a hint or something but all he said was that I wasn’t allowed to leave the school I’m at. My friends do tell me that he likes me but I feel like there are too many mixed signals. Help?

    • Hi P, from this alone i cant give a definite but at the very least he cherishes the friendship you guys have, its likely that if many others think he likes you he probably does, but you also have to make sure they are not just saying it because they want it to be truth, y’know? The staring is the best sign so i’d give a 60% yes he probably does like you, i would try to hang out with him more often and watch how he behave around you more closely. Good luck

      • Hey Jay,
        Sorry I tried to keep it some what short. Haha. Well he usually finds some kind of excuse to talk To me. Like we have the same teacher and I have the class before he does so its always what we do in the class and if we have homework. Just recently he was about to ditch class and was going to help me do some homework that I didn’t understand. And I have noticed that he glances a lot over to my direction. I just don’t know if he’s really shy to say anything about it or prefers staying friends.

  40. Hi just wanted to know I have met someone not so long ago and he is 6 yrs older than me.We chat so now and then but then he sends me pictures of him,not naked ones not so long ago he went to hospital he send me pic to let me know that he is going for an op. Not once have I question him who is talking the pictures .I am just wanna know does he likes me or what cause if I am to meet him I do not want to sent the wrong signals and then make a total fool of myself.

    • Braveheart, so as long as you know these pictures are really him, i cannot really say whether he likes you because you did not mention anything about him in terms of him showing interest but if he keeps chatting to you then yes i would say he does. Define ‘wrong signals’. You will be fine. Good luck

  41. I work at a checkout counter in a public library and there is this guy that I went to high school with who comes in occasionally. I really like him. The last time he was in about two weeks ago he mumbled how are you. When a guy mumbles does that mean he doesn’t want to talk to you? All I have ever said to him is hi.

    • Hi Anonymous, this guy you met in the public library did he speak to you first or? Sometimes the mumble can be that he is not used to talking to many people or simply hes nervous. Its hard to say really why he mumbles. To me if he did not want to talk to you he would not have asked how you are. Asking “how are you” means he was interested in talking to you. Did you reply to his question? Say hi again next time you see him, im sure he will be back and open up if hes into you. Good luck

      • Thanks for responding. I said hi first when he came to the checkout counter to borrow some items. I didn’t respond when he mumbled how are you because I was nervous, and at first unsure if I heard him correctly.

        • I see, maybe he thought you ignored him, then again i wouldn’t worry too much, this can easily be corrected. When you see him next time just say “hi, how are you?”. IF he doesn’t respond don’t take it to heart, just remain happy and your self, he might be a bit grumpy next time if he thinks you intentionally ignored but he will also appreciate the effort you put in. Eventually he will open up if hes nervous too, keep me posted. Good luck

  42. I like this guy we have PE and sceience class together and in PE we are doing square dancing and he was my partner so we had to hold hands n stuff he always calls me little names but then says he’s joking n he always tries to talk to me. What should I do?!?

    • Hi anonymous, he sounds into you, calling you little names is his way of deflecting his interest in you, to hide his interest from you but to also cause a little tension between you guys. Hes being coy. The fact he always talk to you is a great sign, there is a very good chance hes into you. Throw him some hints and im sure he will ask you out if he hasn’t already. Good luck 🙂

  43. Hi, I would like to share my story and ask for an advice.
    For 2years, I was not attractive to any men. Not until I met this old guy.
    This old guy is older than me by 6 years and he’s totally not my type.
    But he caught my interest which I got attracted to his intelligence, kindness, achiever and down to earth person.

    at first, Im confused and in denial to accept that I was attracted to a man who is older to my eldest brother, shorter than my older brother and not good-looking guy. But all of these changed, turned out I like him. I fell for a stranger.
    Unfortunately, I have this thinking that he will never make a move because I’m just merely a staff and he’s ayoung achiever. Though my officemates have said that I’m special to this guy but I can’t just be happy on what others see if I can’t hear 3words I like you from him.

    Or perhaps im too assuming that his actions say he likes me like

    1.Coming to our office, and asking questions to me for a straight week
    2.Asking me where I live
    3.always caught him looking at me
    4.whenever we’re alone he talks to me very sweet
    5. responds to my texts asap.
    6. whenever he goes to our office, he always proceeds to my place whether its iimportant or not.
    7. he always watches me perform.

    or is it i’m too aware of his existence that I get too conscious?

    or he’s not into me?

    I just can’t understand him.

    • Hi unexpected this is a bit of a late reply, busy last month and all but if your still in the same predicament i will answer anyway. He sounds into you by what i have read, the idea is just not to over read the signs but from those signs i would say its more a case of him showing interest. Whether that is romantic interest my guess is yes it is, 90% sure in fact. I don’t know your ages but i would throw him some hints so he knows your into him too. If you did get together in the end before my response i’m glad. Good luck 🙂

  44. and he’s always nervous around me n has been talking loudly n sort of bragging loud enough for everyone to hear lately.just don’t understand it. I feel like he diesnt like me cause he ignores me but is nervoys around me n at one point he would get so nervous he coudnt get away from me fast enough. it makes me think he hates me or something.

    • Braveheart i hope this was resolved. Personally i think if he is interested he will reach out to you at some point, it also depends on his age, perhaps he is hiding his interest. But personally you should not be waiting for anyone, he will have you waiting forever. So you have a choice, either to move on or ask him yourself. If he has made a move since then cool. But i cant really see this guy wanting this relationship if he hasn’t yet made a move on you. Good luck

  45. so i like this guy in my class but he’s shy. I waited months to tell him that I liked him, and he responded positively afterwards through his actions. we have a lot of classes together and in th last two months he started acting weird and ignoring me talking to everyone except me like I’m invisible. but as soon as everyone is gone he reveals his softer side to me. he’s been really nice and put forth a lot of effort t get to know me. n we even had a chance to hang out outside of school where he really started showing his other side and flirty n pulling me towards him. even got jealous when i was just being fridndly with three guys for a project. now since two months ago he seems out of touch. I feel like he’s got something personal going on. do u think he likes me, as more? I’m trying to give him his space for awhile but I also want to be there for him.

    • Braveheart, considering you have told him you like him already then i don’t see what hes waiting for. By now he should have made a move if he was super interested, as a guy myself when i know a girl is into me and im into her i act on it. If you want to ask him out go for it, right now you seem unhappy with waiting so by ‘acting’ and doing something about it perhaps you will feel happier with yourself. So ask him out, get his number quite casually if you don’t have it already, talk about going out for a coffee or a movie one day. If hes into you he will gladly go with you, if he wont then hes not so interested. Give it a try 🙂 Good luck

  46. I like this guy, but whenever he talks to me he is kinda mean. He also touches me on the shoulder a lot. Does he like me or not? From: confusedgirl

    • Hi Confusedgirl!

      His mean behavior may be his way of hiding his interest in you, it may also be his way of getting your attention, while its a little immature its usually sign he could be interested.. if he more mean to you than others then its likely he is.

      And the touching you on the shoulder is generally a very good sign if he touches you often. How can someone so mean like to touch you so much, you get me? There is prob tension there 😉 Good luck

    • Hello Me,

      He is either a player looking for attention from several girls or he could like the girl but if the guy is not making a move then you have your answer right there. Someone can show interest or give you attention but if they aint acting on it or dumping the girl for the other girl then the guy is not interested enough.

      I would recommend not getting involved with someone jumping from relationship to relationship anyway, it does spell trouble. So if he aint making a move he ain’t interested enough or he just wants an ego boost and enjoys multiple girls liking him. Being in a relationship with this guy would only mean going behind the GFs back, no one should want to be in that position of second guessing his cheating/mistrusting issues. Good luck

  47. Hi,

    I have an ex colleague whom I have only used to lunch or went out with in a big group. Recently, he gets to learn that i had bake some cookies had requested whether he could have some of them. 

    From there on, we got to meet up alone which we had never did before as colleagues. Subsequently, we started to go out in few occasions for dinners & drink and started chatting through messages.He has also been quite gentleman and chivalrous when we went out together. He would always text me to check if I have reached home after our meeting.

    There’s also times where we chatted for hours via SMS over midnight and I felt that he seems to be interested in knowing about my interest, what I like or dislike. In our messages, he would sometimes mentioned about what we could do in our future meetings. There are few occasions where i caught him looking at me and i turned and looked into his eyes for few mins before i looked away. But most of the time I was the one who initiated the chat (via SMS) while he’s the one suggesting to meet up.

    May I know is he interested in me by looking at what I have shared? What can I do to identify more obvious signs that he is interested in me? should I cut down initiating the SMS to him, and see if he would text me.

    • Hi Yoyo, for some reason i missed this comment because it was missing off my alerts list, confusing one for me.

      He sounds caring and kind, a good sign lol. Chatting for hours via SMS is always a good sign, no doubt. He is interested in getting to know your interests, another good sign. Looking at you is good and he suggests meeting up. All good. You will probably have some answers from his body language around you also. If for example hes teasing you or he seems like he is trying to impress you etc.

      He is clearly interested in you 🙂 very interested. Do not doubt his interest, he is leading you and your obviously feeling very suspenseful of his intentions. I cant see any other reason why a guy would do all this to you if he was not interested romantically so im sure at one point he will ask you to be official. Patience is all you need here really 🙂

      There is always a chance that he might just be looking for a friend but i very much doubt it because hes probably got enough friends already. As for initiating convos yes, if you feel your doing everything when talking etc pull back a little and let him do some of the initiating when it comes to conversing. Of course just don’t make him chase you too much, keep it balanced so he knows your interested too 🙂 Good luck

      • Hi Jay, thanks for the swift reply. It’s great hearing from you that he is interested. I have been kinda troubled wondering how would a guy be bothered texting for so many hours with me, keen in knowing more about me & dating me.

        There’s few occasions when he mentioned things like, requesting me to cook a certain food for him or suggesting that we can have the bottle wine together (when I was sharing with him that I have bought a nice bottled wine, however I wouldn’t able to finish alone as I am a small drinker) in our future meetings. These seems to be some of the positive signs that he is looking forward to date me again.

        However, I noticed that I would usually needs to create some opportunities to make him initiate the meeting. Similarly, he would seldom initiat the conversation which confused me some how. What would be the possible reasons? Is he being shy, probably fear of rejection, taking his time to consider whether we are compatiable or it’s normal for guys not to stay in touch often? However through his eyes contact and some body languages, I do have gut feelings that there’s some chemistry in us.

        What would be some positive signs that I could show him that I am interested without being too obvious? I am afraid that I might overdo things and ended up turning him off. 🙁 or should I stay patience at this moment?

        • Yoyo i hope you are getting somewhere, i have been busy due to the Christmas season. I think this is just a matter of not over thinking or over analyzing, you need to rid all that and just go with the flow i.e go enjoy your life and stop pondering his next move every minute. You will be fine, he sounds very into you. So dont doubt, just live! 🙂

          But yes patience is everything, from the way he speaks he sounds interested. It could be he is shy or that he initiates seldomly because you dont. This is something you will have to work out, otherwise also be careful he is not crafty if you know what i mean. To show him you like him, sit near, touch his hand, ask him questions about himself, things like that 🙂 Good luck

  48. Dear Jay ,there is this guy at my school who always looked at me when we are in class and when we are outside class.I realised he likes me though I did not do anything about it.One day I was in class he walked up to me and started creating some kind of conversession we talked for some time and he requested to go to where I stayed but then I turned him down.In the first instance I also had a huge crash on him.He has turned cold since that time he took my number but has not called,it is now one week.Whenever we meet he stops talks to me alittle then walks away incase I have not seen him when walking by the corridors of the classrooms he does something to make me notice him.I have really fallen for this guy what can I do.I will really appreciate it if you help me out because I can nolonger concentrate on anything because of my feelings for him and yet he has now turned cold on me.

    • Hi Monica,you say he likes you but the way he is acting does not imply that he does very much unless hes playing games. He is acting cold and not calling? I would give him 2 weeks, if he hasn’t contacted by then i myself would consider him not interested. Him getting you to notice him is a good sign but until he acts on his interest.

