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Welcome to my blog site at jayrando.wordpress.com. I have begun a blog site based on several discussions mainly stemming around ‘Self-Improvement‘. This is an Introduction post on what I offer here at my blog, I love my Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology but i really enjoy the prospect of improving myself as a person and hope that i can share some great posts with you all.

Self Improvement is a modern concept used more openly in today’s world, Self improvement can also be known as Personal Growth or Personal Development. I wanted to start a blog site which brought up a lot of issues we face during maturity and growth; there are tips, advice and guides on how to overcome personal problems. My blog topics will mainly be on things such as health, happiness and self help as this in my opinion is the most important issue for people who constantly suffer or don’t know who to turn to for help or advice.  Most of all this site can offer you lots of articles and posts based on your improvement, have you always wanted to become a better person? To become the best self? Its all possible here at my blog site and over time i will add more and more posts which will explain different ways and techniques of how to reach your full potential as a person.

Some others types of posts I will share will discuss and answer questions related to ‘Relationship Advice‘, ‘Counsel’ and ‘Health’. I currently specialize in relationship advice and counsel; I have been doing counsel work for people through online web sites and forum who have had problems in their relationships. I enjoy helping those who need advice and comfort during the hardest times of their life, to add we have all had to go through painful moments or moments where we are so lost we need guidance, if for any reason you are feeling this way you have come to the right place and if you wish to ask me any questions feel free to drop a line or comment at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to simply drop me a ‘hi’ or to recommend a blog idea please feel free to do so, this post is for you to say hi, ask questions and require any help. If for example you have any relationship troubles, have lost an ex boyfriend or girlfriend or are facing a specific trouble in your life feel free to leave me a comment and i will do my best to both answer you and give you my thoughts on your situation. If you need help in working out what your partner needs or wants I will be able to let you know and on top of that I will contemplate writing up a blog of common problems we face and how to correct them. Apart from relationship counsel for the majority this blog will be about self improvement as I mentioned but most of life’s problems do tend to affect relationships and friendships with people and its very likely there are many answers here already which will tell of what to do. But of course if your situation is unique feel free to post, if i get enough comments then i may begin another blog on relationships.

Here are some suggestions for what type of posts you want to leave.

  1. Post any questions on any troubles you are having in your current situation (including family troubles, relationships and dating), I love to help and give advice and feedback.
  2. Post any questions on how to deal with specific problems outside of the usual, i.e a unique situation you are in: perhaps there is a more generic needle in your side that you need to get off your chest and need help doing so.
  3. Post any questions on how to get over breakups or how to get an ex back (these questions are allowed too).
  4. If you wish to ask me a question privately i can give you my email address to mail me.
  5. Any other comments can simply be “Hi”s or questions based on other topics which are similar i.e Personal Growth – how to overcome fear etc.

There is much to learn and much to enjoy from this learning, I hope I can help everyone with their daily life problems. I have spent the last 5 years on numerous forums and sites helping people who needed such help. If you have any fantastic questions to put across such as asking me to give advice on specific subjects I will be more than happy to blog on those topics and share them. It is all enjoyable to me for me to help you. Talk to you soon!

Here are some common questions people have asked or searched for recently:

Q: “what dose it mean when a girl say she like you alot”

A: I would likely say she likes you, I cant foresee any other reason why a girl would simply come out and say “I like you a lot” unless you asked her for an opinion on yourself which is different to her just saying it. If she just said this randomly with a big smile on her face like she was trying to impress you and give you a hint then YES she does like you and is giving you a hint to ask her out. ‘ALOT’ is a big word but watch her actions and her body language to also determine.

Q: “what are the signs he only likes me as a friend”

A: Hey wouldn’t it be more right to ask for the signs that he likes you rather then the signs that he doesn’t? Does he treat you like the rest of his friends (especially the ones of the same sex as you)? Does your friend you are interested in give you any special treatment? Does he seem happy and excited to see you? A guy will usually ask a girl out he finds attractive but if he isn’t or hasn’t yet and you want him to you can always drop him a few hints. Do not make it obvious you like him but make sure you give him a hint or two and then see how he reacts. See how he acts around his friends and compare it to how he acts around you. The more he treats you indifferently or in a special manner the more he likes you.

More questions to come. Please free to drop by and post your questions!

~ Jay Rando

3 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog!

  1. Hi Jay, I really enjoy your website, I love reading all you have to say. I have a situation where I have been in a relationship with a man for almost 3 years now. We got engaged a year ago. I just havent set a date yet because of my Fiance and his emotional attachment and connection he still has with his ex wife. It was his 2nd marriage to her that lasted 15 years and they got divorced in 2003, she was the one who wanted the divorce, he never moved on because he always wanted to get back together with her. They have a daughter 22 years old. So when we started our relationship in 2011 in the beginning I had no idea about this close relationship the two had. I wish he would of told me on our 1st date that ‘ I come with an ex wife’. Because to me its not fair. I havent seen the father of my kid for 15 years now.

    Let me explain to you ‘why’ I think this- she started calling him alot when we were first getting together, she invited us to her house for a bbq , she has a boyfriend.- and the whole night all she talked about was their past together. I later told my fiance how I didnt appreciate having to her that. Next thing I know she cant even say hi to me anymore. 2 months into our love I read her email she sent to my fiance about the situation. She states how Im trying to break up their family and im jealous but then she says i know you need love and im good for him in that aspect. Well he stated back to her that i was insecure and i will change. Then he goes off saying how he loves her just not in love with her, how his first marriage was easy to leave but not to her , his never going away nothing is more important. Then he dedicates a song to her White Flag about never surrendering caiuse hes in love and always will be. I also came across all of his love letters and cards they had over the years in his drawer. He has a pic of their wedding day in the cupboard above the toilet, a mag spread she did in 2003 in the closet, he still has her name on the titles for his car and boat of ago. After a year and a half we were together he was using 7754 as a passcode come to find out its her bday, and he used their annvrsy date as another code later on. When he speaks of the past its always a WE and that I cant stand. He has told me that shes his bestfriend and a lifetime commitment before. He’s secret with how they contact eachother, I know nothing about all their texts. Once we were getting passionate and she called and he basically stop to hear her message. I have left him so many times because of these incidents. Normally I would of took off along time ago for good, but I know he loves me and I obviously love him to put up with this. So he would go to dinner or to her house for game night 2 times a month through out these years we were together. I chose not to go. He has made it clear to me that she is worth ending a romantic relationship with me or whoever. When I asked him about anything to do with tneir relationship he would get upset and say ‘shes just a friend’. So 2 months ago I had a gut feeling and decided to look at his phone. I couldnt believe my eyes again 2 times I look at his stuff and there again hes expressing love to her. He was away for 5 days and he accidently sent his ex my text, she replies ‘ wow you never spoke to me like that’.And then she says ‘ it must be love’ and ‘how she cant bring out that side of men. Well my fiance replies ‘i have those feelings for you but you never let me express them to you and then he tells her ‘he still has strong feelings for her’ and ‘how he misses her’ and your special friend forever. I ended our relationship after that. He has done everything to get my love back. He says he felt sorry for her and thats why he said it. I dont know what to think, I cant get strong feelings out of my head.. i feel like im his second choice and deep down she is more important.. im so sorry to leave you with this big story and if you have any time I would love to know what you think. Thanks Jay your the best

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