      Sure you can concentrate less on him, you just do it. Concentrate on something else, keep yourself occupied with something else. If he is interested he will come to you. He can not honestly think being cold will get him anywhere so go on with your life and let him come to you. And if he is being cold in a game playing manner ignore it. Im sure if hes into you he will call you at some point. Good luck

  49. I have this guy friend. He is 21 like myself. He is actually older than I am….thing is, he’s the school janitor.

    He’s starting to text me everyday now. A few weeks ago when he asked me out, I thought he was only asking me for drinks as friends, so I said yes and we exchanged numbers. I told him how I only wanted to be friends with him and he didnt like it at all. He became upset with me for a while there and wouldn’t talk to me. Now its holiday break and I’m home from uni and he’s been acting nicer to me these last few weeks before break so I decided to ask him to hangout once I come back. I guess he took it the wrong way again cause he’s been texting me a whole lot and it sucks because I would only really rather have him as a friend :/ I dont find myself attracted to him that way…

    How should I lay it on him? Next time he texts me? I dont want him to get his hopes up during this break…and I dont want to feel guilty. It’s not like I’ve been messing with his mind or anything….Being nice can be read as flirtatious with guys, I know that. I just dont want to hurt his feelings at all, even though I already did I think… I know that I will see him again in the building since he’s the janitor and that if anything DID occur with him, and we DID get in a fight or whatever, I would have to see him everyday, which wouldn’t be easy to handle, ect…I feel like this is a tough situaton, because I DO like him, but just as a friend :/

    • Hi Cat.

      The best thing to do is simply to ignore him till he gets the picture but your not really doing yourself any favors by asking him to hang out then asking how to get rid of him, seems kinda silly to do one thing that goes totally against the other, its contradictory to me. And you have ended up creating your own problems.

      Every time you tell him to see you or meet up your encouraging him to hit on you because by giving him that chance to see you and hang out he believes its for something else. To me the guy sounds very naive, he gets mad at you for absolutely nothing which kinda makes me think hes possessive as well. you need to drop the friendship altogether imo, he might not want friendship with you and i don’t blame him, sometimes if he cant get what he wants you have to accept he might not want the friendship (this seems to me why he is getting mad). At the same time you should be truthful as to not cause any more problems.

      You have several choice: 1) you ignore him till he gets the picture 2) you tell him your only interested in friendship if he asks about meeting up 3) you tell him you don’t like him like that. Only bring up 2 and 3 if it comes to that point. And if he gets angry for no reason then he needs to get a grip.

      Thing is you have landed yourself in your own problems by telling him you could meet up with you after the break. And to him it will look like your playing games with this back and forth stuff even if its not your intention.. make one decision and stick with it. And if he gets mad just ignore it and get on with your life, there are many people out there that if they don’t their way they throw a tantrum, therefore don’t argue back and just walk away from the nonsense. And remember don’t demand friendship from him if he doesn’t actually want it. Good luck

      • Do you honestly feel that this friendship needs to be terminated? I’m not necessarily asking how to get RID of him. I do agree he is a little naive, he still acts very young and immature at times…This is only my second semester at my new uni, and I actually DID enjoy his company as a friend and that’s why I asked him to hangout after the break. I do like spending time with him. I have stopped texting him and he has stopped texting be all together fairly quickly, so I guess I have nothing to worry about really.. besides going back to school to explain to him my situation….I wish I could keep him as a friend but I guess I’m realizing that its just not going to work out at all.

        thank you for all your help!!

      • PS I can see now how it seems like I am playing mind games with him however I made it quite clear from the beginning that I wanted to just remain friends with him. This sucks, because I feel like I’m losing a friend and now its suppose to be MY fault? Maybe I just suck at making friends. :/ eh.

  50. Okay there is this guy in school and I have loved him for three years now. (since 7th) he stares at me all the time, even since 7th. when i used to stare at him staring in 7th and even now sometimes he would look in the opposite direction or look down. [Now] When I was eating breakfast in the cafeteria he was siting three tables away from me. His back was facing me, but he kept looking back. It was like a clear path… One time during lunch he sits a few tables away from me but we can clearly see each other. Well my friend (hes gay) Stood up and looked over at him. Well my crush saw and then a few seconds later my crushes friend. sitting next to him stood up and looked back over at us. My friend did that a lot to him and my crush noticed. The thing is he knew I already liked him. Anyway, a few minutes later he turned his whole body in my direction and stared at me for a long time. i purposely talked to my other friend (girl) (Sarah) to kind of get his attention. but also because I was talking to her about something important. well I noticed he didn’t avert his eyes. and i would look over there making eye contact and I think it was obvious to him because Sarah even asked me why I kept looking over there. Stuff like that happens all the time. Before all this I gave him a poem basically saying that I loved him. I did a stupid thing and didn’t give it to him but my friend Alex did. (The gay one) My crush had earphones on so he didn’t know what was going on. My friend gave it to him and he looked at it like what the heck. I don’t know if he read it but im pretty sure he did because after that he looked at me more. well my friends left out that he had a girlfriend… the thing is I never saw them together but i saw her today when we went to a ice skating field trip thing. apparently they broke up a few weeks later. after that he looked at me so much more. One time i went over there at the table next to him during lunch to talk to my friends. well he came out of the chicken line and saw me. we made eye contact. when we did he went in the line next to the chicken line. (he already had his food though) my friend alex said he watched him and he went into the other line and did nothing but look around and stand there. when he came out me and him made eye contact again. I kinda smiled while looking down. well my friend alex again told me he was sitting right behind me and kept looking at the back of my head. Then that was that and i went back over to my table. and he still as usual looked at me >.<
    The ice skating trip:
    we had this paper where we write our names down and the people we wanted to ride with. so i put my name down and my friends. i told my friend Lexi that i wanted him to ride my bus if he was going. well she said give me that and wrote it in PIN. later she told him that i wanted to sit on the same bus as him. He kinda grinned and said cool while shrugging his shoulders and kinda rolling his eyes. well on our way to the trip she told me he couldn't go. They talk but not that much.
    After the trip when we were later on the bus going back to school. to go home… this girl kept looking at me on the bus. and so i looked at her too because i was wondering why she was looking at me. she asked me if my name was Katelynn. I said yes. a few seconds later she asked me if i liked Leedrick. My friend Haley said yes shes liked him for 3 years. and i said yes. then later i asked them why? she told me that he was curious to know if i liked him. the funny thing is it was his ex and the guy sitting next her (don't know him) who told/asked me. I was shocked but very happy to hear that. I dont know if he said that or not but they way hes been acting i think he probably did.
    Most important facts:
    We don't have any classes together since 7th grade. We see each during breakfast and lunch, after 2nd, 6th, and sometimes after buses. a lot of my friends say he might like me but i'm not so sure. I want to talk to him but i don't have enough courage and obviously me and him are very shy when it comes to this. some of my friends tell me to go ahead and ask him out but others tell me to wait, to not preasure him into it. So please help me! tell me what I should do and what I shouldn't. and if you think he is interested (likes me) I know its a lot of writing and a lot to ask but i am so thankful…Thank you so much for your time and effort. 🙂

  51. Okay- we work together I’m his “trainee” as bartenders bits a slow season so we have sat together in the bar talking and he asks me a Lot of questions and introduces me to all his co workers also, he’s thrown paper balls at me also lol bumps into me, is very “clumsy” around me and is always messing with his shirt. Taking off his sweater, putting it back on, pacing around, looking at me a Lot, asking if I need anything or have any other questions, always helps me out, and says random funny things to make me laugh all the time. We have each others numbers and he flirts with me more over text, like “u should come over” a Lot. But in always too tired and I feel like it’s pushing him away cause I keep telling him excuses when I really just wanna honestly sleep! Does he like me, and how can I let him know I Really like him. I wanna be with him.. But don’t wanna come off too strong.

    • Hey Candi, he asks you a lot and he throws paper at you, sounds almost like a school boy crush almost! haha 🙂 Clumsiness is self conscious behavior i.e he doesn’t want to mess up in front of you but the funny thing is that his focus on not messing up in front of you ends up making him clumsy 🙂 hes trying to get your attention quite a lot too. I don’t see the problem here, hes into you.. all you need to do is be more direct. If you want sleep tell him you want to sleep now and he will stop texting. If you like hint it across to him, either accept his come over text OR if you want to appear as someone who is strong without being too strong then tell him “well i dont want to come over but i would not mind going to the cinema”.. of course use your own idea up here.. go somewhere you feel more comfortable going and im sure he will suggest somewhere, only then you agree with the suggestion. Its that simple 🙂 you will be fine. Then on the date all you have to do is things such as smiling, complimenting, laughing with him, touching, being close etc, thats encouragement enough! Good luck

  52. So this guy at my school said he loved. Just randomly out of the blue. He usually has a grin on his face but when i looked at him he was staring at me with a serious look in his eyes. He came over sat infront of me and said he loved me. I thought he was joking around since we always joke and tease other. But he looked serious so i think i said something sarcastic. Im really confused can anyone help. I really thought he was kidding since im chubby and going threw teenage acne. But he always stands by me.

    • Hi ConfusedFlorida. Sounds like he is into you but to be sure let him ask you out so you know hes being truthful, there are some guys who do play mean pranks on girls but i feel this guy is most likely being genuine.. we’ll see. The teasing and joking among you and the sitting near you are good signs, as too is telling you he loves you.

      The ‘love you’ part could be sarcastic, but if you guys are under 16 he is more likely being truthful, going by the seriousness hes telling the truth imo. I remember i once really liked this girl who had acne and we dated, i know that sounds weird lol but sometimes it really does come from the heart, as for being chubby or having acne, if he likes you he likes you, it wont matter 🙂 Good luck

      • Thanks. He is fifteen. But did I blow it cause when I answered him I was a bit sarcastic since I was a bit shocked and at loss for words. Do you think he will say anything again?

        • Confused, you did not blow it, trust me.. as long as you keep in contact and throw hints you will be fine. Just don’t ignore him and you will be fine. He ‘might’ not say anything first.. but why does that matter? Surely you yourself can say hi still? Good luck 🙂

      • So Jay he did say it again and me being a dumb ass I said I love me too. He walked off and I followed him and said I love you too but playfully. We then did this weird hug were our arms were around each other but we kept moving around. Which ended in lsughter. A few weeks later he laid his head on my shoulder and sat there for a while. But he left shortly. What is going on with that? I’m a bit more than confused. JUst the other day he sat in my lap and just smiled teasingly and then got up after he almost broke my knee. Is he just playing around with me?

  53. There’s this guy I like.
    In school, he is always around me or would sit near me.
    He teases me occasionally.
    He shares his food and drinks with me.
    Recently, we went out together on 4 occasions.
    He always sends me home. Like walking me to the bus stop and waiting for the bus with me before leaving.
    Once I burnt my feet by accident and he got really worked up and concern. He kept fussing over me that day.
    Once he was ill, yet he still went out with me and insisted on waiting with me for another friend to arrive before leaving.
    I didnt had enough money for a proper meal and lied that I didnt feel like eating, but he bought a burger for me still.
    I need someone to tell me whether he really likes me or just treating me as a close friend…

    • Zeraphina, he sounds like he is totally into you 99%, you have all the signs there that he likes you. He is giving you this special treatment most likely because he cares about you more than other people and there is usually one reason for that. I think you know what i mean 😉 Good luck

  54. There is this guy at my gym who showed interest in me by being in my line of view until I noticed him. I then became interested in him. Neither of us have talked to one another, but I did say “hi” in passing one day when he was leaving. I thought maybe I left the door open for him to talk to me and not to be shy. He even started parking next to me, but he won’t talk to me. Was I just a challenge? A game? I don’t even know now if he is interested in me anymore, but I still am. What do I do?

    • Hey Laura, he could very well be into you if tries to be in your line of sight all the time. Parking near you could be a good sign but as you have said hi i would let him come to you next and say hi, you made the first move now let him put some effort in too. If hes playing games he aint worth your time, some guys do have an ego on them or perhaps hes already taken? I would see if he makes a move on you, if not then move on. Good luck

  55. I was sitting in class one day when this guy turned around and randomly started talking to me. I used to be friends with him when we were younger but we lost touch through the years. I was taken aback when he began talking to me b/c he was being so nice. Well from that day on, he would talk to me everyday in class and I would catch him looking at me in the halls. Finally, on my birthday (after he made a huge scene in class so they all knew it was my birthday) he asked for my number. Since that day, we have texted every single day. He texts me every morning saying Good morning. He gives me hugs all the time and goes out of his way to see me during the school day! I give him rides to and from school now and we hang out now. He seems to always be teasing me or messing with me in a joking way. Like he takes my books/work so I have to chase after him and he will bump into me and say “stop walking into me!” and stuff. The other day we were hanging out and I was cold so he gave me his jacket! and he kept walking rlly close to me. (If that makes sense?)

    I clearly like this guy. I have people in school asking me all the time if we are dating. I’ve asked him before if he likes anyone but he kind of just avoided the question. Do you think that he likes me back? Or do you think he just wants to be friends? (Keeping in mind the fact that when we used to be friend when we were younger.. he never acted this way towards me.)

    • Hi Lexy, he initiated talking to you (and nice about it too), talks to you each day, he looks over at you, he remembered your bday and then teased you a bit it with class mates, AND he asked for your number. All good signs for me.

      Then your now texting each and everyday, does he wish you good night? Does he text every minute of every day? Does he seem friendly or nice in the texts? Are his text messages long or short? Does he reply to you messages quickly? These are all the kind of questions you can consider.

      But then i read the rest; Teasing and messing also good signs, he takes your work so you chase him for it, he gives you his jacket, walking close to you, he avoided answering the question (for a reason). ALL good signs, are you sure you can’t tell if hes into you? lol 😉

      But since he says good morning every day i think he 100% into you, i don’t know of a guy who would say good morning to you unless he liked you. I can say for sure that if he is over excited and very very happy when with you he’s attracted, as you say he was never like this when you were younger so his hormones are obviously affecting him haha. But yeah i reckon at some point he will ask you out, perhaps drop him some hints here and there. Good luck 🙂

  56. Hey jay
    I’m not trying to be a bother, I just wanted to make sure you saw my earlier comment. I apologize if you did and are just pondering your answer or something, I only wanted to be sure. No rush to answer, by the way (and thats not me telling you to hurry, geez anything I say sounds rude and impatient) I simply wanted to confirm.
    Chank you

  57. hey! so there’s this guy in my french class who’s name,for the time being, can be steve (fake name) and I’ve known him for nearly two months now and I don’t know if he likes me or not. Everytime I sit next to him his arm creeps round the back of my chair but he doesn’t do it with any other girl in the class or in any of his other classes, the first week I sat next to him he sat with his arm round the back of my chair for the whole lesson and was teasing me all lesson. He hasn’t sat next to me for a few weeks now but he always sits at an angle where he can see me in class, and I always catch him staring at me in class, and when he realises I can see him looking at me he looks away. he also seems to find everything I say funny, when I’m trying to be of course. He also catches up to walk with me or approaches me to talk to me in the corridor, I’m also the only girl out of all his classes he makes an effort to speak to as well he teases me all the time in class. Anyway my friend who is also in our french class thinks he likes me she even told his friend that she thought he did, his friend agreed but said “but he has a girlfriend” so I don’t know what to think at the moment! :s please help!

    • Hi Frangepanie. Agreed with Cheyanne here. He sounds into you, hes treating you different because hes attracted. The ones who get treated different or with the ‘special treatment’ are the ones who are center of his attention, the one he wants to impress (most at an unconscious level). Teasing and touching are both good signs, as are being close in anyway 🙂

      Sitting at an angle where he can see you is to find out if your looking at him often, another good sign. But people do this because they don’t want to lose your interest whilst also keeping you interested, its his way of keeping an eye on you and his way of trying to get noticed more often. His staring i don’t need to explain that haha. He laughs with you because he wants to impress you, to encourage you. Even when your not being that funny anyone who is into you will laugh at your jokes/actions (funny how attraction works isn’t it).

      His effort to speak to also a good sign. I think your friend is completely correct. He is into you no doubt about that. But the fact he has a girlfriend (if its true) is not a good thing because if hes being the ‘player’ then he really needs to respect your feelings if he is leading you on whilst having a gf, maybe not fair on his gf either, you know i mean?

      So wait till he makes is certain he is single or wanting to be single. I would avoid getting with him while he is still taken, that way you have respect for him, his gf and yourself and no one gets hurt in the process. BUT yeah hes definitely into you, i just hope he will not play around with yours and her heart, its not fair on the both of you if he keeps doing it. For now focus solely studies and life in general and i’m sure if he likes you he will make it known at some point, i would let him doing the asking out since hes got the leverage etc. And if you find out he isn’t taken go for it. Good luck 🙂

  58. soooo since everyone is askin for advice I will. there is a guy and we do a sport at the same place and it seemed like he stared at me more than usual but I just dont know . then one day he randomly joined into a conversation I was a having for a little while but I still don’t know his name. and recently I looked up as he was walking by and we locked eyes for a couple seconds. I think he might be waiting for a chance to talk to me as I am but there are always other people there and that could make it awkward. it just seems like a lot of the time when I go to stare at him he’s already staring at me. I really wanna get to know him any advice or knowledge about what these things may mean? thanksss

    • Confuzzled there is a good chance he wants some time alone with you or to get to know you, some guys get a little discouraged from approaching women who always have others around them so if you can try to get into a situation where its easier for him otherwise you could approach him yourself, ask him his name etc 🙂

      His looking at you is a good sign no doubt. If hes already looking at you by the time you look at him he obviously wants your attention, it just seems like he is abit shy or discouraged from approaching you that’s all. It sounds like hes into you, try to get alone with him if you can. I’m sure that if you both make it easy for each other you can have that convo and get to know each other better, and if the convo goes well get his number 🙂 Good luck

  59. So theres this guy, (never would have guessed right) lets say his name is ryan. I just met him 2 1/2 months ago when i started high school and hes in all ALL of my classes hes really smart and fit (he works out at lunch)and hes even the same major as me……Art!! And lately (the past few weeks) he has been staring at me in all my classes and whenever i ask him for a favor or if i can be in his group or if he wants to be in mine he says yes without almost any hesitation. In gym class in the warmup (laps) he always seems like hes showing off (sprinting jumping and hitting the basketball nets dodging around people) and when i quit the swim team two practices later he quit too. In french class the teacher passed around a paper where we write our names under the (individual 🙁 ) project we wanted to do there was one about fifa the acadians the eiffel tower and a world war one battle i got it before he did and i chose the world war one and so did he (i didnt know he did until the next class) and the next class where we got the paper with the info for each event he kept tilting his toward me when he was reading i assume so i could see (he didnt tell me to look i think he just was trying to indiscreetly show me) and the lastest thing that happened was in gym class for the fun friday warmup we were sitting on the floor whoever sat on the left side was team a and right was b he looked over at me and when i looked away for half a second he quickly scooted over to the other side. I know it seems obvious that he might like me but alot of it could be a coinkidink couldnt it? I dont know, my friend thinks he likes me but im not sure i just wanted conformation and maybe advice on what to do from a guy. OH and the day we got our report cards (midterms) he wasnt telling some of his friends his mark but when i was walking to my bus he randomly came up to me and started asking what my marks were and telling me his. I realize what im saying and how much it sounds like he likes me but im a girl so i obviously overthought this and im starting to doubt whether or not he likes me

    • Hi Blindanddoubtful. Its fine, your persistent has made me look at this one 🙂 Right now i am actually trying to cut down on encouraging long clumped together comments so usually the longer the message the longer i take to reply (as a home rule). But the delay is mainly because i don’t have as much time as i once did to reply so i always advice everyone to post shorter and more paragraphed comments. Recently i have actually been replying the shorter comments first to get them out of the way with. Anyway I had a good fine read of your last post 🙂 Here’s my take:

      The fact he told you his mark and not the others is interesting, i tend to say that the one who likes you usually treats you on a whole different level to other people. If he got a good mark its likely hes showing it off to impress you and only you for a good reason, but it could also be because he trusts you not to share it with other people (then again that’s a good sign too). So for me it comes down to this; If you guys have been friends for a while this might just be coincidence but if this guy has become friends with you only recently (and suddenly) then its very possible hes into you, your friend may be right too.

      His showing off is a good sign, guys tend to do this quite often, its a logical thing, guys try to impress girls with what they can do or how they do it etc 🙂 ask him if he wants to help you with his homework, I’m pretty sure if hes interested he will say yes almost immediately 🙂 I cant say for sure but there is a good 70-75% chance he likes you from what i read. If his attention/focus is always on you at other times id say that’s another good sign. I can just picture this guy wining a race in athletics PE class and then looking over at you to see if you noticed it 🙂

      I think if hes into you he’ll ask you out at some point, as for now just drop him some hints (if you haven’t already) and I’m sure it will encourage him to make a move on you soon. Keep me posted 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thanks Jay, so one other thing and a question. I went on an art trip the other day and we got back in time for last period (art) and my teacher was telling us about how the curly staircase outside the building was supposed to be for people to fall in love on, right when the teacher says this “Ryan ” looks straight at me. Not maybe he might have been looking at the person next to me, not his eyes were straying all over the room, straight at me. So my question, his birthday is this week, what should I do?

        • Hey Blind.. For his birthday i am not sure, it depends how well you know him, if you know him well then buy him something little if you wish. If you don’t know him at all just wish him a happy bday. The staring at you whilst the teacher mentioned the love stairs thing could be a sign that he identifies love with you, usually when we hear a word or a term ‘love stairs’ the person generally focuses on the word love more because well.. its more important. Whatever he addresses the word with more he would probably focus on in the room. You could be in there 😉 But lets give it some more time first. Good luck

  60. Okay so there’s this guys that i’ve had a crush on forever. At first it was hi and by and then it progressed to texting all the time. He started inviting me to hang out with him and his group of friends, but im not sure if that’s just because he thinks im cool and a good friend or what. The other day he told me to go hang out with him at lunch. He then says something to his friends about them needing girlfreinds because there was too many guys there. I am usually the only girl that hangs out there. His friends pointed that out. He just smiled. He’s a little complicated to figure out, but i feel like he’s comfortable around me. As am i. Could this just be a really good friendship or is there a chance he likes me back?

    • SassyLucy, from what i have read there is a good chance he is into you, be patience and see how it turns out, if hes into you he will make it known at some point.

      You say he is comfortable with you as if its a bad thing? Sometimes a guy will like you even if hes comfortable around you, i mean your comfortable around him but into him correct? 😉

      Its hard to put a definite YES on this but my feeling is there is very good chance he is into you, either that or he is very friendly with new people. Texting all the time to me indicates attraction, if he was just a friend i doubt he would text you all the time. Good luck

  61. There is this guy who I share the lab with and we also share few classes. I never noticed him until he sat next to me with my friend one day and chatted to us and felt he was talking to me more with eye contacts and smile. Even while working in the lab, he had been smiling a lot to me and asked some questions about me.
    Few days ago, I couldn’t get into the lab because I forgot the password and I was in a panic but suddenly he came up to me and helped me out although he was in the conversation with the supervisor. Moreover, he even offered to teach me how to use the microscope even though I was asking the supervisor for help. Furthermore, we were looking/staring at each other with a smile while we were in a group conversation on that day.
    From that day on, I started to take interest in him. So just a day ago, I went for a visit to the lab even though I had nothing to do and he was very excited to see me and tried to talk to me although he had works to do. Should I consider this as he is in interested in me? Or is this not enough to show that he is interested in me and wait for a bit? Or should I show more gestures that I am interested in him or not?

    • Hi Frappucino.

      If someone shows interest in you as a person then it only makes sense to show it back so do just that. He is making the effort, you make the effort too. Then see where things take you 🙂

      He sounds interested in you for sure (75% chance) but no one can give you a 100% yes, like i said above see how it goes, get to know him, ask him questions and show interest through your actions and your body language: touch him, ask him things, compliment him on his work or his working effort. Just do it in a way that is not obvious.

      Encourage him to make steps toward you when you. I’m sure if you drop hints he will feel more encouraged to ask you out and get your number. Otherwise feel free to ask for his number, there’s no felony in asking him either hehe 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply 🙂
        I did end up (kind of) asking his number not in a very obvious way, relating to the project since we do something similar. Unfortunately the plan kind of got backfired, which is confusing, he instead said he will add me in facebook. I guess he was being nice to me overall. He did add me straight after he told me. I think its because he didn’t want to make it awkward since I see him alot of times (share same lab and classes) or didn’t think I was making a move. I do want to have a hope that he wants to slow down and know me more, but I don’t think thats true because guys are different from girls. I also think I have gone too fast since I kind of only knew him for a month but I guess I wanted to stay in contact with him since my course is having a break for a week which means I wont be able to see him for a while.

        • Has anything happened since? Generally its not a good sign if he gave you his facebook instead of his number BUT if he is a private person then he wont give away his number that easily.

          1 month of knowing him is fine.. but always remember you cant make someone like you, he either does or he doesn’t. See how he is with you over messages etc.. if he messages you quite often and keeps in contact there is a good chance he is into you. Good luck

  62. ok so ive known him for 5y now i think and im his sisters bff
    and whwn i go over there he always stares at me and turns away when i look , he compliments me sometimes ,and sometimes he ignores me when im talking to him and he stands up for me,( such as another person asks for chips and i say no and if they ask again he will say she said no ) lol , and he likes to like poke me when we are riding in the car he will sit next to me sometimes it an awkward silence sometimes and he will sometimes mock me such as (my facial expretions it thats how you spell it haha ) ok so yea does he like me and thx so much for taking the time to read my post♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Hi Jessica, it does indeed sound like hes into you, there is a good few signs there, he seems very protective of you too. If you like the attention just keep encouraging him and eventually i am sure he will ask you out 🙂 Good luck

  63. hi, i’m 14 years old.. and i really really like this guy tht i have never talked to before, but i know everthng about him cause his sister’s my bff, so i think he likes me, but i don’t. whenever we look at each other, i always see him looking away as soon as i look at him. he’s really really shy! he’s always lookign at me when i am around him talking to some of my friends. i’m really really confused, any signs, antything tht can help me know if he has feelings for me or not??? plz plz plz help! would be really helpful!

    • Hey Jessie my first thoughts are he is into you for sure. He is looking at you for a reason no doubt 😉 We dont look at something because we dont like looking at it, you know what i mean?

      To me it sounds like hes into you but i think its more important that you approach him or hint to him to approach you that way he feels safe and a bit more encouraged to approach you.

      If he self conscious around such as nervous and acting different as compared to others then hes into you, this for me is always the biggest give away. For example if he is quiet when you appear but when your not near him he is louder that is one cue. Or if he is kind to you but not as kind to other people that is another cue. Its all about how different he is with you as compared to his buddies and girls he doesnt feel attraction for me. I wish you luck 🙂

      • thanks! but, can you tell me what i can do to tell him or how i can give him signs to tell that i like him, without talking to him, cause i don’t get a chance we’re always busy

        • IF you are too busy then you are too busy for a relationship. That is a bit like telling me you want to walk up to him but cant be bothered. If you want something you have to go and get it.

          Look at often him until he gets it, add a smile too then try to get him alone and chat. Show him with your actions/body language your into him. Touch him, smile at him, ask him to go to the cinema with you etc. Last case scenario write him a note and give it him. I personally would just chat to him, your going to have to at some point. Good luck

      • ok, i get it but the thing is that i see him only on sundays, cause i meet him at church, and i am not busy for a relationship, it’s just that boys and girls have their own different things and i can’t alwyas get a hold of him. i can’t really ask him to the movies cause he lives 2 hours away from me. i’m soooo confused!!! plz help =)

        • Why not just approach him before he leaves the church or give him a note? 😉 Im sure there must be some time to approach him. If not then there is nothing i can suggest. You are just going to have to find a way around it Jessie. Its on you to find a way around it.

          You could talk to your parents about it especially your mother if she goes to church with you, perhaps she can help get the two of you get together or be better friends. Sometimes it can seem embarrassing telling your parents but i think its worth a shot and then at least they can suggest some ideas so that you can get alone with you. Good luck

      • ok, i’ll try this sunday, i am really really scared, and one more thing, should i tell my bff abou it? do you think it might help?

        • You could yeah, it might make you feel better to get it out. If the guy is into you your going to want to know eventually and sometimes the best way is to get it out there in the open. If your comfortable with it do it. Sometimes its good to talk to others about it so that they can help you come up with ways in which you can get closer to him, i defo dont want you to regret any missed chances. Good luck

  64. Hi, I’m currently being tutored ( yr 12) and there is a guy in my class (i see him for about 4 hrs a week for about nearly a year now). We both sit in the same row but different aisle and talk about random stuff quite a bit. Lately, I’ve noticed that he teases me a lot e.g. that I went to my formal without a date and the fact that I am proud to be single and etc…
    As we sit in the same row, i occasionally catch him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. Usually I ignore him but when I do look back at him he looks quickly away. Also, whenever I look at the clock at the back of the room, he always looks at the clock at the same time (if not a split second later). We’ve had the odd ‘staring competition’ too.
    He offers lollies to me and once I open the packet, takes some and hand it back to him… he tells me to have the whole packet (which I always refuse).
    We also talk over Facebook (not late but around 6 -7 o’clock pm). He is the one that starts the conversations. He mainly talks to me about what he want as a future career and asks me what I want to do e.g. what universities I’ve applied for and etc…He also asks me to watch or like something written on his wall.
    I am quite interested in him but I’ve had no experience whatsoever in the past. However, my friends in the class think that he is a bit immature in front of me?

    Does he truly like me? Thanks if you can help.

    • Hey Adriana, it sounds like he does. I think the fact he looks away when you catch him and he offers you sweets are good signs. As too is when you look at the clock and he mimics you. People who mimic you place a lot of value on what you do, think, feel or act on. For example if your a in group class and you look out the window and stare for a good 5 seconds i bet you he copies to see what your looking at even if your not sat near eachother.

      Generally people who look up to others the most or like them tend to see the other person doing something and pickup the thing sub consciously. To him its important to see what your doing and then think its normal to either copy you or show interest in what you show interest in.

      His immaturity might be his way of showing off or trying to get your attention. I think he definately likes you but just is too scared to approach you, perhaps you could throw some hints. Im sure he will approach eventually 🙂 And his talking to you first on FB another good sign. Good luck

  65. hey, there’s a guy that i like who plays at the same tennis club as me but i’m not sure whether he likes me or not. His cousin is a close friend of mine and she said that he talks about me a lot-she said that he also frewuently asks how i am. When i am with him he is very friendly; he always smiles and looks happy when he sees me. He has questioned me about my interests quite a lot and we have a lot in common, but don’t friends act in the same way?He is always eager to invite me into group conversations and is generally just somebody that i feel comfortable around. He often askes me whether i find certain boys attractive and teases me about it. He also touches me quite often (he puts his arm round my shoulders, playfully punches me and gives me high fives) . As well as this, he looks and winks at me quite often and has asked me whether i talk about him with my friends. I’m really not sure whether he likes me or if he’s just being friendly. I don’t know whether he treats me differently to other girls because i only ever see him at tennis and there aren’t many people our age there. I’m really confused! Can you help me?:)

    • Hey K. He is into you, i dont even need to tell you why or how i know this lol. From what i have read he is showing all the signs. His sign of talking about you a lot is just one of the bigger obvious ones. The reason he asks if you talk to others about him is because he wants you to feel proud of him for the person he is. I say there is a very high 90% chance he likes you from what i just read 🙂 And he treats you different probably because he likes you (either that or your his main friend). Good luck 🙂

  66. So my situation is with my mailman. He’s been my mailman for a couple years now, but I first met him just a few weeks ago. He made the comment that he hadn’t seen me since I moved in, and everyday I have seen him since he always makes conversation with me. If he is way down the street when I’m outside he makes it a point to wave at me or honks when he passes by. The thing that makes me really wonder if he might like me is that he asks all kinds of questions, like what is my schedule, what am I going to school for, where do I work, where have I traveled, what movies have I seen, do I like to rent movies, he asks about my dog and knows her name. One day when I was walking the dog he drove past me and waved, but then stopped the truck, got out and walked over to me to ask why I wasn’t around the day before. Am I reading too much into these signs, or is he into me~

    • Hey Andrea. Oh no definitely not, your not reading into this, i think he really likes you. Put it this way if you give him a chance to be your friend then things will happen anyway. So perhaps ask him casually if he wants to come in one day for a cup of tea or simply if he wants to hang out one time, he will either say yes or no. Just say to him that you like him as a person and think it would be good to get to know him.

      Otherwise you could keep it short and just simply ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. If hes into you he will say without an argument 😉 but if hes 100% into you he is going to want to be in places that increase his chances. you get me? So give him that chance. If he says no then at least you wont be curious and it wont play on your mind.

      But yeah it sounds like he is into you, imo he would not show so much interest in your life if he was not into you like that. There is the odd 10% chance he is just being over friendly but i doubt it. Go for it and i am sure things will work themselves out in due time. Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks! That’s kinda what I was thinking, too. I mean I haven’t seen him talk to any of my neighbors as much as he talks to me, or like he talks to me. Sure seems like more than your average friendly mailman 🙂 I guess I need to take your advice and just bite the bullet and ask him if he wants to get to know each other better, but ahhh! it makes my stomach flip just thinking about it. But like you said, better to know than drive myself crazy wondering about it. I should see him on Friday so hopefully I’ll work up the courage by then! Thanks again!

  67. So I really like this guy and we are both high school freshman. I don’t notice him staring at me a ton, but he does stare one in a while, but he glances at me a lot though. One day a couple weeks ago, i was writing my name on a paper and he was standing right there. and he said “you’re last name is ‘so and so’?” and i said “yeah”, really nicely. then he said “thats pretty cute!” it was really sweet. and it seems like he sometimes tries to show off athletically or tries to get my attention really subtly. I have health class with him and today after class, this really nice girl told him that she thought i liked him. im almost 100% sure she told him. He stared at me in the halls a little bit the rest of the day. I’m hoping he likes me back, but I’m not sure. plz reply 🙂 thanks! 🙂

    • Hey Kswag, it does sound like he is into you by his showing off or attempts to impress you. His cute comment was also a giveaway imo. But he is also staring so there is a good chance that if you give him some hints he will approach you eventually.

      He might be afraid to approach you right now but from what i have read im sure if you drop some hints here and there he will catch on soon and feel more confident in asking you out 🙂 And damn the other girl, is she trying to drop you in poop? Dont worry though you will be fine, after reading that bit keep mysterious for a while. Good luck!

  68. So there is this guy I like and I think he likes me too. He will tease me about being short and he keeps saying that my forehead reaches his lips! He will smile at me and If i catch him he will hold the glare until the teacher catches us, and if I smile he will just all of a sudden smile. If the says something I find funny and I laugh he will laugh too. But one day he said he has a girlfriend and sang the song ‘we are never ever getting back together’ but he never said the girls name. So does he like me and is just saying he has/ had a girl to make me jealous? Plz reply! Thnx! 😀

    • Im not sure, it is very rare that someone interested in you would tell you they are taken or atleast hint that across. He does sound interested but i would just be yourself and keep to yourself and let him pursuit you if hes into you, if he is taken make sure he is broken up before dating you. That way you respect his current GF and their relationship etc and of course yourself 🙂

      It is likely he likes you though from what i have read, there are many signs there, no question about it but i would also not look too much into it either as he could be playing around with both you and his gf which unfair. Wait until he makes a move and is single. If he is that into you he will come to you 🙂 Good luck

  69. Hello, I was wondering if you can also give me a reply on what you think of my situation with this guy I met not too long ago. I’m really not sure if he wants to be just closer friends or if he actually thinks of me more than that. He first got my number with the reason of creating a study group for a class. And then started texting me. Now we text almost everyday, throughout the whole day. He would ask me how my morning/night has been, what/if I ate, what I’m doing, and so on. And lately, he told me that he wants to get to know me better by asking me a new question everyday. He even once told me that he enjoys talking to me and that he feels relaxed and is surprised that he is able to open up to me so quickly. And lastly, he invites me to hang out wth him and his friends. Also, recently he asked me to watch a scary movie with him. sorry for all the details, and last question.. when he talked about what he wants in life, he says he wants to find someone he cares about… so since he told me that, does that mean he doesn’t think of me more than a friend? or.. is it safe to assume that he likes me? Or is this guy just a friendly dude? Haha. Anyways, I hope you can reply to this! thank you.

    • Hey Alice, sounds like he is into you. When someone is into you they ask you many personal questions like how your day is etc. The amount of texting is also a good sign, if he texts you a lot its good too, if he is texting you all the way up to night time and bed time then that is a big giveaway too 🙂

      Him wanting to get to know you better is another good sign, when he said he wants to find someone in his life to care about it means he wants a girlfriend in my opinion, it sounds very typical teen talk. It doesnt mean anything in regards to you just that he wants to find the right person, i think it just means he is in no rush to find the right one for him (the right girlfriend).

      There is every chance he just likes you as a friend due to him inviting you out with others but you will find out in due time, the way he talks to you often is a good sign though. If he texts you every minute of every day and he texts every day 24/7 then it is obv he is into you. Just see how it goes and things will happen in due time, drop him some hints and im sure soon he will ask you out. Good luck

      • Thanks so much for the reply! I actually went on my first “date” with him last night. We watched a horror film at his house, he bought me dinner, walked around and talked for quite some time. And he did seem like he’s interested in me… but now there’s something else that is bugging me.

        I’m not sure if he’s completely over his ex girlfriend. He is pretty cool with telling me about his past relationships.. and there’s a girl he’s been with for awhile that he broke up approximately 5 months ago. He told me they’re still friends but argues often even after break up. Apparently she’s not over him still, so she would text him often and also asked him to get back with her very recently.. but he declined & told her lets not be friends until she gets over him completely. He only told me that because I asked since he brought up the subject of “arguing with a friend”. He made it seem like it wasn’t too big of a deal when he told me, but when I went to his “blog” page, he wrote that “Today, I lost the biggest part of me”… obviously referring to the whole scenario with his ex gf.

        So anyways, I’m not really sure if I want to commit to liking this guy because I don’t know how much he still cares for her and I don’t want to end up being hurt. And as much as I appreciate him being straight up honest with me… maybe this is also a sign that he thinks of me as a good friend? What do you think about this situation? Sorry for another long question..

        • Hey Alice, if he broke up with his ex 5 months ago and said we will give it time for her to get over me it sounds like he is into you and only you. I would trust he would not do that to you and string his ex along, i don’t think he is.

          however the blog thing is weird and if it continues i would consider whether his heart is in this relationship. If he cared about your feelings he would not be arguing and talking with her like this behind your back. The people who care most about eachother are those who generally hang out the most and argue so if you ever get a feeling they are doing this, the two of them then consider leaving. If he wants you to trust him and feel safe he should not be playing with fire behind your back.

          For now though just go along with it and trust him. But if you catch him doing this all the time then he is obviously giving you reason to mistrust him. His ex should really be out of his life if she keeps annoying him. But if he keeps her around he is only encouraging more of it. Give it some time and make a decision, your doing the right thing by looking at it deeply like this. And if he is still in love with his ex then he should not stringing anyone else along. Keep an eye on him.

          PS: if this was my ex gf and i liked a new girl and my ex was being annoying i would stop being her friend immediately. If he is putting up with it (which points to him still liking her) then it is weak from his side unless they are best friends since childhood.

          Good luck

      • Thanks again for your reply. Appreciate it a lot. I will listen to your advice and give him my trust for now. He still texts me everyday and shows that he cares, so I’m hoping that his intentions aren’t bad.

  70. Hi, I meet a guy in the dance and when we watch a movie he hold my hand but he doesn’t ask me out yet. so I wondering does he like me?

    • Hey Mei, my advice is to just be patient, im sure if he likes you he will ask you out. Holding your hand is a great sign, you could drop his hints such as touching his hand too. Perhaps when he has some idea you like him back he will ask you out. I hope it works out for you 🙂 Good luck

  71. i like him alot is there anyway of finding out if he does
    without asking?
    because hes never on his own and i get shy then lol

    • Hey Lovehim.

      Desperate times call for desperate measures, in other words if there is no way of getting close to him and you have tried everything then try something else, get someone to hand him a note or hand it him yourself, maybe put your phone number on it. If else fails ask someones to ask if he likes you. At some point though you are going to have to curb your shyness and at least try to say hi. Those who go for what they want are those who end up with what they want. Good luck

  72. thanks! but the thing is i forgot to tell you we are sort of……….cold to each other most of the time. Besides these tow days he showed some reactions when i talk to some of his his friends, ignoring him completely, as my friends said, so i got even more confused. Sometimes i think it’s just impossible but sometimes he makes things so…..possible. One of my friend tried to ask him if he knows this guy or that guy i fancies and look at his reaction, it turn out he looks suspicious! Because the next day he came back saying he knows who the guy is but yesterday he had no clue at all. And when i was standing infront of his classroom waiting for my friends, he came out first, so i pretended to ignore but he just found a way to make me look up. He made a loud but funny noise which made me jumped and looked up, i saw he was already looking a me, we stared at each other for a few seconds, and he walks away like as if that’s all he want. This confused me even more and after what my friends told me, i started to notices that some of the things my friends said are true! today there was a basketball competition and when i went and sit somewhere near where he was practising with his shooting skills, for all of a sudden, he started showing off! but i didn’t really understand why my friends agree that he started showing off straight away since spotting me. They all also say he sometimes is surely trying to get my attention, or he’s just trying to make friends. This made me think. Are my friends right? I’m very confused now and the point is i am really annoy with the way he acts! He knows i like him why isn’t he going away! or is it because he thought i am about to not like him anymore and got afraid his popularity will decrease!? ==

    • Devil slow down tiger, there is no rush for things to happen, things will happen in due time if hes interested. He knows you like right? If yes to this questions then let him come up to you and ask you out. Does he really find you annoying because if he does that’s not a good sign. Either way there are ‘some’ signs there could be something there such as showing off to impress you (or others) etc.

      He may even have a big ego and simply like the attention. IF he knows you like him then the ball is in his court, these signs are not really important if he knows you like him. My only advice is to avoid chasing him and let him come to you, no desperateness or over keen-ness will help this situation, as they say, if its meant to be it will happen. Be patient and im sure things will become more clearer with time 🙂 Good luck

      PS: he may have self image issues where he wants to look cool in front of friends and others depending on his age etc so he doesnt act on it, some teen guys will not ask girls out simply because their friends or his social circle has that code of ‘too cool for girls’ attitude.. but as guys mature they go for what they want and right now he may just be in one of those phases… JUST be prepared however that there is also chance he is not interested, wishing you luck)

  73. Hey! So there’s this guy i like (obviously). He makes me smile so BIG and he gives me butterflies every time i see him. I’ve liked him since last year, which is when i met him. He is really mean to a LOT of girls, but with me he’s really nice. We used to talk all the time, but then we just stopped. And once i got his number from my friend so i texted him and i told him who it was, but after that he didn’t text me back. The next day at school he kept telling everyone that i called him! So after that i decided to make him think that i don’t like him any more. After that he seemed sad (kind of) and he always tries smiling at me now and he follows me around in school. He keeps telling people that i like him and that i call him and stuff (i don’t know if he’s trying to brag or something). But i don’t know if he likes me or not cause he keeps sending me mixed signals. I’m just so confused O_o. Please help me!

    • Hey G. From reading the first part of the message it sounds like he did not like you since not replying back and telling everyone at school that you text him, but then when i read a bit further he may be interested since he still follows you around etc. But i’m going to remain undecided.

      IF he is telling other people that you like him its likely he is playing games (for what reason i don’t know), but i have to be honest if he was into you he should of asked you out by now, why tell others that you like him but not ask you? This is why i’m not sure hes into you. I would wait until he comes to you and asks you out.

      IF he likes you he will ask you out, if he knows you like him the ball is in his court, for now just be patient but if nothing happens then you know where you stand. Its likely he is bragging to show off to friends but if not then it could also be that even though he knows you like him he may be scared to approach and ask you out. If nothing happens then unfortunately its time to move on but if he makes a move soon then great. Good luck

  74. Hi! So there’s this guy who’s a junior at my highschool (just turned 17) and I’m a freshman (gonna be 15 in a couple days). I have my leadership class with him and I sometimes catch him staring at me. Most of the time when he does that, he holds the gaze for a little bit and then he’ll look away, although, sometimes I look away first. We had a homecoming dance last night and towards the end of it I was standing outside with 2 of my friends (one of which was a guy) and my friends and I were just talking and stuff. After the dance I went to the girl’s house and she told me that when we were outside, he was totally looking directly at me. (oh and by the way, there were no slow dances at the dance). I’ve given him a couple compliments and said hi to him a few times.

    Also, since we’re in leadership and it was homecoming week, we had to come to school at like 7:30 with the rest of the leadership class to decorate our gym walls for the 3 rallies that we had throughout the week. A few times, he would take a break from decorating and go sit up high in the stands and he would be looking my way (it was hard to tell if he was looking directly at me or not, because he was high in the bleachers and kinda far away).

    I just can’t stop thinking about him and I really want to hang around him more or something, but i get kinda intimidated around him and I wouldn’t know what to say if I were to talk to him more. And there’s like almost never a time when he’s by himself so, I can never find a time to just go sit by him or anything. Can you please help me? 🙂 thanks!

    p.s. I know we are 2 yrs apart but i’m really nice, laid back, and mature for my age 🙂

    • Hey Kyra, in a nutshell i am pretty sure this guy is into you, he looks at you because he likes to look at you and he likes to look at you because he wants to get to know you more, and he wants to get to know you more because he likes you 😉 how was that for you? hehe.

      Guys will only look continuously at the girl he finds attractive so its almost certain hes into you but one of you must approach the other at some point, i believe as he is older it should be him who does it. But i hope you two find somewhere and someplace where you can sit and talk. If not perhaps one of your friends can talk to him or encourage him to join your social group of friends? Or perhaps your friend could give him your number on a piece of paper. Just some ideas. Good luck 🙂

  75. There is this guy he is one year older than me. I think I sort of fancy him and accidentally a boy in my year group knew and told him I like him. When I ask him what did the guy say when I ask you for his Facebook account. My friend said he said yeah sure why not? Sounds interest. And he asked my friend if I like him or not. What does this mean? Besides I’m never spoken to him before.

    And there this crush I used to be into. I told him I think I like him but nothing happen. Then the next day and a few days afterwards, he talks to me first and seems to be staring quite often. When I asked him he said he doesn’t like anyone but when my friend ask him, he said he like someone but wouldnt tell her. And now three weeks past, I catch him staring alot and it confused my feelings between him and the senior guy a lot can you explain my situation please? I very confused now.

    • Hey Devil18, I was a bit confused with this message because there is so many people discussed in it. But i read over it again and it does sound like the original guy is into you if he wants your facebook and wants to speak to you.

      Though i am not 100% sure as he may have just been being friendly, just see where it goes from here on out. You told the other guy you like him so now its up to him to make a move and stop playing staring games, always let the guy ask you out, all you need to do is hint that you like him, if the hint is not enough for these guys then carry on with your life until they act on it. Good luck 🙂

  76. I can’t tell if he has feelings for me or not. Many times I feel like he stares at me at church. Whenever we sit down, I feel like his eyes are attach to me. I might be wrong about it, but there’s something I still don’t know. These past 3 weeks, every time I sang with the choir at church ( i don’t sit with them) afterward he smiled happily to himself. Yesterday, he did not smile, but seemed to glanced at me a lot. I also feel like his friends look at me a lot, too. A friend said he seems to look at me when the Mass ended and he had to walk pass me to go in the room to change. Sometimes he decided to serve on my side and he smiled afterward when it’s done.

    Long ago, he poked me and when I turned around he gave me a big smile and could not say anything until I had to say something first. Everyone said he’s not shy, but he done that to me….What should I do? Why is he acting that way?

    • Hey Baby Bunnie, he sounds does like he is into you no doubt, his staring and looking over is a good sign as too is his friends looking, i think they may know he keeps checking you out 🙂

      As for sitting their smiling i think sometimes he cant keep his feeling under control so ends up smiling himself silly. Also the fact he poked you is like his way of teasing you or getting your attention so i would say its very likely hes into you.

      The fact everybody says hes not shy may be a sign he is nervous sometimes with just you, i think you should wait until he approaches you and asks you for your number or something. I personally think hes into you but i’m sure you will find out in due time 🙂

      For now you could drop some hints here and there, possibly smile at him as a way to confuse him back haha. Im sure he will ask you out soon or you will become closer 🙂 Good luck

      • Thanks so much for replying my post. His behaviors are so hard to understand.
        Today, I don’t know why I feel like he does not have feelings for me compared to his behaviors from the past. It’s been like almost 2 years, because we can only see each other at church.
        These were some of his behaviors before.
        After the Mass ended…he walked with the Bishop out of the church. I just looked straight, but when I looked over him… he had a big smile on his face 🙂 look over my direction. His friends all looked straight and walked except him. I saw that because it was a so closed distance. I was not sure if he saw that I have seen…but he then looked down on the ground and just walked. When he walked to return inside… he seemed to walk fast.

        One time, I thought he stared at me, so I looked at him then looked away. When I played with my hair, as I looked up…he seemed to do the same with his head. Then, I kept looking at him, he just looked down, seemed to smile, until I looked away…then he looked back up.

        The other time, I tried to go different way instead of his line that he served, his mood changed. He seemed to be sad.

        At a party at church, when he finished…I noticed that he stood across from my sight and seemed to look at me a lot. I felt that he approached to me, wanting to say something, but he stepped back, and returned to talk to a friend, a girl, yet she has a boyfriend already. I known her. When I glanced up, they both talked to each other, but did not look at each other. He seemed to looked at me while talked to the girl. Should I approach to talk to him? I’m so lost because he always confuses me. 🙁

        • Hey. It might be he has started to like you more recently or even that he considers you one of this best friends, however the fact you don’t see each other outside of church is pretty crazy because whilst he seems to be very friendly and smiley toward you this to me indicates more attraction for you because i cant see any other reason he would do it, the only other reason someone would do this is to play games but i doubt hes the type to do that.

          The big smile is a big sign with people who are interested, you must light his day up baby! lol. But seriously if you get the impression that his day is lighted up by you being in his presence its a very good sign, almost to the point he looks at you like your the only thing that makes him happy. Do you get that feeling with him?

          The fact he looks at you just makes me think he likes you, there is only two reasons people look at eachother, that is they want to be with you or they feel threatened by you. him looking down at the floor is plain nervousness, honestly i think hes into you.

          But lets hope he comes over to speak to you and asks for your number, 2 years without asking your number is surprising! Also him looking away when you look at him is him trying to hide his interest, its natural reaction to being caught. And the sadness may be that you did something he saw as you not showing interest in him.

          Honestly i cant say enough, hes into you but hes too nervous to approach you, i believe it is that. I would say yes why not, you approach him and say hi, the first person to say hi is actually the hardest part of it all, but it is also the first step to the second step, the first step is always seems the hardest and in some weird way is but its also not. If you said hi im sure he would too.

          AND stop analyzing so much! haha. Hes into you, dont let it confuse you. He is just somewhat nervous about approaching. Im sure one of you will approach eventually. Wishing you luck, keep me posted! 🙂

      • There is no way that he considers me as his best friend because we don’t go to the same school or even hang out. At church, I normally don’t stay after unless there is a big event, that’s why it is so hard for us to talk.

        Today, he seemed to look at me a lot and gave a big smile when I glanced up at him. I turned away and kept playing with my cousins. Afterward, I stood close to the changing room to see some pictures on the wall. He walked out with a friend and began to say something with his friend. I turned around a little. The weird part was when he just walked past me a bit, he stopped talking. During the party, I tried to see if he was by himself so I could talk to him, but he just sat with someone (a girl and she might have obesity). He talked to her from the beginning to the end. They seemed so close to each other. I stood from behind and saw that he seemed to look back at my direction a lot while talking to her. Sometimes he gave a quick glance at me.

        At church, he always has those signs and behaviors, but he deleted and blocked me online. It might be because that I sent him a message that day to clear up the confusing I had. He never replied but just blocked me. 🙁 Should I continue to wait for another chance? I don’t know if I should ignore him for a while or still try to approach him. He always makes things become more complicated for me.

        • Baby bunniee. Sorry to hear that he has blocked you and deleted you online, that doesn’t sound like a nice guy who cares about you. Why did he do that?

          When i read the obesity bit it does sound like is trying to make you jealous by hanging with her then looking back at you to see if your looking.

          In my opinion do not wait for another chance unless you have been mean to him or something. If he is into you he will approach. If he makes things more complicated he should not if he is into you. If he wants to talk to you let him come to you.

          I am not sure whether he is playing games or not but from what i have read he isn’t being very nice about it. In the end it may be that you deserve better than this because i do not understand why you deserve this behavior from him. Good luck

      • Thank you so much for your advices! 🙂

        My friend told me that he’s immature, so I guess it’s true. His behaviors are so obvious as I described, but I get lost when I can’t tell what his real feeling and the motive that he has in mind are.

        About a year ago, I sent him a message asking if it was true that he has feeling for a girl who also had the same name as my old name. I heard it from my friend. Honestly, I never wanted to ask about it, but my friend just suddenly did. I guess it was not right. He never replied and then blocked me. After he blocked me (in Feb), he ignored me for quite like two months at church, but then in May he began to have the behaviors and signs again until now.

  77. Been working with this guy at work now for 7 months, I know there is something there but he’s just confusing. Off the bat he told me he doesn’t date anyone from work and I was cool with that, but he kept staring at me, sitting next to me in meetings and wanting to know about me with constant questions.

    On a night out I offered him a place to crash because he was drunk, with no other intentions inferred from me, that next week at work was awkward, then I called him on his phone to explain exactly my actions and that I wasn’t offering to have sechs with him, the coldness still occured there after.

    No we don’t talk, yet he parades around with another girl at work always looking to see if I’ve noticed him flirting with this other office girl, I do notice but give them no attention, they have been out on dates etc, yet he doesn’t stare at her at all, he still stares at me.

    His double standards is now shytting me to a degree that the only thing I can do now is be sarcastic to him, I truely want to become softer towards him but I think it’s not worth it..

    Any insights?

    • Hi Newmummy, i’m not sure what position this guy is at your work but if he is manager he may be a bit standoffish for that reason. Then again he sounds confusing, he definitely sounds like he likes you as a person at the least.

      What i’m wondering about is why it was awkward when you went back to work after he slept over? am i missing something that happened in between there and then, why would you feel awkward about it?

      Why did you feel the need to explain to him and mention that you wasn’t offering sex with him (sounds a bit open), to me that would look more like you were trying to hide something just by bringing it up. I would not have brought something like that up myself, it might have confused him why you said that and now he may be thinking that you did actually want sex with him.

      Hes either got a big ego and likes to see you chase him and make you jealous or hes into you, either way he is acting very strange. The fact he goes out with her on dates is cause for concern, sounds like a bit of player maybe? Or that he likes to have all the girls on the go, i’m not sure. The fact he said he does not date anyone from work but dated someone else could be the answer, perhaps he is just enjoying the gaming of the girls at work and not ready to be serious with anyone.

      Conclusion: Let him come to you, sounds like he doesn’t know what he wants or when he does hes too chicken to go for it, id say hes being a game player since he said he doesn’t date anyone at work but yet keeps throwing confusing signs at you, he needs to stick to one truth and do it instead of playing ‘look at me’ games. I would just act as you normally do, polite but not in any mood to chase him. If he is the one who is withdrawn about hanging out with you then it must be him that comes to you, this guy will hate it when his jealousy plots have no effect on you. Its hard to say whether he is genuinely interested in you but with time you will know the answer. Good luck 🙂

  78. Hi well I have the coworker friend I’ve never notice until a lady at work told me he liked me I said y? She said he’s always looking at you n gets mad when I flirt with other guys .. every time she told me that I’ve notice him looking at me alot I even catch him looking at me he he was giving me like a sad look but he turn away as soo as I looked at hii told her ook in 3 minutes howmany times does he look at me she said 19 n that he looks at me with love like a karing look…also he always helps me at work he surprisely remember my birthday even though I just said it onece … … the thing is he’s married he tells me about the problems he has with his wfe n I tell him to work things out with his wife its just an awkward situation if he liks me

    • Hey Jessy. Well hes into for sure, there’s no question there. So many signs he is into you too or simply he wants help with his wife crisis. As for him showing interest in you and asking for advice seems a little weird, if he is hitting on you he shouldn’t be but if he asking simply for advice then give him some but also tell him he is better seeing someone like a counselor/therapist/solicitor if he has having problems. He cant expect you to take his burden and especially if you like him in any form. I think you did right, he needs to work these issues out with people he can actually work them out with, whilst i advise you to be kind to him he should not expect you to be his butler either. Good luck

  79. Hi, i’m prefacing my real comment to let you know I shortened it as best as possible (328 words), thank you for your help and great post!

    • At a big gathering he looked at me intently with a tentative smile. Later, I heard him ask my acquaintance (his friend) if the seat next to me was taken. He double checked with me that it wasn’t and I instinctively felt he was interested. He was kind, introduced himself, said where he was from, asked where I was from. Small pleasantries.

      A young (married) woman, seatless, walked by and taunted him for grabbing one of the last seats and jokingly said she wouldn’t invite him for breakfast again, like she did that morning. I looked at him – he looked at me and blushed. When she left he made a sassy retort, I laughed and mustered up a response/observation about him. He kind of had a delayed/hesitant response.

      During intermission, he made a comment about the length of it and how it should be longer…..I DIDN’T RESPOND!!! Partly bc i’m shy, partly bc I just didn’t know what to say. I’m sure that was awkward…He was trying to chat with me…I prob made him feel weird, he seemed reserved to begin with.

      Later on, my friend and I didn’t hear the name of a speaker, we whispered about it. I could tell he was looking at us so I looked at him, but he was looking away. I turned back, and he hesitantly turned to me and whispered the speaker’s name. I saw it as a chance to make things better so I nodded cheerfully and said “oh ok”.

      What is maybe worse is that during the last half of the meeting, 2 girls behind us, who knew us both, were quietly giggling and commented how we looked good next to each other. I looked back at them.. maybe he heard as well.

      Later, one of the girls joked how I ignored him while he was obviously looking at me/ wanting to talk w me. Help! I like him. Is it ruined?

      We’ve “interacted” twice since then.

      • Dia, hes into you no doubt or at least he wants to get to know you, signs point strongly to him liking you. Don’t worry about the shyness and not saying anything but DO try your best to be around him as often as you can because you don’t want to give the impression your not interested right? Haha. You will be fine though.

        Its quite rare that i hear posters say they didn’t reply to someone they like when they asked them something. Its not ruined but i would just make sure you don’t ignore him again, if you are shy speaking like a weirdo sometimes is actually better than saying nothing. I don’t mean be a weirdo but if you reply and it comes out weird you will be fine, acknowledging him is more important that what you actually say to him and it will get you further along the line. Perhaps next time you see him take one friend and you may feel a bit more braver and in control. Let me know how it goes 🙂 Good luck

  80. Okay, so I’ve liked this guy since last year. We’re friendly with eachother, he says hi, I say hi, chit chat mainly, and he doesn’t seem all too interested, but tonight at the school dance he was showing off and coming up to me, we danced really close, then he never asked me to slow dance.. I’m really confused, it’s all just kinda blurry. I want him to like me but he’s sending mixed signals. I’m hoping he’s just shy.

    • Hey Kat, when i first read ‘he doesn’t seem all too interested’ I stopped for a moment because when you think these ‘thoughts’ they are generally true and pop up for a reason. There is a chance he does like you though but perhaps he did not ask because he was shy or didn’t want to give off the impression he is interested, sometimes guys hide who they like with great effect by coming off as the guy who isn’t interested. Wait for him to get closer to you, if he likes you he will try to get closer and eventually ask you out. If nothing happens within a few weeks then you know nothing is going anywhere and your free to move on, at the same time drop him some hints such as smiling and talking to him and see if he responds and takes the bait. Good luck

  81. I don’t know he does all of these things but, constantly rejects me and says he doesn’t like me at all. ;-( and its FREAKY!!!! And it hurts.

    • Hey D, if he is behaving like this and says he doesnt like you then its likely true, unfortunately guys are more straight forward with what they really mean, sorry to hear. Your best bet is to focus on a new guy who does like you, this guy obviously isnt interested right now. Good luck.

  82. Hi. There is this boy who goes out of his way to talk to me and follows me around a lot. He teases me andhas tried to hold my hand, but he even asked me to sit on his lap. He annoys otherngirls and drives them crazy but he just seems to want to be my friend. He texts me all th time just saying random things like hi and he always tries tp show off in front of me. All mine and his friends saybit looks like were dating, evn one of our teacers said it. I sorta want him to ask me out, hes the coolestnboy in my grade. But he hasnt made a move yet. Wat should i do?

    -troubled teen

    • Hey Troubled teen, from what you have wrote he sounds very interested, holding your hands, teasing you, asking you to sit on his pal, showing off are all good signs. Whether he is a player or not may come into the equation though since players usually do all this stuff but never go a step further and ask a girl out.

      My feeling is he does like you but id also be careful because he may know this gets you to like him and is taking advantage of it, if you don’t feel this way about him and you feel he is being sincere then simply wait for him to ask you out. IF he likes you HE will ask you out regardless. Wait for him to make that move, in the mean time you can throw some hints if you like 🙂 To me he is the one showing the interest so it only makes sense for him to make a move eventually too. Good luck 🙂

  83. Hi there, I need some advice on what to do with my situation.
    There’s this guy at my college that I’ve seen around during high school. He looks at me like if he hates me but there are moments where I’ve seen him looking at me. My friends say it’s a sign that he likes me but I don’t understand how if he doesn’t talk to me at all.

    • Hey Emomuch, its very likely he could be mad at you for something you did or feels rejected for some reason, perhaps you did something that upset him without knowing? It does seem weird though that he keeps looking at you and at others time in a hateful way. See if he approaches you when your alone, if your alone then he might feel more safe to come talk to you. Good luck

  84. Hi 🙂
    My situation is similar to Milly’s as in the guy I’m on about works in a shop.

    It all started with us just noticing each other but we would only really smile at each other and this carried on for a while but then he started to say “Hi” and I would say it back and then we started to talk even more but just about trivial things not anything personal. Whenever he sees me now he always smiles and maintains eye contact, he has also waved, stuck his tongue out and things like that and he seems happy when we talk. He will also come straight over if he sees me.
    It also seems like that the other people who work there know something (unless it’s just because I go there weekly so they recognise me so I’m not really reading too much into that part)

    However I recently saw him in town and he was linking arms with a girl so I assumed that he has a girlfriend. That’s why I’m confused and I know if he does have a girlfriend that I should just leave him alone becuase there is no point in doing anything if he is already in a relationship.

    Any help would be much appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, from have i have read it sounds like something is there, he is happy to see you, comes over to you to chat and his initial smiling stareoffs sound like he was into you all along. His smiling at you in beginning was a sign he was much shyer in the beginning (as too yourself) and people only smile at eachother like that when they like eachother or have some form of interest in eachother.

      It could be his co workers teasing him about it, could be a good sign but its also good that you do not over analyze anything like this, good job. The only problem with this is the other girl, but there is a chance the other girl is just a friend and they are close? Who knows. I do think that it depends on how close and intimate he was with the other girl, i believe next time you see him you should tell him you once saw him with his girlfriend and see how he replies to it 😉 regardless i believe his reply to the former should give you some indication of whether the other girl is his GF or not. If its not he will likely reply to the former question “oh thats just my best friend”, then your in 🙂

      Either way id let him ask for your number. IF the girl is not his girlfriend then you could ask for his number or drop him a slip of paper with it on. Keep me posted. Good luck 🙂

  85. Okay so there is this guy that I have been liking for a couple of weeks now. The problem is he’s a senior and I’m a freshman. We have the same bus stop and every morning when I get to the bus stop he always says hi to me. Every now and then I catch him looking at me when I’m walking to the bus stop. We have had a few conversations but all of a sudden he has stopped talking to me all week. I was walking to class with some guy in my fifth period and he noticed and kept glancing down at me and this guy I was walking with and talking to from where he was standing. A day later he tried to say hi to me and I was having a conversation with one of my friends so I kindly said hi to him but I guess I also pushed him off a bit to. Ever since then he hasn’t dared to say a word to me, yet I will catch him looking at me every now and then. I even had a conversation with his brother and he wouldn’t say a word to me. I’m so confused. I don’t want to say anything back to him because I’m afraid I might come off as being desperate for his attention. Which I am a little now. o.o HELP !

    • Hey Jaleene, if im ready right he has either misunderstood something you have done or he is acting bizarre for absolutely no reason (ego reasons). The fact his brother tells you nothing probably means he does like you, his brother probably wont tell you any secrets.

      But i find this guy a little immature, why is he ignoring you. I would ask him why he acts strangely recently. You may get a better answer straight from the horses mouth as they say. IF you feel you are coming off as desperate then it might be putting him off, use your best judgement.

      Never be desperate for his attention and make sure that if he is being silly about ignoring you that he is the one who comes to you, i do not know if he has a problem with something you have recently done, have a good think if there is anything you may have done to annoy him. From what i have read though i don’t think there is, he may be on a power trip right now. Keep me posted though. Good luck

      • Thank you I’ll most def keep you posted 🙂
        Still not sure on if I should be the one to make the first move on starting to talk again or if I should just wait..

        • Unless you think you have done something offensive then you have done nothing wrong Jaleene, i would wait for him to talk to you since he is the one doing the ignoring. As much as you like him or want him don’t make any excuses to talk to him, if you feel he is being silly or behaving badly then giving into him will just give him the thought you are always there.

          There is obv something going behind the scenes, his brother is testament to that, i have no idea what you have done wrong, i dont believe you have done anything wrong. I would just wait, he is not going anywhere. I would however put yourself into a situation where he can approach you or talk to you so if someone has been telling him lies or bad gossip then he will work out you didnt do anything. Sometimes just acting like you always have is the best way.

          Talk soon 🙂

      • So I told you I would keep you posted and I am(: We have started talking again everyday. I’m still unsure of how he feels which is honestly killing me D; He is such a sweetheart though and can always tell how I’m feeling. Today I went to set down my water bottle and it kind of toppled over so before I could even get it he picked it up and gave it to me. I said thank you and put it back down on the ground. He noticed this and asked if i meant to set it down before so I told him yea. His response was a cute smile and he said he felt dumb lol ;p It was adorable.

        • Good good, sounds like this could be going somewhere. I remember reading this case a while back and feeling a bit iffy about it.

          But from what i have read here he is helpful and possibly trying to impress you which is a sign he probably does like you. Time will tell though, give it some time and it will naturally develop. If it has developed to this stage it can only get better if he is interested 🙂

          ALSO if he looked embarrassed about the bottle thing then yes its likely he is into you since it is natural for someone into you to be more self conscious about smaller things such as this. Good luck 🙂

      • Just when things start to look up they come crashing back down. He told me the other day that his brother likes me. Now we don’t talk anymore. When we see each other we kind of just ignore each other like the other isnt even there. I’m so confused on what to do. He’s sending me mixed signs. My friends will catch him staring at me while were in the courtyard but when I check to see he turns away and stretches. -.- I seriously don’t understand him and I think I’m done trying to understand him. His brother and I talk everyday but no not me and him…

  86. Okay, so some of these signs seem to fit with this guy I’m really starting to like. Okay so we met about 3 days ago (it may seem too soon) but I’m really starting to like him, I’m a freshman and he’s a junior. I don’t think the age gap is much of an issue because there are a lot of people dating other people of different age gaps. We met through one of his friends that’s a girl & she invited me to lunch & now I sit with them everyday. Yesterday it was so hot out and him and I both said how hot it was, so he asked if I wanted to go walk with him, we started walking & talking, he even helped me when I asked him to help me get a paper from the office, but he invited me to the “hall” which is a hallway inside the school where people hang out at & a girl he knew came over & I felt awkward so I trailed behind a bit as he talked to her for a couple of seconds, he noticed how awkward I was & he told her if she could leave, which she did, he then told me how he noticed I was awkward so he asked her to leave. Him and I had deep conversations, he teased me about blushing & and he asked if he could touch my cheek to see how hot my skin was. He always keep eye contact and is always laughing at my jokes & smiling at me, but other girls seem to like him & get annoyed with him because he always comes off as flirting with them, but he always says he’s just being himself. (he’s very outgoing & knows a lot of people) I’m just so confused! Is he just being friendly? Or is there a possibility he might like me? Btw the homecoming dance is coming up next month! Should I bring it up casually? Please help & if you need more details just ask haha.

    • Hey Katelyn. Sounds like he does like you, for one he looks after you and two touching your cheeks is definitely flirting, in fact this is the kind of thing i do when i flirt with girls. About the only thing he did not do was tell you your cheeks were cute haha 😉 Hmmm you are you own best judge, if he is a player then the others may not like him for that reason but if its light flirting with no intentions its harmless, but to me to touch your cheeks is purposely flirting with intentions, i would bet the other girls are probably angry because they know he is not interest in them and more you (just a guess).

      Personally i am pretty sure this guy likes you, he looks after you and touches you like he likes you, if you find out he doesn’t like you for any reason then asking to touch your cheeks sounds weird as i myself would only do that if i was trying to make an impression on her and show i am not afraid to ask. I mean could you imagine him asking a guy to touch his cheeks so he definitely is either playing around with ‘just’ girls or he does actually like you. I would suggest or hint the dance to him though (a good idea), im sure he will casually ask if you want to go together if you hint it across.

      Feel free to keep me posted on this though, i do admit im interested to find out if he is playing around with girls (who are mad at him) or whether these girls are mad because he hangs with you. Good luck 🙂

  87. Maybe you can help. I have a confusing friend in a complicated situation. Have known him for a couple of years. I’ve had feelings for him for a while. He knew, he said, before I told him, because people talked; and I knew, at one time, that he didn’t feel the same way. I talked to him to ‘clear the air’ (because there was a little tension, of all types, between us), and when I did tell him, I said to him “I have ‘feelings,’ and I know you don’t feel the same way…but I feel we have so much in common, it would be a damn shame if we weren’t at least friends.” His response (among others) was that he knew I had feelings for him, and that, yes, it would be unfortunate if we weren’t friends, and that there was no problem. It was shortly after that that he started dating someone much younger than him (and younger than me by a few more years). All during that time, he was kind of, well, not nice, particularly to me. Rude and immature, particularly when around me. I gradually stopped talking to him, or at least, talked to him much less. After all: he wasn’t even acting like much of a friend at that point, but I was still polite, when the situation called for it.

    Now he’s not with her (she dumped him). For awhile, he was all of a sudden attentive and nice and more than he ever had been. Flirtatious at times. Asking me questions. Randomly remembering things I’ve said. Getting into long drawn out discussions about music, where he’s finding one of our biggest commonalities. He definitely does that hot and cold thing: teasing then meaner or not talking to me at all (even hi’s and goodbye’s) then teasing again. He’s been asking more questions about things he’s never been interested in before – details he never seemed to care about. Noticing my Spotify listening habits (and telling me about it). And all of this is fairly new. He’s never really done it before. He also seems to stare more, particularly catching my eye for what seems like a long time. I had started to convince myself that he wasn’t worth the trouble, and then those little alarm bells went off. At the very least, it seemed like he was trying to fix damage.

    Yet, at the same time, he (still) treats me differently than his other friends who are women. He almost never spends one-on-one time with me, even though he does so with several of his female friends and, lately, quite a bit with one particular friend who is newly single like him and to the point that I suspect there is fertile ground for more there. He never calls me or interacts with me on the internet. He comes to things when I invite him, and he invites me to big group outings and parties, but that’s the most of it. It feels very superficial.

    At this point, I don’t know what to do or how to react; I already told him how I felt. I was quite mad at him for a time (while he was with the younger girl), and now I’m just confused. Not only about my own feelings but also about how he feels about me. I know he cares at least; he tends to zero in on things I say quite a bit, and he wants to spend time with me in the big groups, certainly. But I feel like I’m in limbo, and limbo is I don’t know if he’s 1) not interested and awkward (even though we had this discussion months ago) and is pretending to be nice for the sake of the mutual friends we have; 2) friends but, yet, not like he is with other ‘friends’ (not comfortable; not willing to just ‘hang out,’ and I don’t feel comfortable asking him to do the same); 3) interested but reluctant to admit it, either to me or to himself (or both).

    I recognize that he’s probably on the rebound too. It should be noted that I don’t think I’m his typical physical type either. Yet, we do have a strong connection in other ways, and I think we both recognize it (we seemed to when we talked before). Awkward is the best word I can use for the situation. And I’d be happy to ‘move on’ romantically but would at least like to be comfortable friends. Is there a way to address this without making it more awkward? Or: do I wait and see? Is there something I’m missing? Any insight? Thanks!

    • Hey Pip, that was very long to read, please can you shorten it and share bits at a time? Its just sometimes i may not have the time to reply.

      Anyway from what i have read he sounds like he had an immature phase, i dont know whether he is still like that or not but if he is then he needs to really mature up a bit before you can even think of getting with someone like this. I would not date him until he has gotten to a stage of not playing games, it sounds a bit player-ish and if you take someone as they are they will continue to be that way. But if he does approach you for a date etc then its up to you to make sure you have plenty of self respect and that means not accepting him until he has grown up a bit.

      One point that stuck out is that you already told him your feelings, if this is true then he has a chance to act on it, if he hasn’t that is pretty much your answer. The ball is in his court, he may choose to take advantage of that power or he may be sensible and simply show you that he doesn’t feel the same way, notice the word ‘show’. The bottom line is: if he likes you either he will go for the kiss or he will ask you out, if he has done neither he is not interested or at least he isn’t interested yet. It is also very rare for guys to change their minds about liking someone, it would be a good idea to question yourself whether he is over his ex yet too as he may also be rebounding and just wanting ‘fun’. You have obv noted this too. Depending on how long hes been with her he needs time to heal, recover and get back to himself otherwise he will use women because he is stuck in ‘insecurity and shag’ mode which means he wont want anything ‘serious’ for a while.

      My advice is to wait and see what happens but if nothing happens soon move on, just to say: moving on means you lose feelings for him but it doesn’t mean you cannot like him say 1 or 2 years down the line as that attraction can rebuild at ‘any’ point in the future, i say this because people sometimes are afraid to move on and think they will forget the person or lose feelings for good, you wont. Let me know what happens over the next 2 weeks though 🙂 Good luck

      • Hi hw are y ?I am confused theys this fellow i really love for ages. But sacared to tel . he looks at me seriously i feel he hates me with the look he looks at me wen he on mob to some one he stops talkin and just locks his eyes on mine and looks seriouse at me help me wat is the sign does he hate me he talks a lot and wen. i waz goin he waz lookin at me and didnt take his eyes away help me i love him thxs

        • Salina he may very well be into you but i feel that if he is into you he should approach you, i would advise drop him some hints, perhaps smile at him or wave. This may get him to approach you but otherwise i think that from what i have read its possible hes into you and is just nervous to approach. If he likes you he will approach you, promise .Good luck 🙂

  88. Wen I first started wrkn at my job I seen him looking at Mhe then days an weekes go by he still look he b like super nice to me give me my way at work give me this very easy job to do then it was a rumor tht he lied me don’t get me wrong I like him so bad…. he always speak to me by tell me gud morning nd tell me to have a good day wen I leave Work then wen I’m around he b picking up like very heavy thing then he would look at Mhe wen I see he is working I smile at him he no that I like him but wen I gave him my number he said that he was going to call but he never did then wen I ask him he said that he just be very busy so Wat do I do about tht someone please help me out tell me

    • Shunta it sounds like he is not interested in a relationship right now, i hate to say it but if you have given him your number he should be making a move or getting to know you by now. Him being busy is his way of being polite, it would be better for you to get on with your life for now, maybe he will contact you in the future at some point. I know this doesn’t sound like much help but he knows where you are if he needs you and he hasn’t acted on that chance. If he shows no interest over the next few weeks focus on a new guy you like. Wishing you luck

  89. Ok this is my situation….there’s this guy and we have 2 classes together and he is really nice to me and he opens doors for me and he walks to class with me! We have started hugging all the time and just recently he has started coming up behind me and tickling me! He constantly stares at me in class and if I look at him he smiles and I smile back:) he also asked for my number the other day and now we text all the time:) I hate that he hasn’t asked me out yet because I really really like him! I have tried to give him little hints but it doesn’t seem to work! I don’t really know if he likes me and I don’t really want to ask him out I want him too! But like tons of people are coming up to me asking me if were going out! I need some advice…do u think he really likes me? And if he does why won’t he just ask me out already?

    • Hi April, if i was to say anything he sounds very happy to see you and by that he is doing pretty much everything for you (Special treatment), and the kicker is that he tries to touch you also. The staring also a good sign. To me it sounds like he is very into you so i would not worry, perhaps he is a little scared or afraid to ask a girl out especially if he has not done it before. If you have given hints such as going somewhere he may be waiting for you.

      There is a small chance he sees you as a friend but by the way he is leading you on here and texting all the time doesn’t sound like someone who just wants to be friends, i’m being honest. Sometimes guys also don’t feel the need to ask someone out, they just assume things will happen in due time on their own. I think he likes you but i would try dropping one more hint somewhere, i mean your definitely friends at this point so it wont hurt to ask if he fancies going out at the weekend or something. IF you don’t wish to do that all you can do is wait until he does something. If you feel he is talking to you more and more and he is getting closer to you day by day then you are heading somewhere, he is most likely nervous at asking people out. Good luck

      • Thanks for all of your help! It seemed to work and we have been getting closer day by day!:) He also has been hugging me a lot more and he tries to see me when ever he can!:) Today after class he hugged me like 20 times, then he sat down on the ground and he grabbed my leg and pulled my down onto his lap and we snuggled for awhile. A few hours later he texted me and said he needed to tell me something…so he said that he couldn’t have a girlfriend because he was afraid he was going to hurt me…so I asked him why and he said because he has done that to other girls. So I asked him why he has been leading me on and he said because I like you a lot so I said well I do too. Then we just decided to be friends! Well i really want to be more then friends and i have told him that but he just said that he didnt want to hurt me and he just didnt need a relationship right now!! Well I need some more advice…Why would he pull away if he likes me? What should I do or say next time I see him? And what should I do to get him to trust that he won’t hurt me? How do I get him back???

        • I read someone entirely different in this comment. He is afraid to have a girlfriend because he will hurt you? Hmm doesn’t sound very encouraging.. Sounds like he is saying that if he dates you he will leave you or use you (almost like he looking for flings). I am not 100% sure what he means by that but he may not be ready for a relationship yet. I would ask him what he means by ‘he would hurt you’

          He also said he has been leading you on because he likes you, as far as i know doesn’t lead on mean under false pretenses? or leading genuinely? Some of these modern terms i am not up to date with.

          I think he likes you sexually but doesn’t want a girlfriend right now, if he just came out of a relationship it would make sense more.The answer is you cant trust him because he gave you a reason to mistrust him already, when he said “i will hurt you” is proof that if you got with him he is basically saying “I will leave you”, that is basically what it means.

          I am sorry but i would move on since he doesn’t sound serious about a relationship. Unless you just want a sexual relationship he doesn’t sound like he wants one right now 🙁

          Besides ask yourself do you really want someone leading you on and playing with your head when he doesn’t want to be with you? He may just like the attention right now. I know not the answer you want to hear right now but he has given you every logical reason for why he is not going to be a good fit for a relationship even if you feel attracted to him. Be careful. Good luck

  90. how long would a relationship last if the girl told the boy shes been dating for about a week that he is out of her league?? And he0doesnt agree but yet they quite like eachother yet dont see eachother often or speak much and the boy is telling another girl that if he wasnt dating the girl he would of kissed this other person when he saw them.

    • Lozza its best not to focus on guys who are taken, i say this from experience.

      If this guy is someone you like wait for him to come you, if he hasn’t approached you within a month then move on. But be aware that if he leaves her he may leave you too. That is if your the one in that position. Be wary. If he has not left this other girl but flirts with others he is a player.

  91. i havent spoken to the boy i like before however he knows i like him and that i think hes perfect!! The other week i was at a park he was at and he was wearing sunglasses and after a while he saw me he stopped skating for a min stared over at me then continued skating!! The other day i stayied at a mates house and his best mate and him stayied too! I kept looking over at him and most of the time he was looking at me. I started talking to him first then he began any other convos we had!! When i got home i had a message from him and he kept saying im really pretty and nice and wouldnt let me disagree!! Although he is in a relationship with a girl he really likes and talks to me bout everything even his relationship!! They live quite far from eachother but they do like eachother a lot!! What do i do?? What does it mean?? Plz help!!

    • IF he knows you like him wait for him to ask you out or get your number, my number 1 rule is that if he somehow knows you like him he will approach you at some point or try to get to you know more. Wait for that. If he doesnt approach you even though he knows you like him then it means he probably isnt interested or is just way too shy.

      The looking but not saying hi would indicate he either feels something for you or is aware your there and wants to say hi but doesnt know how to go about it.
      I believe he likes you but he probably is somewhat shy about it and because he has a girlfriend i would not pursuit someone who has someone already, its like asking him to leave his current girl for you whereas then he will leave you for her. Its an endless cycle from my experiences.

      You do nothing, you sit back and live your life, if he is interested enough to date you he will approach but if he doesnt within a few weeks id move on. Good luck

      • he has been getting to know me more and told a mate of mine that he likes me a lot and when my mate asked if he would ever go out with me, he said maybe and told me that if he didnt have a gf then he would of kissed me when i stayied at our mates house on the same night!! Plz help!!

        • PJ if he is taken he is taken, there is nothing you can do. He is with her because at this current moment he likes her more otherwise he would of left her. He will either leave his girl for you or he wont. He doesn’t seem to be doing that right now so i say get on with your life, don’t waste it waiting for someone who is taken, there is no guarantees if you wait around he will be yours. Date someone who is single and don’t date someone who will play the both of you, he is only worth it if he leaves her then comes to you. Good luck.

  92. Here’s my situation :we work in the same place for 6 months , he didn’t even say good morning to me before another guy that acted weird around me left his job.Before he stumbled all the time when he was around me, he dropt things , he used to mumble or started to whistle every time we were in the same room .Now he says good morning , askes me if i’m all right ,and stares at me when i talk to someone or whenever he sees me . I MUST mention that i’m in England from 8 months ago . he knows i’m not english ,maybe he just doesn’t know how much english i know . can someone tell me wath the hell this means ???
    pleas 🙂

    • Hey Ely i don’t understand the ‘first part’ but it does sound like there is something there, he is acting ‘self conscious’ around you which would indicate trying to look his best or putting too much focus on how he looks in front of you to the point where he is clumsy and nervous etc.

      Sometimes guys just need a little push, id say there is a very good chance he does like you especially if you just know or feel he does like you. i would advise dropping some hints, ask him what he gets up to outside of work or if he would like to do something outside of work sometime like catch a movie. To make this easier if you tell him that you would like to get to know more people in England since you are not originally from England then it might catch his attention and i’m sure he will say yes to the friendship (which could obviously build into more).

      But yeah go for it, drop some hints. To make it easier i suggest getting him alone and talking to him first then ncasually then taking it from there so no one feels awkward in a working environment. Where are you from may i ask? Welcome to England! 🙂

  93. the assistant in my local store told me how difficult it was for him to get my item from the back shelf, I made polite chat back to him and when I looked in his eyes I got a funny feeling that he was something special. I looked at his name tag and said his name when I said good bye. then everytime I went in the store he would appear by me and smile, I am shy and get nervous when am attracted to someone and don’t know how to find out if he really likes me? I feel that he does but due to my lack of confidence am not sure. I feel sad if I go there and don’t see him. I spend most of my time thinking about him.

    • Hey Milly 🙂

      Smiling can be very vague in determining if someone likes you in the work place but if you feel he is giving you a ‘special treatment’ sort of smile like his face lights up when he sees you this is a very very good sign. Does he seem really smiley and really happy to see you through his body language? I would drop him a slip of paper with your number or email on it. OR you could go there to speak to him and see if he drops you his?

      In the working area many staff are afraid to ask for numbers off customers they like since when at work he is trying to keep professional in front of his boss or manager. If you make it obvious you like him or drop him some more hints i reckon he will ask you out though. The dropping him a slip of paper would make it easier for the both of you if you want to try that. I reckon he will say yes, wishing you luck Milly! Let me know how it goes 🙂

      • I am going through a similar situation I did text the guy as I felt he gave me signs he liked me,just to brake the ice..he ws curious to know who I ws and how I got his number…so I told him..i got his number purely by chance

      • purely by chance and that was the truth!
        and after establishing that 3 days ago I havent heard from him…i was so sure he liked me, and now I feel like a fool for txtn him as iv not heard back.
        what does that mean?
        why all the stares the smiles ..the hello..the goin out of his way to c me….i dont get it.i thought I was helping «he situation along !

        • Hey Sally,
          When you say purely by chance, how exactly did you get it? Dont regret it Sally, this is just one guy less and just means you can move onto the next one quicker. Could you imagine if you had spent weeks wondeirng if he liked you (wasting time) when all along you have found out straight away.. that means you could focus on a new guy quicker.

          For all we know he may like you, but is shy or something, perhaps he is not ready to date. I will say this though, if he he interested dont you worry, he will make it known, he will chase. I have never met any guy who would not take a hint from a woman seriously he likes. I hope he gets in touch but if not there is plenty more guys out there.

          I wish you the best of luck and dont regret your decision! You did a fab job and took a risk, takes guts! Talk soon 🙂

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